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between spells of self-deluded calm. If it were just a two-day weekend trip, that'd be one thing, but--I'm taking the train (Amtrak) to Atlanta and I'll get there Thursday evening, and I won't be leaving until Tuesday morning. So--even though I have friends in Atlanta, even though it is a two-hour drive to/from Birmingham if someone absolutely had to come rescue me, even though I can change that return ticket at any time and go home sooner--I am kind of treating this like I'm going to summer camp FOREVER. You should SEE my packing lists. LISTS, PLURAL. They have CHECK BOXES. I have been studying maps of the convention hotels. I have the Dragon Con app and have had my schedule on it for about two weeks. I printed out my train tickets three weeks ago. I'm getting a Tattle Crime "press pass" laminated today. I have TWO (2) Fannibal hats FLOWER CROWNS. My paisley black ribbon lanyard is READY TO GO.

All my exploits and preparations are on my THE GREAT RED DRAGON CON Tumblr tag; if you want to see posts by all/any users with that tag over the weekend, those will be here. I've also collected various bits on Storify. I know it's kind of silly to document this so thoroughly, but I haven't left town since I went to New Orleans TEN YEARS AGO. I am willing to be the wide-eyed country mouse for your entertainment, whether you're loling at my inexperience or living through it vicariously.

You may also have realized that I haven't posted any pictures of myself in the 10-11 years I've had this journal. Plenty of podcasts, plenty of sound, but no one knows what I look like. So... yeah. People are going to want to take pictures--as you do, of anyone you meet or make friends with--and I've heard rumblings of recording the panels. So I'm just convincing myself to be at peace with that. I mean, I'm heavy, big, "junoesque passion flower," however the fuck you want to phrase it, and while I've mentioned that before, I don't know that this concept has really sunk in with people. (I looked somewhat more like my Yahoo cartoon avatar ten years ago than I do now; I look even less like Galadriel or Pallas cats.) I'm to a point where I'm moving beyond "afraid I'm going to disappoint people" and on to "gonna see who loses interest once they see what I look like, and who sticks around." I'm anxious about 1) the logistics of convention living for better part of a week and 2) revealing myself. Other than that, I'm not really worried about much at all.

( Except losing my luggage. I have a bone-deep terror of that.)

(Speaking of podcasts, I was just on A Matter of Taste for their Prometheus Summer Movie Alien Series episode, having already done Aliens with them the month before.)

SOOOOOO. Here is my schedule as I currently know it (Athena's Daughters signings to be determined); I will post a picture of myself on Thursday, probably, and I will be covered in Tattle Crime buttons and a press pass, and you know what my lanyard looks like, and may very well be wearing a flower crown at any given point. COME UP AND SAY HI.


May go hit the vendors (BPAAAAAAL) that morning, then see some of the panels at the horror track in the Westin--most likely Twilight Zone and Slenderman & creepypasta. Might have a signing at an Artists Alley table; don't know. I'm not "on" that day. I will, however, have my business cards and Freddie's on my person to give out. I think. We are having so many giveaways that there is a schedule for it.


THIS IS THE BIG DAY. If you go to no other Hannibal event, even mine, COME THIS DAY.

10:00-11:00 AM: ATHENA'S DAUGHTERS MEET & GREET. (Marriott A708, Kaleidoscope track.) Due to the rest of the day's schedule, I very likely cannot go to this, which is why I offered to do as any signings as they might want me for (to be determined). If the logistics clear up and I'm able to go, I'll mention it on Twitter/Tumblr; I definitely wanted to make sure you guys know about it, though.

1:00-2:00 PM: HANNIBAL FANNIBAL PANEL. (Westin Peachtree Room 1-2, horror track.) Panelists are Catherine Scully, Karen E. Taylor, Damien Williams (@wolven, who got me into this in the first place), Freddie (@tattle_crime) calling in, and me, with Henry Hanks (@hankscnn) moderating. We will have THINGS and STUFF that I am guarding with my life to raffle away at the end. We will also have the Tattle Crime buttons in my purple there, IIRC.

