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In case you needed to catch up on the finale for tonight
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Remember that time I wrote Sleepy Hollow phone fic?

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Season premiere livetweeting will be over at @cleolindajones, once I figure out what time tonight and channel number it actually it is.

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the great red dragon con
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has kicked my ass and I am still recovering. (This year's con crud: a scratchy sore throat that gradually evolves into a head full of sludge and possibly a cough.) (That, and my legs are dead. They are ex-legs. They have joined the marathon invisible.) I'm on my phone right now; I've spent so much time in bed that I haven't even booted up Lizzie yet. However, I had a GREAT time and I'm already trying to wrangle a room for next year. The Hannibal panels went really great; apparently the Saturday afternoon one was "the [horror track's?] highest capacity fan panel of the year." There was a line to get in, and standing room only by the time I got there (long story, and you will hear it)--the big surprise was the two (2) signed scripts I'd been carrying around for two (2) days at that point. But I'll get into that later. I met tons of great people and had such a great time when I was actuall snake (what the hell is wrong with you, autocorrect? actually able) to sit down and was not at that moment cursing out my nemesis, the Marriott. Anyway, here are some pictures, including some of me--links are the best I can do from my phone:









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Did you realize that I'm leaving town for the first time in ten years for a five-day trip? BECAUSE I JUST DID


I'll go edit the previous entry, but here is the updated, less detailed version of my schedule--signings, panels, and meetups I am actually involved in are bolded; the rest are things I just want to go to (or are related events); say hi if you're going to them as well (you will know it's me by the ~press pass~):

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dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04


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Regarding Hannibal S3
I've been hearing about some misinformation flying around, and since I've spent the past couple of days herding Hannibal-related SDCC links into Storify posts, I thought I'd put together what they've told us about season three--which is a lot more than people may realize. In order to take all this in, though, you will have to throw out everything you assume and expect the show is going to do; I had to. I think it sounds amazing, but it does not follow a chronological books/movies outline. Basically, all bets are off, and we really cannot assume anything--not even what they have told us before now, because they've also said that they're open to "course-correcting" as they go based on where the story takes them. Throw out literally everything you have heard before this weekend, because unless they re-confirm it, they may not be doing it at all.

MASSIVE SPOILERS, with more on sources at the end: Read more...Collapse )

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I spent a week or two meebling that maybe I'd get to go to Dragon Con, omg how, I don't know--having no certainties to declare. And then, yesterday, a ton of things fell into place very, very quickly. In fact, I can't even go into most of the details just yet, BUT:

As far as I know, and the precise details may be subject to change, I will be doing an academic Hannibal panel with @wolven that Sunday night (August 31st). I don't know if I can announce the name of it, but suffice it to say that I think this Fellini quote is apropos:

Talking about dreams is like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams; years can pass in a second and you can hop from one place to another. It’s a language made of image. And in the real cinema, every object and every light means something, as in a dream.




There will be a Hannibal-themed fan panel early Saturday afternoon (August 30th), and I am among the panelists. Even better, Freddie is going to call in, since that worked surprisingly well at the Nerd HQ panel. I will definitely have 300 Tattle Crime buttons to give away--we'll reveal that design later, I think, but I can definitely say that I picked out the tagline, and it's in my shade of purple. (And I will have a Tattle Crime "press pass," about which I am way too excited. "I WANT A LANYARD!") (Tattle Crime will also have representatives and different button exclusives at SDCC, by the way. We make our own fun.) (I should put that on my business cards.) I'll have Freddie's business cards and I'm working on a design for my own (speaking of which), now that I finally have somewhere to take them.

I can't even talk about the other stuff we'll have there. Put it this way: if you are a fan of Hannibal, and you are at Dragon Con, this panel is where you want to be.

(I hope you will also want to be at the academic panel--if you've heard me on podcasts before, it will probably sound a good bit like that.)

