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@eruvadhril: "Who do you think you're talking to? There's nobody else here. This is an empty theatre."
This is the best thing ever.

Given that we know most of the cast are supposed to survive up until Red Dragon, tonight I am most worried for (a) Hannibal's office, (b) Winston, (c) the Ravenstag, and (d) Gillian Anderson *flings self in front of the Best Office Ever*

"Never say never"
Ah yes, that episode where Will tries to figure out if Hannibal's a cannibal by French kissing him. Science!

See, I'm kind of expecting a Judas kiss, if they ever do the scene with the linoleum knife. I mean, you want to distract a guy from the knife in your hand while being as melodramatic as possible...

I'm not worried about Winston, because Bryan Fuller swore he wouldn't hurt the dogs. After that, I am pretty much worried about everyone who is not the title character of the show.

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"(Longtimers, see if you can figure out at exactly which point in this unrelated bit that I started laughing hysterically.)"

Elven queen? Honestly, I'm laughing too hard at "THE MEEK, THEY WANT IT ALL" to think about anything else.

I'm going to guess "Galadriel?" as well. Somehow I'd not seen that Izzard bit previously. (Not that I seek them out necessarily, but, you know... Internet osmosis.)

I was going to die laughing at the Dire Ravensnoopy, but I had already died laughing at Miss Freddie in your azaleas, so, you know. Difficult to do it twice.

Honestly, I never knew I could get so many giggles out of a show I wouldn't dream of watching in a million years. All hail, Queen of the Recappers and Linkspammers!

Hee, it's not just me, though. I see all kinds of people on other people's reblogs being like, "I don't even watch this show and I love the fandom stuff," or "I don't even know anything about it and I want someone to hug Will Graham." It probably helps that there's some general pop-culture knowledge of who the title character is, to make it accessible on at least some surface level. Like, you see the "Psychiatric Help 5¢" stand and you get the joke, even if you're like "wtf is a ravenstag."




I demand a livestream.

(Or them coming to FanExpo in Toronto. Because it's right around when they'll start up filming again. YOU GUYS WILL ALREADY BE THERE! COME ON, COME DOWN FOR THE MORNING!)

And suddenly, a fic about Lecter hunting cosplayer-harassing menaces sprang into being.

Our horrific pal could dine for years on all the "rude" available at your average convention. Not that I'm encouraging such a solution, mind you. (Ewww.)

I think his super sense of smell would probably deter him from hunting too extensively at conventions. That said, if you're gonna do the Rudeness Vigilante heroification thing, you might as well have him do it at a con.

@gongxian: @cleolinda Hannibal foreshadowing in Wonderfalls nearly 10 years ago! pic.twitter.com/MITpQfC4l9

Ooooh, I forgot about that episode! I've got the DVDs for Wonderfalls, and I haven't watched them in a while. Time to do that again.

On another note, I'll be saving watching the finale until I can watch the entire first season in one uninterrupted sitting. I'll need to start over at the beginning, but it'll be so worth it. Plus, I don't think my heart can handle the stress of watching this show without the spoilers in your recaps. I'm already spoiled for what happens later since I read the books, so it's not too different.

I'm just hoping that all of this leads up to Will's four week stay at a mental institution. After they treat his goddamn encephalitis.

EDIT: I knew that Adventure Time Freak Deer would show up somewhere in your LJ. Yay!

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I'm just hoping that all of this leads up to Will's four week stay at a mental institution.

See, I'm kind of afraid of that, because at least in the book it was voluntary. The way this show's going, I don't know that he'd be going to Abigail's nice residential hospital...

Wait, he turned thirty-eight yesterday? THIS WEEK ON EMPATH AND CANNIBAL: Crawford finds a portrait in Will's attic, damn.

Judging by the pictures I've seen, the magic is all in the stubble. He shaves and suddenly he's 14 years old again.

Even with it, he looks so boyish on the show at certain angles (and then gets to empath some terrible killer and that goes out the window). Which I think is contributing to the OH MY GOD SOMEBODY HELP WILL GRAHAM meme. Adds a nice touch of innocence.

There is a Tumblr for the official Tumblr's tags. This is the best thing in this fandom by miles, and it has some pretty stiff competition.

"#Bedelia's hair is full of secrets" DESERVES that kind of recognition.

