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Open discussion: Hannibal 3x13 "The Wrath of the Lamb"
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By request, one last discussion post for the road. The livetweeting will be storified as the night goes on, both east and west coasts; I'm working on the "Aperitivo" recap as well and hope to have that done before I leave for Dragon Con on Thursday.

P.S. Keep watching after the credits.

Dragon Con schedule
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ETA: I've added a Saturday night event.

Now that things are getting more certain, here's what I think I'll be doing this year. Read more...Collapse )

Moar updates
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As a short update before I get back to working on "Aperitivo"--had my two-hour fasting glucose test yesterday.

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Anyway, that's all for now--mammogram came back clean; first set of blood test results were either good or already being treated; should hear about glucose test early next week, but we're pretty sure I'm pre-diabetic, so I'm not really expecting any surprises there. Spiro is going well; will start Sprintec tomorrow and weekly vitamin D on Wednesday in order to schedule them around the convention. Here's hoping I am at Peak Cleo by then. Toss up the Cat Signal if you need me.

Quick update
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Here's a heads-up that the MASSIVE RIDICULOUS HANNIBAL 3x03 RECAP is up; I think it's not showing up on friends lists or sending out email alerts because I'm having to post them privately first to proofread and work out some cross-linking, then date them forward again. (Due to health issues, the recap ONCE AGAIN took a month to write, but things are 200% better these days.) "Secondo" is the Back Story Episode, I dug up a good bit on Hannibal's half-Italian background, and there's a ton of really great Dracula business:

Also, I have a working theory as to why Thomas Harris used the name "Mischa," I think I have decoded the snail/firefly thing, and I threw in a story about Caterina "The Tiger" Sforza because why not.

Hannibal 3x03: "Secondo" part 2
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Hannibal 3x03: "Secondo"
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This recap is entirely ridiculous with the pictures and the book quotes and the movie references and the background research and I'm not even sorry because this third season is all we have left, you guys. The show's throwing in everything plus the kitchen sink, so I might as well follow suit.

(the suit is plaid)

CAVEAT: I'm probably imagining most of the symbolism! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Cleolinda Industries: Putting the "eat" back in "caveat" since 2013.)

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Mischa backgroundCollapse )

Italian backgroundCollapse )

Actual episode plotCollapse )

Thank you so much for all the support in the comments Thursday--and for all the courage in sharing some of your own stories. I tried to answer as many as I could, and then had to take a break for the day--I'm going to go back and answer some more, but even if I don't answer yours, please know that I'm reading them all, and I appreciate them all so much.

@cleolinda: Top LJ posts currently are ONTD and my ovaries. Good times.

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@Tattle_Crime: TC has procured some fantastic goodies for the #Hannibal fan panel at @DragonConHorror! @DeLaurentiisCo @lorettaramos [signed script picture!]

I was in charge of giving away a couple of those last year as a surprise, and that was really my favorite moment of the entire fan panel--the collective gasp when I read off the actors' names (and you know exactly whose name I saved for last, for maximum astonishment). This year, Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams will also be at the convention, so if you are a Hannibal fan, this is definitely the year to go. I don't know if I'll get to meet them or not, but if I do, and manage not to run and hide, I will report back.

Unfortunately, I am pretty much out of Movies in Fifteen Minutes books to give away. (I owe someone one from last year; I'll bring that and try to find you.) I do have some books with the short fantasy story that got published this year; I might be able to bring a couple of those. As always, I will sign basically anything anyone puts in front of me, because I am still somewhat amazed that anyone wants me to. Last year I had people sign a little Evil Supply Co. notebook, so it was more like "omg sign my yearbook!" "you too!" As far as I know, I'm doing just the one Hannibal fan panel again, no table signings; I will be roaming free this year unless something else comes up. Who knows, I might even get to attend other people's panels (GASP).


@aromaleigh: Save the date - Hannibal "Primavera" exclusive box ordering is 8/17 at 3 PM EST!

Which is to say, TOMORROW. While there are still tons of open-edition collections (including the 30 This Is My Design eyeshadows from last year. Read the back stories here), Kristen wants to move towards smaller batches. So this year's Hannibal colors are a really, really limited edition. There will be two box themes, I think--the Florence-themed Primavera, pre-orders of which will go very quickly on Monday (SERIOUSLY IF YOU WANT IT SET AN ALARM AND JUMP ON THAT), and a later Red Dragon box, which we'll be working on after the season ends.

