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*blows off dust*
So, I haven't been around much. I should probably pop up a little more often.

Alabama was completely untouched by the Frankenstorm, so we're fine; yesterday was sunny and a little windy, and that was all. (I hope all y'all are okay.) For the last two months, I've mostly been holed up in the Fortress of Solitude on the corner of Anemia Street and Migraine Avenue, although I'm hoping that a new pair of glasses will help the latter. (Maybe I can upgrade to Chronic Fatigue Gardens pretty soon.) Currently fighting off a chest cold and steeling myself to look at a lot of unanswered email. The upside is, I've gotten a ton of work done on the book, although I was supposed to finish it tomorrow... nine years ago. So, you know. There's that. How about that new Star Wars movie, then?

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I can respect that you like Whedon, but just... no. Speaking as someone who doesn't like Whedon, I'd like to keep my Star Wars as Whedon-free as possible.

It's bad enough that Princess Leia can now technically be billed as a "Disney Princess" :/

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CLEO!!! How we have missed you!! Twitter's good, but it just isn't the same as dear ol' LJ. I'm glad to see you back and posting - I've missed you and your posts and presence here.

I do hope you feel better soon. I have a lot of experience with anaemia - I hope it quits bugging you soon and lets you get well. Chronic Fatigue isn't fun, either. :( *HUGS and Sympathy*

Happy Halloween! :D

I don't mean this in a paranormal alien abduction way, but sometimes it just feels like I... lose time. I feel like the last time I posted was a couple of weeks ago, not a couple of months. I seem to not have a very good concept of the passage of time, is what I'm saying. I don't know if it has anything to do with the lack of energy or not.

Maybe Disney will have people who tell George Lucas "No" for once and save Star Wars?

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I'm pretty much hoping for Pirates of the Caribbean but with lightsabers.

I'm actually not much of a Star Wars fan myself, so "not Phantom Menace" would work for me, generally.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Well, I'm still adjusting to the new glasses--still switching back and forth between old and new to get used to them--but I think they'll help a good bit. I'm hoping that's the solution to the 24/7 headache problem, once you rule out storms and air pressure as the unavoidable cause of the worst migraines.


Aww, it's nice to see you around here again! (Just in time for... the coming LJcalypse? Or something like that, I suppose). Although I was hoping to hear better news coming from your health's front. =/ I hope you get better soon, this time for really real!

The cleotwitter's feed seems to be broken, did you know? I miss that too, seeing as I can't follow you there otherwise.

Hm, let me go look into that.

I saw something about that. I just don't even know anymore. I mirror all of this on Dreamwidth just in case, and I throw a few random things on Tumblr, and I spend a good bit of time on Twitter because "short bursts" is about the kind of energy I can manage... just please don't make me get a Real Blog, LJ, I just really don't want to bother with that.

I am strongly against this new Star Wars movies. The circle is complete, the story of Anakin's fall and redemption has been told.

I believe the expanded universe is garbage, poorly written junk. I hope they ignore that if they were to continue, but I sincerely hope they do not continue.

Harrison, Mark, and Carrie are all old enough that it would be along the lines of the last Indiana Jones movie in terms of bringing about new characters. If they attempted to replace Mark, Carrie, and Harrison as Luke, Leia, and Han, it would just be a slap to the face of everyone who ever worked on the films.

Leave the franchise and films alone. Let it be.

I honestly don't know how to feel about it, myself. I admit that my first reaction to "Disney Buying Lucasfilm" was OH GOD THIS CAN'T END WELL.

Always a pleasure to see one of your posts. Wish it could be under better circumstances.
(The storm, the latest LJ ****-up, and WHAT IS THIS STAR WARS I DON'T EVEN)

IDEK about LJ. I'm on like three or four different social media sites as it is, if we lose one engine I've still got a couple more. Either LJ'll stick around or it won't, and if it doesn't, I'll shift the weight to... Dreamwidth? I don't know. Que sera, etc.

Glad to see you back on LJ! Hope you feel better soon; I sympathize with the migraines.

Thanks. I'm still gradually breaking in the new glasses, but I'm hoping they'll get rid of (most of) the headaches. I'm also wondering if maybe the problem is dust around the house, or air ventilation.

Apparently I haven't been around enough either because I have no idea what all this LJ talk is about.

BUT it's good to see you, and I hope your health improves soon.


I don't even know. Every time LJ changes something, I can't tell if this is the event horizon, or if it's just One More Stupid Thing LJ Did. Because people can comment using Facebook, Twitter, etc., I have no reason to go anywhere--even if people leave LJ (and a lot of them have), they can still comment using a different social media account, and even if they no longer watch their friends lists, I generally link to anything here on Twitter, the way other people link to new blog entries. For me, even if no one else is here, LJ's as functional as a Real Blog, and ALSO I don't personally have to deal with tech issues.

Granted, everyone sneers at LJ as the Loser Platform, but they've done that for the entire nine years I've been here, so whatever.

Welcome back! Sorry things have been sucky. Anaemia is surprisingly horrible, isn't it?

It's sneaky, is the thing. I think I probably had it for at least a year before it came up in the bloodwork. Mine seems to basically manifest as mild but persistent fatigue, which could be anything, and half the time I forget that there's a reason for it. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I come down with every single passing cold or virus.

Great to hear from you!

I still can't muster up strong feelings about Star Wars. But I don't hate it any more so... that's good.