(Deleted comment)
I got the LAST bottle of Chianti in the store. I am SO READY.

(This also happens to be the day I am getting a new tattoo. Which works out well, you know. I won't be able to tell the emotional pain from the physical...)

Hee. I'm no good at wine; I just drink whatever's sweet, cheap, and already lying around the house.

HUGH IS GOING TO BE AT COMIC-CON? Dear lord, I hope he gets himself a suit of armor because there is going to be a wave of fangirls desperate to give him a hug.

I'm reading that tumblr post re: Hannibal's blood in episode four and finding it fascinating the connection the person draws to Greek mythology/tragedy - "an episode about home, or more accurately, the desecration of home." Which gives me all kinds of ideas of Hannibal the show paralleling ancient Greek tragedy, or maybe the show as a modern tragedy or (GETTING REALLY FAR OUT THERE) some kind of AU where this show's Hannibal Lecter is just the latest incarnation of some kind of monster-as-reflection-of-human-ills. Seriously once you toss in the idea of Greek myth/tragedy all kinds of possibilities pop up, for me at least.

Also, I've been lurking here on every recap, but let me be one more person who expresses appreciate for both your recaps and for the excellent community of commenters here, I started out as a "read the recaps only the show sounds TOO INTENSE and I am a wuss" but after reading about Sorbet I just had to give it a try and now I am totally in love with this show. So thanks cleo!

Hannibal, Will, and Abigail are the manifestations of three aspects of Dionysos, in my opinion: madness ritualised into normalcy, the hunter who traps but does not kill, and the divine underworld child capable of moving between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

@Tattle_Crime: Official announcement #Fannibals! Yours truly is pleased to announce a post-finale interview with the lovely @cleolinda! #Hannibal


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I think it's adorable that anyone WANTS me to be interviewed, honestly. Let's be real: it's not like I ever shut up as it is.

Apparently you too can now own your very own stag statue. (Or close enough.)

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*Murder handkerchief not included.

So funny story true. I have a not quite three month old daughter. Which means I spend a LOT of time reading the Internet while nursing her.

I may have looked down at her once or twice and whispered, "The milk is people!"

We are traveling tonight to Niagara Falls for our wedding anniversary so I will be missing the Finale. *gasp* So I will be anxiously waiting for your recappage :) You do such an amazing job with them!!!

Aw, thanks. Have fun at Niagara!

I do want the kiss, not even sorry. And Wendy. Except considering where I live, it might mean I'll never get to see any of this...

Congradulations with an upcoming interview! Tell Freddie she has foreign fans. (Both of her - the one played by Chorostecki *and* the one played by mysterious person on Tumblr. She, like you, is part of the reasons why I got into this fandom at all.)

Hee, yes. Wendy would be such a fantastic idea, too, I hadn't even thought about her until that question.

My idea about the kiss at this point is that it's some kind of magnificently melodramatic Judas kiss right as Hannibal does something terrible to Will (won't notice the knife now, will you?), probably with opera wailing in the background, because he's so SAD he has to attempted-murderize his former best friend who didn't know he was his best friend, you guys.

I am SO NOT READY FOR THE HANNIBAL FINALE. You know what I've been doing? Extreme stress-cleaning and baking; my mom is so freaked out because she's spent the morning upstairs watching a soccer game that she hasn't noticed it. She's been getting increasingly worried until I showed her the Hannibal twitter and she just SIGHED at my pain. You don't get the peanut butter cookies mother!

I'm so fricking ready for your interview with Freddie!!! And also, here's that mock Time cover magazine for Hannibal: http://okayophelia.tumblr.com/post/52598242709/au-the-trial-of-hannibal-lecter-is-televised

Damn them a lot of links and it's midnight and I got work tomorrow.

I don't live in the States, so I can never attend the Comic Cons, but I'm hoping for lots of pictures of smiling Hugh (his smile lights up his face and lets me know he's not Will Graham) and info on S2. Don't let me down, people!

Wait, he turned thirty-eight yesterday? THIS WEEK ON EMPATH AND CANNIBAL: Crawford finds a portrait in Will's attic, damn.

That's the real reason Will has that scruff and glasses- without them he'd look about a decade younger. Seriously Hugh is way too pretty, has a charming accent, an adorable smile and definitely a portrait in the attic.

