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Somewhat belated ALERT ALERT ALERT
msauvage purple
There is a Great Gatsby trailer.

And my sister is NOT HAPPY about it. This is her favorite book, and she argues that both Gatsby and Daisy are ALL WRONG, and having read it, I see where she's coming from. It kind of looks like an entertaining trainwreck to me (as ceilidhann says, "This will either be a stunning adaptation of a classic or a Showgirls style hot mess. There is no in-between"), but then, I've lucked out with Books I Care About. Mostly. If you'll excuse me, I need to go pour one out for the unfinished His Dark Materials movie trilogy.

Also, I feel kind of bad--I don't picspam costumes on Tumblr anymore (mostly because I despair of trying to image-describe them sufficiently), but I have been using it for the kind of things I probably used to put on LJ. Mostly because there's a nice modular quality to it--a conversation here, a trailer there; you don't have to stop and collect enough stuff to merit a whole entry (or flail around when you have a backlog to deal with). But you can't get a good conversation going for shit over there, given the way commenting is (not) set up. So. I should probably make more of an effort to do a Tumblr roundup here. Thus, for example, we have an Avengers tag with Some cute Avengers fan art, Freakishly Lifelike Loki, and THORGI. (Also: Thorgi and Lokitty.) I also tend to throw any interesting conversations under the "twitter" tag. Which is where you find all the squamous ladies. So. \;;;/

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I'm pretty much with your sister on this one. I love Fitzgerald and the first time I read the book in high school Gatsby became one of my main literary crushes. A few years later I got to help teach the book to a class of teenagers and it only reinforced that initial impression. Leo's serious-so-serious face throughout this trailer makes me wince. Not My Gatsby.

I just kind of had this "Oh, BAZ" reaction. Like, it looks like a trainwreck, but I could still enjoy the trainwreckiness.

No one else should play Gatsby while Jon Hamm still lives.

And seriously, it being in 3D is like a Saturday Night Live sketch. This is the kind of thing we should be shouting "Have we lived and fought in vain?!" over.

Jon Hamm would make a brilliant Gatsby! Why didn't they cast him?

okay, I do NOT like this book, but I totally agree with your sister. Mis-cast. I have never liked Leo, and to think of him as Gatsby...nononono. I did kinda like Robert Redford in that role, all those years ago.

And, yeah. This is a book so MANY people have read and have feelings about - good, like your sister who loves it or bad, like me who does NOT love it - that probably 9 out of 10 people have an opinion on why the casting is wrong here.

For me Robert Redford's fake "old sport" does give me the Gatsby; however, I am thinking that maybe Leo's glum look might work since Gatsby IS a bootlegger.

It looks like it will be a very pretty trainwreck. Lovely art design.

To be honest, I never really liked the novel. And the only adaptation I've seen was the disastrous late-90s opera.

Anyone else REALLY distracted by the music? It always annoys me when they use modern music in a period piece and it REALLY sounds off here.

It also seems a bit... dark. Gatsby's not a happy book, no, but it has that veneer of "look at us partying we like our lives we like our lives WHY DON'T WE LIKE OUR LIVES" up until the confrontation. That's how it struck me, at least, could be misremembering. Eh. Probably wasn't ranking that one high on my "must watch" list anyway.

I love that Jack White U2 cover (from back when a whole spate of them came out) but even in terms of modern music, it just doesn't seem to fit Gatsby at all. It's too raw and desperate--I always felt the POINT of TGG was the gilded surface and the shallowness and so on, like the surface of this pool that you had to look through to see what was going on underneath. Not "DEATH! DEATH!!!"

Also, I could buy Leo playing Tom Buchanan before I could see him playing Gatsby.

Can we just say "made of fail"? Because I am definitely not wasting my few movie $$ to see this.

To me, the Great Gatsby game looks better than the movie:


Are image descriptions necessary on tumblr? I can't say that I've seen many posters there using them.

ahhhhh the stupid eyes they always kill me. I want to beat that game someday.

Image descriptions aren't necessary, and actually kind of uncommon, yeah. But I had a couple of people ask me to do them to be more accessible for the visually impaired, so... I don't want to go back on that. At the same time, I'm just completely at sea as to how to describe really detailed artowrk or complicated historical clothing, particularly if I don't have the artistic/sartorial vocabulary for it. So I try to post more video or text-based entries, or pictures I can think of something interesting to say about. A lot of people really dislike image descriptions (they can afford to dislike them, I guess), so I try to make sure mine are entertaining on their own.

Man. I was wincing, even though I loved the sets and the costumes. Leo's making his squinchy face the entire time. He looks so uncomfortable and uptight- not at all my mental image of Gatsby! I'm intrigued, though. Some of my favorite moments from the book were in the trailer (somewhat altered).

I have such mixed feelings on this trailer. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. I think if the 3D is done right it could add to the whole "our lives are so artificial" vibe, but it also has the potential to be a trainwreck. Hopefully the in your face aspect of 3D will be limited to Gatsby's parties. Leo's serious face doesn't bother me. Gatsby is playing a part, the part of the American dream, so he could one day get Daisy back. He's an unhappy guy with a purposefully mysterious past. I mean, he does kill himself.

I wonder if Tom is going to be as much of a racist, classist, misogynistic, xenophobe as he is in the book?

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He kills himself? Did we read the same "Gatsby"? Or are you thinking "suicide by Wilson"?

Oh dear god, the pernicious influence of Andrew Lloyd Weber on absolutely everything. Next up: "The Sound and the Fury: The Musical!"

