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I have collected articles, reviews, and reactions on Storify. The best of it, probably, is on my tumblr. Most of what I said about it is on Tumblr, to be honest, because I wanted it rebloggable--the trailers basically troll you into thinking it's a testosterone fest, and then you get there and the movie is actually all about women and that's before the old lady motorcycle sharpshooters (WHO ALL DID THEIR OWN STUNTS) show up. So I'm trying to get the word out.

2) David Lynch's bargaining tactics worked, and Twin Peaks 2016 is back on.

3) Also, X-Files 2016 will be in January.

4) I'm not able to be around for the fan-run 26 Hour Devour Hannibal marathon this weekend, but the DLC twitter (and yesterday, the Dire Ravenstag) is pitching in with livetweets. There is an official rewatch this coming week--two specially selected episodes a night, 5-7 pm east coast time; I'm going to see if I can be there for that. ("Sakizuke" and "Takiawase" are two of my favorites, so maybe I can be there on Wednesday in particular.)

I've also kept the monthly hiatus storify going; here's May's, in progress. New promos and pictures are there.

5) That said, I am not yet caught up on Penny Dreadful, and I do not appreciate three middle-aged dudes in front of me in line for Mad Max spoiling the shit out of it.

6) I've had some mild but extremely inconvenient health issues the last week or so; otherwise, I persevere.

Recap service resumes
@cleolinda: ICYMI: An overstuffed #Hannibal 2x05 "Mukozuke" recap (rewatch?)

@cleolinda: Stayed up until 2 am outlining the next recap. Caffeine is great, I can hear colors

@osheamobile: cleo no

@cleolinda: CLEO YES

So yeah, a year later, I finally Finished A Thing. Not to get unduly behind-the-scenes about the process, but I picked at it on and off for that entire actual year, finally vastly revising and rewriting it over the last week or two. I've always had this tautological kind of thing going where the longer it takes to finish something, the longer it takes. Like, there is this diminishing-returns quality of slowing down exponentially as time slips past me. So I'm trying to recap "Futamono" as--let's say, pro-actively as possible, rather than get sucked into that undertow again. At this point, I've got it outlined with initial thoughts, all the pictures laid out, and all the livetweeting worked in (there wasn't very much that week, apparently); now I get to hit the transcript and a few interviews.

I'm still retraining my brain to sentence the words real nice after a year of medication adjustments; that numbered list of Swimming Pool Symbology was originally a swamp of scattered paragraphs. (This right here is my third start-from-scratch attempt at a follow-up entry, in fact.) I personally think the recap turned out well, but that then means I have to go from something I fiddled with for a year to something I'd like to finish in less than a week. Thank God it's spring, at least.

As a side note, it's extra fun recapping the season two episodes and seeing where we got the eyeshadow concepts from. "Mukozuke" actually didn't have any, but we had some good ones for the first four episodes:

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It's funny, though, because I tried multiple times to catch up on my sleep today and couldn't. (And I woke up naturally at 6:30 am, after only four hours of sleep.) It doesn't quite feel like mania, but it's something. I'm aware that a burnout is very possible in the near future, but if I don't finish the season by June 4, that's fine, and I really have been looking forward to writing up "Futamono" and "Yakimono." So maybe I can make some hay while the proverbial sun shines.

OH--here's what I meant to say--I need to set aside an hour or two to go hang out in the recap comments, but I've been trying to keep moving forward instead of checking on them constantly. But I'll be checking in at some point.

Hannibal 2x05: "Mukōzuke," part two
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Hannibal 2x05: "Mukōzuke"
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So... it's been a while. The last twelve months have not the easiest year of my life. I don't know if I can finish up the recaps before season 3 starts on June 4, but I'll give it my best shot. (If I can't make it in time, I'll just keep going until I catch up.) I'd also like to intersperse some Twin Peaks recaps (with commentary from Lily Rose/@lily_delphine) as well. Even I can tell that's delusionally ambitious, but we'll see how it goes, giving Hannibal the priority since it's actually going to be back on the air first.