Anyway, now that the major announcements are out of the way--"I can come for one day, I'll go with my sister, it's only a two-hour drive from Birmingham to Atlanta, it'll be a day trip" has ended up being "I will take the train" (yay, trains!) "and get there Thursday evening and then leave early Tuesday morning." So I will be in Atlanta for four days and five nights, which is #leavingthehouseomg with a vengeance. I honestly have no idea what I'll do with myself on Friday or Monday; I am totally okay with chilling in my room with a book, because it'll be nice just to be away from home a little bit. I'm keeping a lookout for people I might want to go hunt down (I'd like to go see the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab folks, for example), but I am really trying to keep My First Convention down to a manageable experience, you know? So I'm more about picking a spot to be, hanging out, meeting people, and doing the panels, rather than hiking around back and forth or standing in line for hours. Honestly, I have no fear of public speaking. I did when I was younger, but somehow reading college academic papers in two different languages cured me of that; between that and six years (!) of podcast appearances, speaking on the panels is literally the actual last thing I am worried about. I was far more anxious about how I would get there (YAY TRAINS!) and where I would stay (with foresthouse!) and how the hell I would afford it (trains and roommates, WHEE), but that all suddenly got settled in about an hour's conversation. I am also anxious about this basically being my first ~public appearance,~ in that I'll be coming out of my faceless Snicket-like seclusion and now everyone will have a face to put to the pen name. I beg you to hide your disappointment that I am a mere and particularly heavy mortal and not 1) a Yahoo cartoon, 2) Galadriel, or 3) a Pallas cat. I am, however, well-marbled, which has got to count for something in Fancy Cannibal fandom. Which reminds me, I need to find myself a flower crown.

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We started in March when I started talking about Aromaleigh eyeshadows with Freddie at Tattle-Crime.com, who (being far more intrepid than I am) bounced up to Kristen on Twitter and asked if she could make Ravenstag and Tattler eyeshadows. So, on March 14, IIRC, Ravenstag went up--I'm talking less than 24 hours later here, that's how creative Kristen is--which was the day "Hassun" aired, I think? And Tattler followed the next Friday. One she started watching the show and got interested in doing more, I suggested that the new one(s) go up each Friday to coincide with the season two episode broadcasts, since fandom basically considers that a weekly Hannibal Day and gets festive all day long. And so then we just... started making it up as we went along. We started with twenty as our projected number, because that's generally the size of a full Aromaleigh collection. And then... we kept going. So we ended up finishing with thirty. Freddie and I were basically sounding boards and creative consultants, and I did Tumblr posts each week explaining where each color came from and what it was inspired by; it was important to us that you could point to a specific image and say, "You can put this on your face," and that the color would have some kind of thematic resonance. We wanted to be able to put them together and have the palette of the show:

Then, after a second year of no Emmy nominations and the fandom's grieving indignation thereunto, Kristen suggested we go ahead and put up the final color on Thursday (and also put the whole collection up for the weekly Thursday-Wednesday sale, until July 16th. SAAAAAAALE), so the Grand Reckoning happened a day early. Which is, of course, the name of the final color:



Click through each color's link to get to the inspiration pictures and/or meta post. Also, I like to refer people to this How Do I Eyeshadow post to explain how to apply multiple colors to different kinds of eyelids (I realized along the way that I have hooded eyes). A number of the This Is My Design colors have duochrome or sparkle colors in common: copper, gold, blue/teal/aqua, rose, even a couple of chartreuses. Some have olive undertones; others like Antler Velvet and Cygnus, have surprisingly smoky bases, while Woof and Unorthodox have similar tones and can be worn together. I'm still experimenting, but a bold red like Tattler can be softened up with Phoenix or Veneer for more of a sunset effect, for example.

Generally I get samples, test them on the back of my hand (where you can also see which colors might look good together), do a test run on my actual face to see how it looks with my complexion and eye color, and then get a few full sizes accordingly. Sometimes I just buy something sight unseen because I know it'll be one of My Colors; other times, the samples surprise me. There are a number of You Gotta See This In Person colors, but in terms of what will look good on just about anyone, I'm going to guess Chrysalis (seriously, it blends with tons of stuff), Gotcha, Feast, and Bellissima (purples tend to work on various complexions), Cygnus, and Lure. Bone Arena, applied with a light hand, is also a good brow or inner corner highlight, rather than a lid color itself (not that I would stop you). Also, my cheerfully doofy amateur swatches at each individual post show the colors applied dry and then with a damp brush ("foiled"), which sometimes reveals a completely different color (Ravenstag, Starling, and Entrapment are examples of this).