3:00-4? 5? PM: FANNIBAL MEETUP. We're not sure yet where we'll gather; I'll scope out the Westin while I'm there on Friday. Freddie will call in again; we will have more stuff to give away. (Spoiler: I am bringing a shit-ton of This Is My Design eyeshadow. Among other things, many of them already in Atlanta with Damien.) Initially I thought the panel lasted until 2:30, but then they told me they take half an hour to clear out the rooms between panels; I still consider the meetup to be "immediately after" the panel, given how difficult it is to get through crowds, have time for food and water breaks, etc. If you want to go with me and we all troop wherever together, picking up additional fannibals as we go, feel free. One hour seems reasonable; I have two hours blocked off just in case, because...

I will have colorful pens and things I want you to sign, because I'd really like to gather up some messages from y'all to tell the producers (Bryan, Martha, and Loretta) how much we appreciate them, and maybe also plead for them to come for an official panel next year. (DOOOO IT. DO THE THING.) I'll also have a notebook for y'all to sign for Freddie; I may have one for me as well, kind of like signing yearbooks?

I may also go to the Penny Dreadful panel at 7 pm, depending on how completely exhausted I am and whether I consume actual food before that time.


If nothing else, I want to go to the Sleepy Hollow panel at 4 pm; I might get to Serialized Terror before that at 2:30. At 5:30, there's another Hannibal meetup in the Hilton (where I'm staying!). I get to relax because I'm not organizing this one; that said, there's going to be a casual photoshoot for fannibal cosplayers, who I really wanted to track down and get pictures of, so I definitely want to be there for that.

10:00-11:00 PM: DREAM LOGIC AND MURDER WIZARDRY. (Westin, same Peachtree Room as before.) It's an academic panel with just me and Damien, basically--I'm imagining it's going to sound a lot like a podcast, fun and low-key. I really, really hope people come to this, too. I'll be honest--if for some reason you want to hear me teal deer it up, I'll probably be talking more at this one than the one where I hope to make interesting but modest contributions to a conversation with five other people. This is the last panel of the day on the horror track, so--again, I may be wiped at this point, but it can run long if necessary, or it can evolve into a meetup or end up with us trooping off for refreshments afterwards, I don't know.

(This is all kind of weird to talk about, because I'm trying to fight the whole "women are always supposed to deprecate themselves and be modest to a fault" thing and be all "well, I was invited to do these panels so I should be confident about that," but at the same time, I am genuinely unsure how much anyone actually wants to come to any of this. I'm trying to prepare myself for a spectrum of eventualities here.)


The 1 pm Spirit Mediums panel in the Sheraton is relevant to my interests, so I want to go to that. Other than that... I'm willing to sleep in and laze around, I don't know. If anyone's still around on Monday and wants to hang out, a super informal meetup might could happen.

(If I can dig up some Movies in Fifteen Minutes paperbacks, I may give those away, but I don't know when or how. Probably ought to do that before people start leaving on Monday, though.)


Going home, and immediately going to bed with the massive case of con crud I am absolutely certain I will have come down with, despite my early course of Airborne and fist-bump policy.


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How exciting! I hope you have a safe trip and an amazing weekend. :D And fingers crossed that you avoid the con crud!

Thanks! I am packing SO MANY immune system supplements, I can't even tell you.

So jealous of everyone who can make it. Have fun!

I'll do that. :-) Hope you have a great time!

Use Purell like a politician.


(I mean, they're small, but still)

I'll be there for Friday & Saturday, but will be flying back to Australia on Sunday - regrettably I'll be missing out on the murder wizardry panel. Hopefully someone will record it.

Anyway be good to see you.

I've heard rumblings of recording, yeah, and if I have room on my phone, I might just set it out on the table and record the sound that way.

I also now have a signing on Friday (see next entry I'm about to post), and there's both the panel and meetup on Saturday--sounds like you'd probably be traveling by the time the other group has their meetup as well.

Sounds awesome. Have a great trip!

My packing lists have checkboxes. Especially for cons.