Gatsby is not one of my favorite books, but it brings, at least, a bit of subtlety and class to its dissection of America's total lack of subtlety and class.

oh, I wish there was a 'like' button for this, because I REALLY like what you said, here.

(Deleted comment)
I love Baz Luhrmann spectacles like I love deep fried twinkies. So bad, yet so good. This. SO much this!

(Deleted comment)
Your description of Leo as Gatsby is spot on - the thing I liked about Gatsby in the book was how naïve and unassuming he was for being a gazillionaire (well, the 20s equivalent of that), how sort of dreamy and romantic he was (philosophically, not like... in terms of attractiveness). Leo just looks too confident and showy and wrong for the part.

(Deleted comment)
Am I the only one who thinks this trailer is okay? And that Leo isn't dreadfully miscast? I agree he probably would have been a better Tom Buchanan, but I can see him as Gatsby - and TGG is one of my favourite books.

I just cannot get over things like 3-D EYES OF TJ ECKLEBERG and I'm predicting Daisy's green light will be turned into a laser light show.

Still can't see Leo as Gatsby, but I think Carey Mulligan will be very good as Daisy.

I think Carey Mulligan was a great choice for Daisy, but Leo is just... so, so wrong as Gatsby.

While I found the book gorgeously written, I did not care for the characters at all. (Possibly there should have been some Gatsby POVs?) However, the trailor is wrong. Gatsby's parties may be extravagant, but they are not like that. At all.

I'm so upset about this trailer. Nothing makes sense, it doesn't have any of the... understatement, I guess, that I always enjoyed about the book. I mean, it is really a story about Nick Carraway and how he adapts to being around all these crazy rich people. This movie sounds like it's going to be all about Gatsby. Tobey Maguire was hardly in the trailer at all. And he's the goddamn narrator. This book is my favorite piece of American literature and I can't believe they're turning it into a 3D clusterfuck. I wasn't looking for a remake of the Robert Redford version (because I don't like it at all), but this doesn't look like it's going to be anything like the book. And now I have a sad. :(

(Deleted comment)
Because I apparently always have to be that hipster who prefers the obscure actors to the famous ones, I am only seeing it for Joel Edgerton (and Carey Mulligan, but she ain't obscure anymore). I just...my hopes are not high. It looks far too manic. And I have a sinking feeling it's gonna be like three and a half hours long.

(Also, liquor was cheaper? But...Prohibition...?)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who went wtf? at the liquor comment. ;)

Heh heh ... wanted to lick the screen when I saw the Loki. I agree - that -is- freakishly life-like. Thorgi is SO cute! And Lokitty ... more LOLkitty ... but adorable.

'Squamous' ^_^ ... yeah - what the heck, Prometheus? It looks like you lose 'sanity points' just trying to watch it ['Call of Cthulhu' game ref]. And I will EAT the popcorn box if the 'spokesgal' for the company isn't synthetic.

LOL! I haven't been following this, but after 30 seconds and then the "From Baz..." I went, "Of course it's a Baz Lurhman film!" Don't get me wrong, Mouling Rouge1 is one of my favorite movies, and Austrailia was beautiful, but he it known for lurid colors and over the top...weirdness. I haven't read the book, but I've seen the old verison of the movie, and this looks like a hot mess X(

If you'll excuse me, I need to go pour one out for the unfinished His Dark Materials movie trilogy.

By saying "unfinished" you're sort of implying they ever had a chance at making movies from books two and three. While they could have maybe done book two by pulling the same punches they did with Compass, I don't think Amber Spyglass ever had hopes of coming close to anything even remotely resembling a big screen.

I am not expecting much from this movie

This is the fourth of fifth time this has been tried as a film and I do not expect it to be any better than the previous ones. It is just a very hard book to adapt as what makes the book great does not seem to translate well into film.

PS Did anybody else notice they spelled Ziegfeld wrong when they panned through Times Square. I guess they really need a spellchecker.

Re: I am not expecting much from this movie

Although I think this one has a better chance that the Coppola version of being decent.

Of course, the Coppola version is the go-to example as to WHY you don't adapt a book to movie so faithfully that the audience feels like they are reading the cliff notes.

Although maybe Watchmen is now the example

Does anyone else find it odd that you have to watch an advertisement to watch the trailer, WHICH IS AN ADVERTISEMENT? Just me? Moving on.

I had no idea there was going to be a Gatsby movie. And Oh my GOD, it looks awful. I have no real ~feelings about Gatsby the book, but this does not look like the book to me. Forgetting that the book exists, this does not look like a movie I want to watch anyway. And Leo? Never if I ever did imagine Gatsby, would I think him anything like Leo. I agree with the person above who said John Hamm.

I don't do Baz Luhrman movies. I've yet to see one that I liked. He lost me as a viewer when he made the brand of the guns in Romeo + Juliet "Sword" so that the dialogue worked. WRONG.

Gatsby needs to be cuter and more grand, and Leo just doesn't fit that. I think Tobey McGuire is a fairly good choice for Nick, though. Baz, IMO, always sacrifices story for the sake of the big sparkly production. While it's obvious from the trailer that it will be visually stunning, between the weirdness between Daisy and Gatsby, and the fact that it's in 3D, I'm most likely not going to see this unless forced.

I sympathize with your sister. And personally, I'm very wary of Hollywood's interpretations of classics. I'm still waiting for a version of The Count of Monte Cristo that bears some resemblance to the book.


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