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I need to just post this and stop revising it every two days. Here's the simple version of what I've been doing the last few weeks--mostly on Storify, because it's good for rounding up multimedia and/or doing linkspam very easily:

Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967 – 2014). I really hope I don't have cause to do another one like this any time soon. If nothing else, skim through the "Specific movies remembered" section at the end, because that was the most touching aspect of yesterday's outpouring, IMO.

A loose roundup of the snow panic-fiasco last week, if only because my mother got stranded overnight in the middle of it.

Lifetime movie live-tweeting, because that was A Thing for a couple of weeks there: Flowers in the Attic and Lizzie Borden Took an Ax.

TV season finales: Sleepy Hollow finale livetweeting and Dracula finale livetweeting and episode 4-9 roundup.

Previous entry: Hannibal TCA panel & season 2 previews and LJ discussion. Also, they've cast Mason Verger, and I wrote about how the mechanics of suspense are changing from S1 to S2. There's a ton of new stuff over on my Hannibal tag generally, so you may want to check that out.

If you're having trouble with moving past "Read next page" on any of the Storify posts, it's a Javascript issue you may be able to fix, or, failing that, you can add .html to the end of the URL and get it on a single, simplified page. Because I didn't know this at the time, both Lizzie Borden and Dracula are too long to fit on a single HTML page; they cut off before the last 2-3 pages of material. I'll try to keep Storify posts within a certain length to prevent that from happening from now on.

There were other things I was going to talk about, but at the moment I'm dealing with a weird, patchy combination of anemia and hypomania, wherein my brain feels like herding narcoleptic cats, and--apart from Twitter's weird wild burst of WTF during the Super Bowl last night--yesterday was fairly depressing. So we'll talk about the rest later.

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Thanks! I need to post that answer (answers?) you sent me on Tumblr--I've gotten behind on everything, as usual.

Is Storify replacing LiveJournal for you?

I second that question, and also add "is tumblr replacing lj for you?" Subtext: i'm'a gonna have to get on another of these new medias the kids are talking about nowadays, aren't i, dagnabbit!

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I have such vivid memories of the Elizabeth Montgomery version. I wish it were available!

PSH - damn, damn, damn. A great talent lost. (And I'm not just saying that 'cause I once picked him to play one of my RP characters.)

Yeah, the oh hahaha Southerners are so silly about snow thing gets really old. I had a roomie, in Nashville, who'd come from some snow-blasted northern city. Every damn time it snowed roomie was all 'Why do you guys lose your minds over a little snow?'

Finally one day I looked up and said- let's go to your snow-smart town! Let me take away the plows, the salt trucks, the de-icers and the budget to supply and run them. Let me go into 75% of the homes and take out most of the insulation and storm windows. Let me strip the stores, for months in advance, of anything beyond the barest supply of real snow boots and decent coats. Then let me remind your officials any school snow days risk extending the entire school year and parents will scream, some parents have no snow day care arrangements and cannot get off work without risk of being fired, and if one school bus skids on a slick spot without further incident it will be blown up on local news for days. Tell people living paycheck to paycheck they just have to eat losing a day or more wages because the bus isn't running. Add in employers who will dock you or worse for not getting to work even if there is a city wide emergency declared.

While we're at it, let's take down major portions of the power grid, understaff on nurses and EMTs because they can't get to work either and what about the homeless? The elderly who live alone?

Now, sprinkle with the clear and certain knowledge that cancelling anything will get you mocked, not cancelling anything will get you screamed at and that on day 3 if some guy in mid-town can see his street is clear he's going to raise hell about school being closed even though 1/2 of your district's school bus routes are completely impassable. Serve with a side of mockery from people who wouldn't last three says during tornado season without breaking down in tears.

Doesn't that sound like a really fun time?

Roomie got huffy, stomped out and slammed her door. Two hours later roomie was sitting in the dark living room, wrapped in a sleeping bag I loaned her, watching the transformers on utility poles explode as the ice load took down the power lines.

It was a remarkably quiet evening.

question- is the reason why you're not mentioning the JKR thing- is because it would cause too much drama?

because I would really love to know your thoughts on it.

Oh! I figured I'd wait until the full interview came out, if anything. I think I RTed a news tweet about it? Actually, I think I talked about it with some friends on Twitter, so I wasn't being silent on purpose or anything. I mean, I gather people are really, truly upset about this, but compared to some of the other stuff going on the last few days, fandom drama seems like fluffy hilarity, I guess.

I don't know--I called the Ron/Hermione thing back in the day just because they first met while bickering on a train. That just seemed like such a romantic-comedy trope to me--surely they'd end up together. And then they did. I honestly was never all that invested in shipping in the first place--I felt like the R/Hr writing was on the wall if you were paying attention to the text, but Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Harry/Stranger Girl He Met After Graduation And Let's Everyone Go Meet Some People We Didn't Go to School With, I would have been equally happy. That series just wasn't really about the romance for me, I guess.

What I'm curious about is why Rowling referred to R/Hr as "wish fulfillment," and that she had personal reasons for it at the time. I would have thought that H/Hr was more a wish fulfillment thing--putting the girl many readers identified with very strongly with the "hero" instead of the "sidekick." Which is a reductive way of looking at Harry and Ron, but so is wish fulfillment as a concept, I guess? I'm just really curious as to what her thought process is here. Not "I regret it because they needed to grow up and more realistically meet other people," but "it had some specific but mysterious appeal to me," what?

I hope you get better soon

I haven't watched the first season of Hannibal--I read your recaps because they were a lot of fun and I'm familiar with most of the Hannibal books, but I thought the show would be too gory for me. But then...

the trailer for the second season OMG! I may have to start watching, just to find out how they're going to get to the point where shit goes down. (Also, because I can't stop listening to that damn creepy cover of "Stand By Me.")

Yeah, even among people who do watch the show, I know some folks read over the recaps first to figure out if there were parts they wanted to look away from. Apparently I'm not squicked by blood per se, but raw carnage/organs do me in, but that's one I take for the team, I guess. I don't know where I was going with this. "I totally get where you're coming from," maybe?

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hannibal's fucking face while he's trying to stab jack through the cutting board. he's grinning. i'm not going to survive season two, i know it.


also good lord Michael Pitt could you be more perfect for that role i do not think so

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"...or, failing that, you can add .html to the end of the URL and get it on a single, simplified page."

/tries it

/sings hallelujah

You have made my Storify experiences, past-present-and-future, 100% better. Because DAMN.

(If only it worked for Disqus comments too!)


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