At this point, the spoiler policy is that I'm going to point out the massive amounts of foreshadowing without actually giving things away, in case you haven't actually watched the show (a lot of people have been interested in the story without being able to handle the gore). Spoilers will be allowed in the comments, and if I have to footnote things to discuss the plot elements down there, I will. Actually, it's going to be super fun going through the season again knowing what happens and being able to pick up on all the themes they wove in; I look forward to slapping myself in the face on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, I left you on a massive cliffhanger:

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Two things
1) YOU GUYS, I got this huge box of Penny Dreadful stuff this morning. I wasn't really around last year to talk about the show, but... yeah, I was already a big fan of Eva Green in that.

There's more about it on my Tumblr, including more pictures of the art book and tarot deck. (The Erlenmeyer flask there is a WINE DECANTER.)


2) There are a few new Hannibal promo images out--don't even get me started on the one that BLINKS--and then I happened to notice what they put on his hand.

(Also, major new details about season three.)

3) ... okay, three things: I am finally using my Instagram account--not much as yet, but it's there. It will probably mostly be pictures of dogs and sparkle.

I am struggling with air pressure headaches as storm systems keep not quite coming in; the weather's been cool and sunny and beautiful this week, though. Scout is doing much better; good health. My sister had a big change at work a couple of weeks ago, on top of her physical recovery, and I think that seems to be going better than she expected. Right after I told you guys about the moths, I had to fight off an ant invasion in my bathroom; it had rained so much that they were coming in through the plumbing, I guess. I'm kind of sick of white vinegar now, but largely, I prevailed.

Thank you so much for all the comments on the previous entry; I may be able to go back and reply to a few, I don't know, but I figured you guys would rather me dedicate my energy to finishing a thing, if I only have enough energy for one or the other. I've gotten a ton done on the "Mukozuke" recap this week, but I've also hit that point where it feels like it's never going to get done. This is usually followed by "holy shit, it's done, how did that happen," so I guess we're on schedule.

Lots of work. I'm not sleeping again, but I'm not having panic attacks at night currently. Did I mention those? Sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep, I get absolutely convinced that I am going to die of a heart attack in the next five minutes. Not that I am currently dying, but that I'm going to. It's literally panic. Apparently those are brought on by stress? I usually get through them by calling my own bluff--"Okay, fine, DIE then. See how you're not dying? Yeah."

(Here are 6 Symptoms of Women's Heart Attacks. Notice how they sound a lot like panic attack symptoms. The differences are worth noticing, though.)

Still teaching my brain to sentence the words again; my thoughts seem to be taking on paragraph shapes again with practice. I'm also trying to teach myself to just hit "post" again instead of writing something about this long, saving the draft, and never coming back to it. So, here we are.

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As of this morning, my sister has officially been diagnosed with PTSD from nearly dying in February. She says it's okay to give details now--she had an ectopic miscarriage, in which she also lost a Fallopian tube and 50% of her blood (internal bleeding; nobody realized it until she was in surgery). (In the recovery room, a nurse cheerfully told her, "Well! We almost lost you!") So... that was fairly traumatic.

Scout has had a very bad week. The vet recommended we change his food, and... that did not go well. And then he tore into some garbage. I have cleaned up many, many kinds of canine effluvia the last few days. Mom took him to the vet yesterday evening--

--and today he's there on an IV to replenish his fluids and get his blood sugar straightened out (he's also diabetic). That is the calm, not-freaked-out version of events.

My wrenched ankle is a lot better, although still a bit wobbly; I will probably continue to use the ankle brace from time to time as a preventative measure. Unfortunately, I've started periodically having a burning sensation, sometimes a mild but shooting pain, in my big toe; it seems like I'm inheriting my mother's neuropathy.

My teeth are somewhat less haunted, although they do ache a little today.

We have moth problems.

Lizzie keeps shutting down if I'm away for more than an hour or so, despite the best error-repairing efforts of my frequent Advanced SystemCare scans; I've started pricing Dell laptops again for a Lizzie 2, possibly on a payment plan, because things are not looking good. Yes, it will be a Dell. No, this is not up for discussion. The Compocalypse was one of the worst months of my entire life and I'm not going to deviate from the one brand I have ever been able to rely on now.

