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Literally everything I know about "Sharknado"
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@cleolinda: I'm not even watching Sharknado, I'm just having fun imagining what it must be like based on everyone's tweets.

@DamonLindelof: Watching this rolling Ferris wheel made me finally realize Charlize EASILY could've run in another direction. #LiveTweetingSharknado

‏@AaronStarmer: I'm sorry but one sharknado doesn't prove global warming. You need a sustained pattern of shark and/or manatee related weather events.

@jellinfelon: At the end of the movie the sharknado sucks all the sharks back up and puts them back in the sea. Turns out they were only loan sharks

‏@cleolinda: Tsharknami... RT @RHelmsBooks: Sequel ideas: Sharkicane, Sharkalanche, Sharkano...

@DSylvan: Sharkquake! Because of the Plate Sharktonics!

@Metafrantic: If there isn't a band named The Sharktonics within a week, there's something wrong with the world.

@cleolinda: Sharkmageddon? wait, they may have done that already RT @RHelmsBooks: SHARKPOCALYPSE, you guys.

@cleolinda: THIS HAS TO BE THE SEQUEL RT @albedo777: Aftershark.


‏@wilw: Oh my god the shark biting through the roof of the car. #SharkNado

@jsmithready: Now that Finn's been bitten, will he become a shark? Or have I been watching too much #TheWalkingDead? #Sharknado

‏@cleolinda: CANDYGRAM RT @sydk: "How strange, my car won't start! I wonder what the problem is?" Lifts hood. SHARK ATTACK!

@StarlightArcher: Just wait for the balcony scene. It's such an iconic moment. If only the sharks & the nados could put aside their differences

@cleolinda: Well in MY head she just did. RT @RHelmsBooks: Did that Sharknado chick just imprint on her crush's son?

@cleolinda: Better than running from the temperature, I guess. RT @txvoodoo: You're gonna FIGHT a tornado? #sharknado

@wilw: "what are we gonna do?" "we're gonna stand and fight. The #SharkNado. With these crowbars." (That really happened)

@sepinwall: "You guys are always there for him, but you're never there for me!" -A teachable parenting moment in the middle of a SHARKNADO

@cleolinda: In my mind, the "him" in "you're always there for him" is a shark. Everyone is sharks. Angry, neglected sharks

@cleolinda: Whiny teenage sharks, disgruntled middle-aged sharks, sexy D-list sharks, sharks who can't act, sharks who were on 90210.

@saint_georgia: sharks watching sharknado while drinking wine and eating Oreos

@cleolinda: Sharks fighting over who gets the Snuggie


@moirarogersbree: ...that swimming pool just exploded.

@donnajherren: ...HOW DO YOU MAKE WATER EXPLODE?! #sharknado

@cleolinda: I want zero context for any of this, guys. My head is a magical place right now.

@moirarogersbree: She fell out of a helicopter into a shark.

@cleolinda: Is she also a shark?

@moirarogersbree: No, but her backstory is Sharks Ate Everyone I Love.

@zoeowow: currently people are stopping tornadoes by throwing bombs at them so...that's where we are



@queenanthai: SHOTGUN GIRL LIVES!!!!!


@cleolinda: DO YOU HAVE A CHAINSAW? RT @AnnLarimer: @cleolinda Something big just hit my roof. >.>


@thebasselope: "mm, a bit crunchy, this one" [GIF OMG]

@queenanthai: ~FIN~ THEY WENT THERE

@io9: We asked the writer of #Sharknado some very serious questions. His answers were awesome.

@acferrante: #SHARKNADO I never get to see my movies in theaters with audiences, but this is the best thing ever. Love you Twitter!

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If they actually made a "Tsharknami" movie with the T and everything, I would recap it just for that.

I didn't watch the movie either, but that was definitely the best night of Twitter in AGES.

Call me when someone makes Squirrelicane, because that's the movie I want to see.

THAT'S NOT FUNNY! My Gramma was killed in a squirrel squall. A squarrel.