I hope that this turns out to be an experience mostly of wonderfulness and that you have many great and good moments. I also wanted to say that it's okay if there are moments, even hours, that aren't so great and good, because sometimes cons are like that, even for experienced folk. Take time away from stuff if you need to.

I wish I could be there. The panels sound full of delightfulness.

Yeah, I initially starred everything I might possibly want to see if I was around, and then I just ditched that and "scheduled" only the things I really, really want to see (or committed to do).

This. Seriously, this may be the best con advice I've ever seen.

ah, dammit. managed to zap my comment. apologies in advance if I end up double posting:

every year, my girlfriends and I get pizza, drink of choice (alcoholic or not) and enjoy watching (and making fun of) the Masquerade. You're more than welcome to join us, if you would like to have some low key hang out time and general silliness. We're in the Hilton too.

I really want to go to the Sleepy Hollow panel. But there's also a huge Marvel photoshoot at the same time and I can't do both because Costumes.

Would still love to say hi over a quick cup of coffee, if your schedule allows.


~delle (mrbimble)

When is the Masquerade, off hand?

I've been taking 11-hour train rides in between my hometown and the city where I go for university for the last four years (including an emergency ride where I didn't even get a seat but I had to get back because my grandpa was dying) so while I can tell you that the American railway system cannot possibly be worse than the trains I'd taken — i lost a bag once, after taking a 15-minute nap, it contained some of my more, ahem, intimate clothing (including light jackets) and more painfully, a 1975 Canadian quarter I keep as a talisman; if you carry any small bags, make sure to stuff them under your seat near your feet! However, much though I pity missing the opportunity to go to a Hannibal convention and meeting fellow Fannibals especially you, I do NOT envy your travelling to somewhere that's also in the South in *this* time of the year; were I in your position the heat and excitement would have melted me like an icicle before I even got on the train. :P

Whatever you're drinking over at Atlanta, try adding a pinch of salt into the bottle, you're gonna need the Sodium after sweating so much. Also, see if you can buy any 风油精/風油精 ("Essensial Balm") from a local TCM apothecary, it comes in small "Potioney" bottles and works wonders in preventing heatstrokes and dizziness with its herbal contents of peppermint and eucalyptus oil and the like.

祝您一路顺风 & Good luck on your journey, Cleo! (For one thing I'm really curious to find out what you look like, considering the only other "Cleo" I ever knew was Gepetto's goldfish... :P)

Edited at 2014-08-27 12:59 am (UTC)

Re: Fingers crossed...

I hate hot weather, but my one saving grace is that I'm used to it--almost identical weather here in AL.

Hm--I did get Tiger Balm for sore feet; I'll have to look into that kind.

(Thanks! I'll probably end up posting a picture on Twitter once I get there Thursday night.)

Re: Fingers crossed...

That's all very great!

( 风油精 and Tiger Balm are cousins in terms of contents, from my research. [You gotta give it to the doctors who came up with those recipes] 风油精 can be taken via nasal inhaling — it's a non-addictive trip, I can tell ya — or by rubbing drops of it onto your temples; for both preventative and emergency!-a-heatstroke-is-already-happening treatment purposes.)

I'd really appreciate it if you post the twitter pics' links onto future Lj entries, because 1) more specific links mean less time spent tinkering with unstable Internet proxies and 2) I can never find time to catch up with anyone that I follow on Twitter, ever; It takes forever to get to the site, i miss a day and it'll be like 500 Tweets had gone by and the Next Page button almost never works for me, so for all intents and purposes all but the latest stuff would be lost to me.

Re: Fingers crossed...

I'll do the best I can with that, definitely--I mean, in the future, absolutely; in terms of things I tweet as I go this weekend, I don't know how much internet access I'll have, and I'll only have my phone. I don't know if the Storify posts work for you, but I do tend to collect tweets on a particular subject there, so that's at least a little easier to follow. (They seem to have taken away the option where you can do it all on one page, though.)

Re: Fingers crossed...