That's all for now, I think? I am getting very close to finishing the "Secondo" recap, and I'm already feeling so much better that I'm hoping to blaze through "Aperitivo" pretty quickly (I have probably just jinxed it). Anyway, keep an eye out for "Secondo," it's a big one, huge Dracula tangent, you can only hope to contain me, etc.

"The day has been eventful"
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@cleolinda: Anxious about doctor visit. Have to go, don't want to go.

@cleolinda: I'll talk about it more elsewhere, rather than inflict the details on everyone. It's a pro-active effort, not serious illness.

I don't normally go into this kind of detail, but I'd like to try this time, rather than have people be worried I've been diagnosed with something catastrophic, and because I think it might be helpful. But I'll go ahead and warn you, this involves reproductive health issues and a bit of gynecological trauma. Very vaguely described--"it hurt"--so this is more a warning of emotional trauma than anything. And then it just gets weird. But it'll explain my cryptic "can't write because health" statements over the years.

Basically, I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) in college; it's a not-uncommon hormonal imbalance that can lead to some really unpleasant symptoms (as well as actual, extremely painful, even dangerous, ovarian cysts). Usually it's treated with hormonal birth control, simply enough, and I was on that for a couple of years in my early twenties. The first visit to the gynecologist circa 1998ish (?) went fine, pelvic exam and all; the second visit didn't involve a physical exam; the third was... traumatic. The third was weird. Read more...Collapse )

Posting from my phone
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Hello! As you may have seen on my Twitter, I was struck by catastrophe again when I tripped over Scout in the dark the other night and fell into a cabinet. It was not a concussion--in fact, my memory is extremely good, and the only headache I've had was due to a massive thunderstorm--but the side of my forehead immediately swelled into a palm-sized "goose egg," as it is called, and by Wednesday, my right eye was mostly swollen shut. Today I can see a lot better, but in return, I look like I got in a bar fight. Apparently the black eye will only get gnarlier as the swelling goes down, so I have that to look forward to. I messed up my bad ankle a little, but not that much; I'm not in much pain at all, just my face is unhappy. What REALLY pissed me off is that I had had a really productive day working on the "Secondo" recap, and I LITERALLY THOUGHT TO MYSELF, "What's going to happen THIS TIME to make me fall behind?" And then that very night I faceplant into a cabinet. 

SO. In other words, I am obviously behind on things, particularly comment-reading. I've been trying to rest the last couple of days, mostly because my eye was swollen shut. But I did post a few things on Tumblr, some occasional tweets, and I mulled over the next recap. I think now that I've had a decent sleep, I'm getting a little antsy, so maybe I'll be getting back to that soon. 

Also: Tonight, the first Red Dragon episode airs in Canada! SPEAK NOT TO ME OF IT, I MUST GO UNDERGROUND UNTIL SATURDAY. 

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LJ seems to have been kind of wonky with notifications lately, so heads up that the Hannibal "Primavera" recap, which I am very pleased with, went up on Thursday night; I haven't joined in the discussion yet, but I'll be sitting down with the comments (which I have read, at least) later.

As I hope you've noticed if you're in the U.S., the show has moved to Saturday nights, because we can't have nice things.

@FeedingHannibal: Still 7 more episodes to be savoured! Thursdays on CITY and Saturdays on NBC

‏@cleolinda: Ah, yes, Sautéday

@FeedingHannibal: I guess NBC thought Fryday was too obvious.

@cleolinda: #thirstday was staring them in the face, but no

@FeedingHannibal: And nobody watches on Nomday...

@cleolinda: Good thing they didn't move it two days the other way, because we would have gone with #chewsday and not even been sorry.

This is not even to speak of Winesday.

Other countries are still getting the show on Thursdays and/or Fridays; nonetheless, I have not seen "Digestivo," tonight's episode, because I'm trying to wait until the live broadcast/tweeting. As we get into the Red Dragon half-season, that may become untenable, I don't know. I'm already having to avoid my Tumblr dashboard entirely two days of the week (TAG YOUR SPOILERS) and mute several people on various social media. I can't even read my beloved AXN España livetweets on Fridays. I am bereft. ANYWAY. I'm saying this simply as a Hannibal book reader who's done the plot-point math: get yourself a stiff drink for this one.


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