HANNIBAL: tune in next week to see will graham’s life get even worse!!!

The tagline for each week, to be honest. Also to build up suspense between seasons! "Tune in next season to see if we've completely broken Will yet!"

As for Hannibal-Franklyn... I always sort of felt that Hannibal found him tiresome, but couldn't kill him, because it's reckless to kill your own patient. I feel like if they wanted us to think that Hannibal feels anything other than mild disdain towards him, they should have had him in more episodes and developed it more. Also I think unless the show states one way or the other, what the showrunner intended isn't quite relevant- it's up to everyone's interpretation.

I want to have the trial during S3, but less because of the media stuff- I want Lecter to get his day in court, I want our characters to have to testify, I want people to have to deal with everything he's done and put them through. I think a trial is the best place for confrontations and hidden truths.

Thanks for the meta about the fish hook/thumb scene, it was a fascinating read. I love the idea of Hannibal putting black magic on Will and taking away his one place of sanctuary.


Gah, I know. I have no idea how I'll drown my feelings. I don't like wine or beer AND I'm a vegetarian- Hannibal would have a field day with me. I would say ice cream, but we ran out. Maybe I'll buy some. Chocolate, reading fics and petting my evil cat- I think that's how I'll drown my sorrow.

That's how Will escapes to hunt down Hannibal: after a fresh shave, he convinces a guard that he's supposed to be in juvie, then pulls a flying squirrel on his handlers during transport.

AUGH Tumblr has given me a mighty need for season three to be all about The Trial of Hannibal Lecter (or as a friend told me on twitter, it should be "The Trial of Hannibal Lecter interspersed with Fuck All Y'all I'm Moving To Florida.") just for the glory and horror of watching it play out like some 21st century Salem Witch Trial. Ellen Greene can faint on the stand! Will Graham called to testify, and if he does it...would it be like being eviscerated again? And throwing in all the book canon about maroon eyes and six fingers to add to the Legend of Hannibal Lecter vs the truth makes me scream with delight.

Seven seasons and a recipe book. It's all I want.

Will would get SLAUGHTERED on the stand, tho. He wasn't exactly non compos mentis during the time.

@Tattle_Crime: Official announcement #Fannibals! Yours truly is pleased to announce a post-finale interview with the lovely @cleolinda! #Hannibal

@cleolinda: I mean, you try to turn down an interview with Miss Freddie/ @Tattle_Crime --she was already in the bushes anyway.

@Tattle_Crime: I REALLY like your azaleas by the way!

@cleolinda: We actually have azaleas. o_O

I think the above is the answer to your "Meanwhile, Chez Cleo: I found a stranger-handkerchief neatly folded in my laundry. Then my glasses went missing," mystery.

Freddie did it.

And I howled with laughter over the 'azaleas' bit. Maybe you should get a big stick and go poke a few bushes, just in case. ;D

(Deleted comment)
I have a terrible feeling I know exactly how it's going to end, and it's something that kind of makes me want to scream, but whatever, I trust them to make me love it anyway.

I could wait a little bit for season two (so... recapped out...), but I am super dismayed that we'll have to wait for next spring.

(Deleted comment)
I have levels of anxiety not felt before for tonight's season finale! I am really scared and I just want it to happen now and at the same time never to happen. :S I have beer stocked up! A lot of beer.

I had to laugh so much a this:
My idea about the kiss at this point is that it's some kind of magnificently melodramatic Judas kiss right as Hannibal does something terrible to Will (won't notice the knife now, will you?), probably with opera wailing in the background, because he's so SAD he has to attempted-murderize his former best friend who didn't know he was his best friend, you guys.
I now want to it to happen, but I dont want Hannibal on the run yet! :S Does it make me a terrible person to be relieved that Red Dragon is until season four? :S

Go forth and be chill, and be the ambassadors of chillaxity to all those whom you meet.
I dont know if it will be possible if Mads Mikkelsen also appears.

I just want to say thanks for all the recaps and general hannibal linkspams, they were a significant influence in my tumble down the hannibal rabbit hole (and the recaps were excellent guides for when it was okay to watch the episode and when i should probably just listen to it in another tab).

I'm so pumped for the finale tonight, and by pumped I mean I'm starting a prayer circle for both Will and Abigail.


*sobs quietly*

I...I kind of want an encephalitis clock for my wall.


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