Storify is freely accessible for me, for future references (I can't possibly be your only mainland Chinese fan) what I need Proxies for are mainly Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google dot com and anything tied in with Google such as blogspot and google+ (trying to download AMoT on a shaky Proxy connection is practically a labor of love). However the Next-page button doesn't seem to work so well for me, I haven't tried doing it by Proxy, but I've heard grumbles from other fans of yours so maybe it's a Storify-per-se problem. In any case I am very grateful for the stuff you take so much time to post and share; if you eventually post Twitter links (for Tweets and pics) onto Lj I'd be very thankful indeed. Also, if there are any video clips about the panels and roundtables that make their way onto Youtube or something, I (and some other fans, surely) would really like to know the titles (even moreso than the links because I can see if the video appears on Youku or not).

Once again, Godspeed and have fun, Cleo!

Edited at 2014-08-28 02:23 pm (UTC)

Don't worry about the luggage! I went to two summer camps as a child, and my first year at camp #2, my father, my brother AND I all forgot to actually bring along the packed duffel with my brother and my clothes. So my dad drove us to the nearest store with kids clothes and bought us enough to last the week, and we made do. And we had a completely fabulous, wonderful time, which is what I remember about that week. (Albeit in some pretty amazing turquoise shorts with lime polka-dots.)

Anyhoo - having traveled a lot since then - you forget anything, you lose anything, it is always possible to pick up necessities wherever you are. Hell - you could probably just send out a request on twitter and people would bring you things.

Have THE most amazing, fantabulous, murder-wizardy time! I'm jealous of everyone getting to meet you in person.

I so wish I could be there! It sounds amazing, and I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Based on my experiences at Comic Con, I'd say half-full rooms are the norm for non-allstar panels unless they're giving out freebies. Hopefully that helps the expectations? I dunno.

Also, the revelation that you do not, in fact, resemble a Pallas cat breaks my heart a little. But I'm sure I'll move on eventually.

Yeah, although we do definitely have a big giveaway for the first panel, which I've tried to make people aware of (while not actually being able to reveal what we're giving away). That said, I'm hoping we do have some people coming to the 10 pm Sunday panel.

Traditional circle of virtual Pallas cats in virtual flower crowns has been assembled. (The virtual avocado is virtually placed in the circle's center, since one of the panels "going to sound a lot like a podcast".)

Good luck. Have fun. Be safe. Come back.

Random strangers who might attempt to critisize your appearance based on their own subjective beauty standards can go dance on LEGO. And then I'll collect their busyness cards.

Heh, thanks. As long as nothing goes too terribly awry, I'll definitely have fun. (KNOCK ON WOOD)

*prayer circle for luggage*

It looks like you have a lot of fun things lined up! Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself!

I said this before on Twitter, but: so excited for you!!! I hope you have All The Fun and catch None Of The Colds, and I hope you meet awesome people. I am ferociously jealous.

I'm a DragonCon veteran, I'm also a big person, & this I have learned: there are 50,000+ people at that con of all sizes, all thinking about celebs & panels & parties & their cosplay & their own looks. There is so much happening at any moment & folks are so excited about it all that for real & for serious, you really will be the only person there sparing a thought for your size. Remembering that helped me, maybe you'll find it useful.

Yeah, I'm not really worried about people who aren't coming to see me (i.e., 99% of them), because I'm not going to stand out in that sense. It's more that moment of, "Oh... you don't look like your icons at all," from people who are.

I just reread my 1st comment & man, that all sounded better in my head. I hate when that happens.
Anyway, even the folks there to see you are gonna be way too excited about the meeting & the paneling & the sparkle to pay much attention to anything else. ☺

No, no, it made total sense! I mean, at least I'm not concerned about what all the stranger-people think.