Over the last few weeks, I've been dealing with mania and then (relatively mild?) depression, possibly a mixed state in there somewhere. I don't know that I've written anything substantial since the "Takiawase" recap last spring and the short story I finished afterwards; last year was such a parade of awful variegated stress that I was holding on to life by my teeth at several points. In a way, I feel like I'm having to teach my brain how to string sentences together again. That's why I don't post very often; I try, but--okay, right now, I'm stalling on this sentence. I don't even know how to complete a thought, and then I walk away, and then five days pass, and I never post it at all. We'll let that suffice.

I have gotten a lot done on the double-length Twin Peaks pilot recap. I have hopes for that being finished this century. (Lily Rose, who did commentary for me umpteen months ago, continues to wait patiently for me to get my shit together.) "Mukozuke" is closer to being done.

Kristen and I have been working on the Twin Peaks "Northwest Passage" eyeshadow collection, which will come out in July. She and Freddie and I have also been working out early Hannibal season 3 concepts for a set of four colors to come out in May, I think. The Blade Runner collection is already out and complete.

I have finally told a few Great Red Dragon Con stories on the latest episode of Made of Fail, which (ICYMI) foresthouse and I now cohost. The original theme was just "conventions we have known and loved," but the first twenty minutes are about Sir Terry Pratchett's passing, seguing into Emily's experiences helping run the North American Discworld Convention. I'm still trying to finish my Dragon Con post from last September to go with it, but clearly am having trouble sentencing the words, so we'll go ahead and mention the podcast itself now.

That should be all for now, both good and ungood, I guess. There's even more going on at the moment that I don't really want to get into--I tend to prefer that things settle down before I talk about them. In the meantime, we persevere.

I'm terrible at catch-up entries

(so, yeah, Italian leather is a thing that's happening)

(Please note that we're back on Thursdays again)

(P.S. Zachary Quinto is going to play THE PATIENT)

So I am trying to make this the occasion of my return to recapping. "Mukozuke" creeps ever closer to being done. Pray for me; times is hard.

(That said, Kristen may have a Murder Sparkle surprise soon.)

Speaking of Aromaleigh, because I can never resist a good segue, I'm in the middle of Blade Runner/More Human Than Human robot eyeshadow inspiration posts. Tomorrow will be the Incept Date color, I think. We also announced that we're developing Twin Peaks eyeshadow, although I'm not sure when that collection would come out and I remain hellishly behind on the pilot recap. Also, there are new Asteriai star nymph and Galactic duochrome collections that I didn't even have anything to do with; I am pretty sure that Kristen never sleeps.

More cheerfully than it would have been last week: My sister had a serious emergency surgery (I'm being vague on purpose, not my health issues to talk about, etc.) at the end of February, but she's doing much better now. Still recovering, but I think this past Thursday or so was the first day she seemed like herself again.

A couple of weeks before that, I had a Sudden Dental Panic that turned out to just be "stop clenching your jaw." This was, therefore, the Best Dentist Visit Ever. I promptly went home, slipped on a sweetgum tree-ball, fell down the deck steps, and twisted my ankle. Except that it still hurts (but only sometimes, at some angles) a month later, but more the top of my foot than my ankle, and I think maybe I have a hairline fracture. Which... there's not much to do about that but stay off it (which I have not been able to do) and wear a Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer (CVS, $12).

I have started trying to get the ball rolling and the money saving for Dragon Con 2015, but I'm also concerned that at some point in the next six months I'll just be standing around somewhere and spontaneously fall down and break the other foot. However, I live in hope.

Also, I have a fantasy short story set in the War of the Seasons universe, through the latest Silence in the Library Kickstarter, with art by Dawn Murphy.

Also-also, foresthouse and I just did our first solo episode of Made of Fail, in which, among other things, I try to explain Jupiter Ascending to her (1:29:00ish) over the course of about seven minutes. That said, we do start off by discussing my haunted teeth.

I think that's about it for now, though.

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Two things:


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I would have mentioned it yesterday if I'd known we were going to reveal it so soon: foresthouse and I have inherited the hostship of Made of Fail.

I've still got a couple more things up my sleeve, accompanied by a growing anxiety that I'm not going to be able to handle all of it during Seasonal Depression Depressive Season, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, I figure.

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