Almost all the colors are vegan (with, as far as I can tell, the exception of Bellissima and Ikebana, which have carmine), and most of the thirty are lip safe (the exceptions being Craquelure, Entrapment, Feast, Gotcha, Lucid, Lure, Murder Tie, Perception, and Sublime), meaning you could mix something like Folie à Deux, Bellissima, Ikebana, Tattler, Persuasion, or Phoenix with lip balm or gloss. (Or Ravenstag, for that matter.) Persuasion and Phoenix are actually all-in-one colors that you can also use as blush as well.

So here's a master list of the colors and their conceptual backgrounds--characters, quotes, episodes, imagery, what-have-you. As a bonus, where applicable, I have added the unofficial name I tended to use conversationally for each color. It's a lot easier to say "Cherry Tree Is People" than "Ikebana" ("Ikewhat?" "Ikebana." "What's an ike--" "Flower arranging." "OH THAT ONE") to, let's say, my mother, who enjoyed watching the posts go up each week even though she has no idea what's happening on the show. ONWARD:

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And there you have it. Also, I just got some interesting news about my Labor Day plans (maybe I will take eyeshadow with me). But more on that once I find out more.

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key to the kingdom
So today is all about pretty colors, because I meant to swatch the Ever in Your Favor shadows while they were on sale and didn't get that done in time. So, after the cut, 1) the Margot Verger color we decided to do after all and 2) my swatches of the Sherlock-themed Brilliant Deductions samples that I have, because they're on sale this week, in honor of the series 4 announcement. Also, while we're here, I'll note that I'm going to start posting sort of a retrospective of the This Is My Design colors each day on this tag until ~THE GRAND FINALE~ next Friday, because every time I post about a new color on Tumblr, there is (wonderfully) someone who reblogs it with "WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THESE BEFORE." Oh, you will hear about them. YES, YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT THEM. If I had actually been the one in the glitter mines, I might feel more shy about expressing pride in an accomplishment, but so much of this is Kristen's hard work that I have noooo shame. Like, I started "Survive" off by picking the name, and Freddie was very much "AQUA, YES GOOD," but we are otherwise blessedly free of that concern.

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And there you have it. There are other blues and greens in the collection as well, but as this was before my Consulting Recapper time when I started trying new, cannibal-themed things, I dared not attempt those colors. I also took pictures of a handful of Serpens dragon colors and the Ever in Your Favor samples that I have, while I was out swatching cannibal colors anyway, so you may get a flood of those soon. Plus some of the new Okeanides colors, I have some of those now. Basically I'm awash in tiny bags and covered in glitter, is what I'm saying. HOWEVER. My current makeup-related priority, if I can manage it, is to do the This Is My Design colors six at a time like I did these swatches--because I'm going to try to post all five sets of six, one each day, until THE DAY OF RECKONING. I mean, in addition to the graphics like the one up top; I'll post those anyway, because I want to look at them all together and GLOAT OVER HAVING FINISHED SOMETHING FOR ONCE.

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black ribbon2
Okay, I just saw Maleficent and I kind of loved it so if you would like to discuss it here, go for it, but I have to warn you, I'm also finishing Penny Dreadful tonight, and my thoughts are already so scattered that I'm considering doing voice posts just because I let text entries sit here for weeks at a time and constantly re-edit them to keep them current then don't post them anyway. In other news, my Zoloft reduction is actually going a lot better than this paragraph would lead you to think.

Previous entry! I forgot to actually link to the e-book anthology containing my Black Ribbon short story, which is a ghost story about 1) Rose's mother and 2) making life decisions and 3) thus I kind of wanted people to feel a little changed after they read it. You'll have to tell me if it works. Also I will have another short story coming out soon, although this is fantasy-themed.

Eyeshadow! The last three colors in the This Is My Design collection have been decided and named, so we'll be finishing up in the next couple of weeks, with a total of 30. For #28 this past Friday, champagne and something pink: Read more...Collapse )

I've really liked that we've had bold, experimental colors--things I wouldn't have tried except for the show theme--but also colors that are pretty everyday-wearable, while still interesting. I think I'm going to try this one with Cygnus. On the other hand, this week's color will be the one we discussed in the comments of the previous entry, the one where I explained why I thought we shouldn't do it, then promptly turned around after that discussion and said that maybe we should. I threw out a name, and Kristen immediately thought of a new way to do it. So we'll see how that turns out.