(Deleted comment)
You know, "hey, who did John Carter?" did cross my mind at one point. I think that's the kind of person they'll end up hiring--someone who can herd cats, manage an effects-heavy production, play nice with others, and get the job done with some style, but not necessarily a VISIONARY AUTEUR OMG.

Yay! Glad you're back!

I am surprisingly zen about the new Star Wars movie. I have the Master Copy of Star Wars canon safely stored in my head--and the correct version of the original trilogy sitting around here somewhere on Laser Disc. So they can do what they want, because THEY CAN'T TOUCH ME

Hey, I'm so glad to see you post!

I hope you're able to start overcoming the health issues soon... being vegetarian I've had problems with not enough Iron and B12 and stuck taking supplements for a while, but I haven't in the last two years... hopefully you can find a way to conquer!


Ugh, Anemia Street sucks and Migraine Avenue can bite my ass. Glad to see you here, but also glad you've been taking care of yourself. I hope things get better for you on the health front.


So sorry you've been sick. Hope you feel better soon!

So glad to see you around!!

I hope the sick gets better! But I'm glad you're alive =)

Glad Frankenstorm missed y'all. We were out of state when the majority of the nastiness happened so that I'm grateful for at least. I just have to wait and see what damage (if any) awaits us when we return in a few days.

I too have dwelled too often on Migraine Avenue. Mostly due to weather related nastiness which happens far too often in the Land of Yo-Yo Weather, Florida. One of the reasons I want to move outta there.

And Happy Halloween! Sorry you can't use your ghost background with this new layout.

Edited at 2012-11-01 01:03 am (UTC)

Actually, I think I may have to go with yet another layout (somehow), because different font sizes in text don't show up in this layout.

(Eeek, good luck with the damage assessment!)

Good to hear from you Cleo!

As a kid who grew up with Star Wars being just after the Bible in the list of things I thought of as important, I was floored by the news. Perfectly torn between horrified and ecstatic. I called my sister and she told me to lie down and get some oxygen.

I'm not even much of a fan, other than a fan of Natalie Portman's costumes, and even I kind of went O_O at the news, yeah.

I would totally watch a horror movie about pallas cats. And I don't even like horror movies.

It's always exciting hearing about the Black Ribbon. Is that still its working title?

It is, yeah. I don't know if a publisher will want me to change it or someone else will run off with it successfully enough for me to be unable to use it or what. I mean, you can't copyright a title, as I understand it (trademark might be a different story), but if someone else made it a big thing, it wouldn't be useful to me anymore. These are the things I sit and worry about.

Though I've missed your posts, I was hoping that you were writing while you've been away. I'm just starting NaNoWriMo and to psych myself up I read ALL your entries on writing. You just make it sounds so approachable. Not easy, mind you, but not the superhuman feat that's always intimidated me.

Reading all your posts about Black Ribbon research and word counts REALLY makes me anxious to read it. I'm sure it's going to be fantastic.

I hope that you're feeling physically better soon, too. If you're severely anemic, you may want to consider talking to your doctor about IV iron infusions. I was thisclose to needing a blood transfusion at one point and so tired without realising that hey, maybe this isn't just university-related stress that makes me so sleepy all the time). I did notice a marked difference in my energy levels after a few transfusions, though it took a long time for my iron stores to fully build up again (I have Crohn's, though, so I don't absorb nutrients as well as people with normal digestive tracts).

Aw, I'm glad the entries helped. I look back on them and wonder who the hell I am to be giving anyone advice about anything. I mean, advice on writing humor, maybe; I've actually done that and finished it. I'll tell you what made a difference for me more recently: someone saying that sometimes writing is like shoveling shit, and you just have to keep shoveling it. The times that are not fun are generally the most important times. I've had a lot of issues trying to whip this thing into shape--I just call them "problems," but usually they involve story logic, or I need XYZ to happen later on but I don't know how to get there, or I don't know exactly when something needs to happen, or how to make this necessary walk-on plot-point character into someone interesting who fits naturally into the story. And sometimes I've found that one problem is the solution to another--I need more scenes for this character, and I need to invent a character to do this over here--why don't I just use one for the other? So basically, every time I get blocked, it's either put my head down and bulldoze through it, or sit and wonder if maybe this part's not working because it needs to be something else entirely. So that might help for NaNoWriMo, I don't know.

I'm only mildly anemic, I think, but I've got some other things going on as well--PCOS, and the bipolar depression, obviously. It's not terrible, but it's weirdly persistent, and I did notice my energy levels were unusually low, even considering the other things that had been going on for much longer.

I'm actually pretty excited for Episode VII-- I have nostalgic memories of the original trilogy but they didn't stand the test of time (all the Han/Leia scenes make me want to literally crabwalk-skitter backward out of the room) and all the things wrong with the sequels have been discussed fluently and at length.

But I still like the *idea* of a Star Wars movie, and so with this implication that Disney now owns Star Wars and might actually take writer/director control out of Lucas' hands, capping that fount of utter sewage, well. There might be good things ahead, and if not, Star Wars was ALREADY ruined and in fact may have started out ruined. So.

I'm curious to read these Thrawn novels as well, since I've heard they're actually not too bad.

There's actually a really good essay floating around somewhere about how Star Wars fans actually hate it, running through a bunch of the reasons why, and ending with that very line "But they idea of Star Wars-- the idea we love".

And yes, I recommend Timothy Zahn's work, SW and not. =)

Not related to your entry, but...

I eagerly await your thoughts on BD Part 2.

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