"@cleolinda: In my mind, the "him" in "you're always there for him" is a shark. Everyone is sharks. Angry, neglected sharks"

All the people are sharks! But all the food is people! So all the food tastes of sub-standard fish and chips.

Truly, this is the darkest timeline.

I'm embarrassed to admit that until earlier today, I had NO IDEA Sharknado was an actual thing. I thought it was just a weird tumblr meme that caught on.

Heeeeeee. To be fair, it totally looks like a meme. I think it was an intentional self-meme, maybe.

This is better than a LOST liveblog. WHAT the everloving fuck XD

Heeeeee. To be fair, Lost occasionally tried to make sense.

I...I'm now kinda (for incredibly super specific values of "kinda") sorry I attempted to have a life this evening and have dinner and drinks out with some coworkers.

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't even come in until an hour into the movie. Apparently I missed some business about sharks trying to get up stairs in a house that was flooded on a plain that wasn't?

lol Sharknado made the legit news here in Oz -- mostly with "is this THE MOST AMAZING or TERRIBLE OR BOTH!!! movie ever to exist? Let's just marvel at its majesty!" (then again, we did give the world the sharks in a supermarket movie.) Whereas one of my UK friends says it's also made the news but it's more "of course, this couldn't really happen because the sharks would never land on people with their mouths open."

All I know is that I don't want to remember a world without Sharknado in it.

Though brace yourselves because Avalanche Sharks is an actual thing.

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*blink* So I'm guessing 'absurd concept' is now a thing in movie-making? A sort of 'just throw ideas into a blender and puree' way of coming up with new movie ideas.

The movie itself wasn't even much to speak of on the hilarrible front, but the experience of "watching" along with Twitter was magnificent.

See, this is why I feel like I missed nothing by not actually watching it. I'm not sure it could possibly live up to the movie I was watching in my head.

We are pretty excited in the UK, for Sharknado will be showing in September.

Heeeeee. I would enjoy watching Brit Twitter watching it as well.

Sharknado was amazing. Watching with Twitter, priceless.

I can't decide if I should go back and actually try to watch Sharknado itself (they're rerunning it next week). It may have been one of those You Had to Be There things.

"What would happen if you spliced a shark with dark matter?"


Is it wrong that I want to see a Shark Matter movie? It's wrong, isn't it?

"My God, its full of Sharks!"

The Sharktonics. I need to find people who can play instruments just so I can form that band!

Also, new Monty Python skit: No one expects the Sharknado.

I imagine it being a smooth '50s quartet of some kind. Or a retro hipster version thereof.

I regret not having a TV because I missed out on this glory.

Like you said, though, it's pretty awesome even without context.

Hey, I didn't even watch it myself. All of that really is all I know about it.

Watching twitter was more fun than actually watching the movie. Thank you social media. PS - tumblr was awesome too.

Hubby & I watched Airplane Repo then went to bed. #badrealitytv

Heeee, I should check the tags on Tumblr, I didn't even think of that.

@DSylvan: Sharkquake! Because of the Plate Sharktonics! Now I'm hearing Sharkquake, By Prince! "Shutup already! Damn."

Well, now I'm just imagining a Batman-style "Sharkdance" soundtrack.

I didn't even WATCH this and I had a dream about it.

That probably would have been a lot more entertaining than the boring-ass anxiety dreams I had.

sharknado will be opening for my imaginary band Bathtub Leviathan

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@jellinfelon: At the end of the movie the sharknado sucks all the sharks back up and puts them back in the sea. Turns out they were only loan sharks

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA---okay, all shark-related puns will pale in comparison to this one.

I need to see this movie.

I admit, that and Damon Lindelof's Prometheus self-snark were kind of the highlights of the whole thing, early on as they were.

I just don't understand why Sharknado gets all of this attention, while other shark-based classics, like Sharktopus and Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, go largely ignored.

I think it's the removal of the sharks from the ocean that is so attention-grabbing.

"Sharks fighting over who gets the Snuggie"

This is where I died of lol.

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Sharknado was pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to the SyFy channel.


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