Meanwhile! Here's A Matter of Taste's discussion of Alien; I am currently prepping to record the Aliens episode with them tomorrow. Later in August, I will return... for reasons.


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This keeps happening--I'll start a "what's going on" post, and then things will keep going on, and I'll get so behind on What All Is Going On that I never post. ALLOW ME TO ATTEMPT.

(Note: This was written on Friday but not posted. Because of course.)

1) The Black Ribbon story I kept talking about, "The World to Come," is now available! It's in the anthology Athena's Daughters; the ebook is here, and the print version can be pre-ordered for next month.

2) Which I try to explain at the end of Anglo-Filles' epic-length Dracula episode this month (whaddup fucktruck), and fail entirely because my blood sugar had bottomed out. We discuss the Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee (a little bit), Frank Langella, and Gary Oldman Draculae, plus the recent TV show and Penny Dreadful, with an emphasis on romanticism, interpretations of Lucy, and my ridiculously long monologue about Jonathan Harker as abuse survivor.

3) As a reminder, I was also on A Matter of Taste's Hannibal finale episode. You may be able to guess the topic for which I will be present next month.

4) As a side note, mountain lions are not a vegetable.

5) With the Aromaleigh Hannibal eyeshadow, we took a couple of weeks off posting new additions (I think it was a couple of weeks? I am completely unmoored in spacetime right now, tbh), but we are back now! Here are the last color that went up before the break (Lapse, a cinematography blue) and today's two new colors, Lucid and Woof: YES WOOFCollapse )

6) Meanwhile, in lieu of posts for new individual colors, I was posting suggested pairings and combinations drawn from various scenes, now that we have a substantial eyeshadow palette to work with. I am not saying you have to figure out a way to cram three and four colors onto your face at the same time; as with a packaged eyeshadow trio or quad, you can use as few or as many as you want. (Also, consult this post for wtf a crease or an inside corner or a socket line is.) But if there's a particular scene or character you like, here are some ideas--Abigail's sweater, The Best Office Ever, the wendigo dinner, Freddie in "Amuse-Bouche," Bella in "Coquilles," Beverly in "Sorbet," and the Murder Basement because I'm a terrible person. I have some more ideas I'm still playing with and will continue to post and you can't stop me.

7) I also updated older posts with my own swatches for Unorthodox, Bellissima, Entrapment, and the aforementioned Veneer.

8) We are currently in the conceptual stage of a new, differently-themed collection (not modern pop culture). Kristen's also got an ongoing dragon-themed collection growing each week, and I believe an ocean nymph collection coming up soon.

9) Things have been exhaustingly hectic chez Jones for about a month now and are just now calming down, maybe. And yes, that is the reason I haven't gotten the recaps started again; we got hit with family health issues, my mother's car wouldn't start but did not need a new battery (then she chipped a tooth), a broken dishwasher (fixed), a dead washing machine (replaced, on sale), a tiny new back patio where previously no green would grow (finished) (then re-finished because a stone was broken in the middle), a yardmageddon (just finished yesterday) (wait, turns out not) that revealed that the brick is about to fall off the front of our house (finally finished), a ceiling (now repaired and repainted) because a toilet (replaced) spontaneously flooded it (I hadn't gone near it for two hours, I SWEAR). Yesterday, a third toilet fixed (a second one broke somewhere in there); today, a quick ten-minute repair on the dryer. (Breaking news: we're going to have to replace the dryer.) (Sunday: It's ordered; was on sale.) Meanwhile, House of Bark lived up to its name... every day. I won't even get into Professional Yard Master's angry phone calls to a sod farm regarding zoysia grass that has now died on our yard because it didn't even have roots. I'm just mentioning it because "sod farm."

10) Thus, I am not caught up on Penny Dreadful, either. BREAKING NEWS: I AM TOTALLY CAUGHT UP NOW

Honestly, until very recently, I've been going to bed some nights at 8 or 8:30 pm, just from the exhaustion of dealing with all this and a few other issues (long story) all day. For a month. And then today, "We're going to re-sod the yard. Again." ("WELL, SOD IT, THEN.") I had a whole paragraph here about medication adjustment, but I think I'll save that for an entry of its own.

(SUNDAY: Now I've come down with a sore throat/earache of some kind. I just. I PERSEVERE.)

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