That's a very good thing. I really hope you have a fantastic time. I also hope you get some sleep tonight...I can never sleep the night before going to D*C. It's like the night before the 1st day of school. ☺

A question about Nerd HQ 2013

I've only just seen the "Nerd HQ" video of Hannibal @ SDCC 2013 (the one where Bryan and Hugh got Flower Crowns from the audience and Ms. Freddie made a guest appearance as a Disembodied Voice), even though the upload-date on the site Youku indicates that it's been there for at least a year [but you gotta admit the keywords aren't likely to just pop into a n00b's head]; it was an eye-opener for me, seeing all those people from different walks of life gathering together as one audience. The one who answered yet another Trivia question right and also put Ms. Freddie on the phone was a tallish lady with a pale, Gothicky complexion and an overall big frame. But she oozed self-confidence and pride in her fandom that I didn't realize she was "chubby" until she shook her arms and it kinda jiggled. ;-) Later I listened to the Prometheus episode of AMoT and Cleo named two of the Tattlecrime correspondents that were there at the show, one was called "Roxie" and the other I can't remember. But were they respectively the one with Ms. Freddie on the phone, and the one who handed out the Flower Tiaras ("Would you like White, or Blood-stained?")? I'm really curious.

Edited at 2014-08-28 02:11 pm (UTC)

This is flail-worthy level of exciting! I wish I could be there, but I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

Ah, last year I went to Dragoncon all the way from London and my packing was truly epic, I feel your pain :-)
seriously, DC is a good con to wander around as a newbie because the costumes are so amazing. I literally spent hours quite happily in the Lost Girl panel queue (twice!) because there was so much fabulous people watching to keep us occupied. It's less terrifyingly stressful than SDCC and the Hannibal panels I saw last year were lots of fun - obviously I'm insanely jealous of everyone who gets to go to your panels this year though, seeing as your recaps are basically what got me watching in the first place.

But hey, we had a Worldcon in town this year, so all the big name authors came to us for once. I noticed a few people (Hugo nominees and all) stressing on twitter about being there in person, and honestly if people attend because they already love your writing (and obviously they do, because it's awesome!)then they're focusing on what you have to say, not what you look like. I just sat through two cons and dozens of panels in two weekends, and content (and decent panellists who have something to say) are what you end up chasing. Literally, I'm slightly worried a couple of people now think I'm stalking them because I ended up in all their panels, because I knew they were worth listening to. In short, it's pretty much a given that there will be a whole bunch of fans already there for you, so you're way ahead of the average panellist curve :-)

I am SUPER JELLUS, I have never been to the con, and I know people who go every year! I have cousins in Atlanta! Don't worry about how you look (though, I'll admit, I've always envisioned you as a very fluffy, bespectacled Pallas cat, and that would be pretty amazing if true), there will be loads of other people to look at and they'll all be gloriously themselves, just like you. I hope it's an awesome weekend, and hope you get There and Back Again without any blargh or giant spiders. :)

I hope we can find some time to meet up! Things may be complicated by the fact that I actively avoid anything related to cannibals, buuuut....

Heh. Looking at our schedules... you're even more booked than I am! It may be that breakfast and/or morning, or even lunch, is where I get to meet up with people outside scheduled events. Or hella late at night, but I may have passed out by then.

WELLLLL I might not go to all those things. I basically bookmarked everything that looked interesting and trimmed down from there. I also have to take into account the fact that I am not staying down there (I'm taking MARTA) I might not actually go to the late night things unless I know someone can walk me to MARTA or give me a ride back, or something. Anyway, breakfast/morning/lunch stuff might well work out.

Yeah, I initially put everything on my schedule to remind myself that I MIGHT want to go to stuff, and then as things I'm personally involved in got added, I started stripping it down. At this point it's like, Twilight Zone, creepypasta, Sleepy Hollow or bust, Victorian stuff on Monday, done. But that still leaves me with five things I'm personally responsible for and a "rival" (for lack of a better word) Hannibal fandom meetup I don't want to miss.

You'll have such fun! Last year was my first con and, despite the heat and the crowds, I'd do it over again! I can't go this year, but in futures years there may be possibilities!

In the meantime, here is a picture of me with R2-D2 from last year!

Edited at 2014-08-29 12:50 am (UTC)

So excited for you, dearie! I will live vicariously through your posts as I am not going this year due to another event I want to attend even more later this month. But I well remember being a DragonCon virgin 8 years ago and I am just thrilled for you! Have fun!!! :)

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