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I have collected articles, reviews, and reactions on Storify. The best of it, probably, is on my tumblr. Most of what I said about it is on Tumblr, to be honest, because I wanted it rebloggable--the trailers basically troll you into thinking it's a testosterone fest, and then you get there and the movie is actually all about women and that's before the old lady motorcycle sharpshooters (WHO ALL DID THEIR OWN STUNTS) show up. So I'm trying to get the word out.

2) David Lynch's bargaining tactics worked, and Twin Peaks 2016 is back on.

3) Also, X-Files 2016 will be in January.

4) I'm not able to be around for the fan-run 26 Hour Devour Hannibal marathon this weekend, but the DLC twitter (and yesterday, the Dire Ravenstag) is pitching in with livetweets. There is an official rewatch this coming week--two specially selected episodes a night, 5-7 pm east coast time; I'm going to see if I can be there for that. ("Sakizuke" and "Takiawase" are two of my favorites, so maybe I can be there on Wednesday in particular.)

I've also kept the monthly hiatus storify going; here's May's, in progress. New promos and pictures are there.

5) That said, I am not yet caught up on Penny Dreadful, and I do not appreciate three middle-aged dudes in front of me in line for Mad Max spoiling the shit out of it.

6) I've had some mild but extremely inconvenient health issues the last week or so; otherwise, I persevere.

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Mad Max: Fury Road kicked ASS and yes, believe Cleo, guys... it's NOT a testosterone fest!! I was blown away.

Old lady motorcycle sharpshooters? OLD LADY MOTORCYCLE SHARPSHOOTERS. I'm in.

YES YES YES!! And they're amazing.

See, I knew that would be a decisive detail for people.

That may be what decided it for me, actually.

Cleo. My DAD is considering taking my MOM to see it. Completely unprompted by me. The buzz is that good.

(Mom hasn't ridden a motorcycle since 1971, but that could change...)



OK, now I REALLY have to see that movie, even if I didn't see the original movies, because everyone on line is raving about the movie. I saw you updated your recaps, glad to see you're back to that, gonna have to find some time and read them.

Well, so far, just Mukozuke is new; there's no hurry.

Good to know. To be honest, I was so disappointed with S2, I didn't even bother rewatching it, though I bought the DVD to support the show. But I always loved your recaps, so I do look forward to reading them.

Honestly, one of the reasons it's taken me so long--although there were a LOT of reasons, including Life Happening--is that I've been dreading trying to discuss the Margot storyline. Like... I just don't have the time or energy in my life to moderate that.

You could always close comments on entries you're worried about devolving, or freeze comments after a certain amount of time to limit stuff. It's your place; you can doo eet!

But I understand about having the energy in general to just WRITE it. At a certain point...it just never quite makes it to the top of the list.

Oh, believe me--commenters have been great enough around here that I've never HAD to do much, but I have never had any problem stepping in. Depending on what's being said and how much good faith I think someone's arguing in, I give one or two warnings for everyone to rediscover their chill or take the discussion elsewhere. I'll freeze threads to make everyone cool off or give the subject a rest; I think I might gave banned someone permanently, I'm not sure, but I would be willing to find someone a temporary "ban" for a set period of time (a week, maybe) to cool off if I had to. VERY RARELY I have closed comments the whole entry, and only as a last resort. I retain the right to do any if these things in any order as I deem necessary, but I've moderated a few communities and boards in my time, and I've done it here for 12 years, so I do have a loose set of procedures in mind, that I've very, very rarely had to implement, to everyone's credit. I just really don't want to have to.

That completely makes sense. Also, "rediscover their chill" is now a thing I am certain I will say to a student at some point. :P

"Enhance your calm, John Spartan." :)

"find someone a temporary ban"? Dammit, autocorrect.

Yeah, I imagine it would get very interesting here when you get to the Margot story line. Do whatever works for you, as someone else here said, you can freeze comments or close comments if you're really worried about things getting out of hand. Do what you think is best.

@cleolinda @ivy_b
I for one remain cautiously optimistic about this thing. If the people with homophobic (or whatever-phobic) tendencies didn't come out of the woodwork during the months of Hannibal Open Discussion forums here (where some folks have already been sharing their frank views on show!Margot), it might be that they won't show up for Cleo's official essay-recaps either. *knocks on wood until fingers throb*

Edited at 2015-05-18 10:53 am (UTC)

I must have either missed or forgotten some of that discussion, because I don't remember what exactly happened. Either way, I'm cool with discussions and honest assessment, but not hate and Cleo shouldn't have to moderate people and keep them in line.

I remember one troll-ish person popping out, but I'm pretty sure his/her main issue wasn't about Margot and LGBT things.

Can you maybe ask some close friend to moderate the discussion for/instead of you? Someone whom you trust enough and who has a free time for that? Or is it completely out of question?

I promise to try to sit on my hands and refrain from any emotionally charged comments. Maybe even try to avoid reading comments altogether.

I'll be honest, what I'm really concerned about is well-meaning people getting passionately upset about the storyline, and arguments starting when some people are less upset than others. Does that make any sense? Like, if it upset you, those feelings are totally valid, and I'm not here for well-meaning discussions about how you don't "need" to be "that upset." This was basically what happened in the 800 comment Mewling Quim debacle--people patiently, persistently arguing with me that I shouldn't "feel bad" about that line when all I wanted to have was a (MILD!) difference of opinion. I finally closed comments when a rando from Facebook turned up to spout insults. That's honestly easier to moderate; you know immediately what you have to do. It's when good commenters dig their heels in that it gets complicated.

As for the recap itself, I am going to lay out the various points I've heard made about the situation, step back, and leave it at that.

I *am* the "less upset" person, but I'm definitely not going to *start* any arguments. I'd rather not engage in them at all. As long as no one goes: "Real True Lesbians would never!!!" I can stay calm and understanding. The moment someone does, I just close the window and go away. But I don't really expect anyone here to say things like that.

Ahhhhh I really have to see this movie! And yay about Twin Peaks!

Ok I am not even sure WHERE to put this, but I HAD TO TELL YOU.

Cracked.com does user-made visual gag things sometimes, and there is one on p. 3 of 18 Great Movie Lines Ruined by Changing a Single Letter which was like holyshit unintentional Hannibal reference:


Hee. I've occasionally seen mentions of the show over there; they seem to like it, at least. (A "weird/wtf sites on the internet" listicle ended with the Carpets for Airports site at #1, which made me laugh.)

I've also had the honor of discovering that story Ian told you on the aMoT podcast #30 ("5 weirder-than-fiction RL inspirations for pop culture", or something like that) on Cracked before he told it on air, therefore I was already giggling before he reached the "He's not a doctor! He's an INMATE!!!" line. xD

Edited at 2015-05-21 08:03 am (UTC)

Fury Road was made by people who started out by turning it up to 11 and then decided that 11 was for the weak.

I posted on Tumblr about how the guitar guy really did have a working flamethrower/guitar, and people who hadn't seen the movie were flipping out about how crazypants/amazing/hardcore that is, and I wanted to be like, y'all, that guy was really just a garnish in the context of the rest of the movie.

I wanna see the new Mad Max movie SO HARD, what with ladies kicking all kinds of ass and Nux being my Woobie, but I have absolutely no money. Woe.

While I was out walking tonight, I passed by a theater where a PACKED showing of Fury Road had just let out. I noticed that about 70% of the crowd coming out of the theater were women, and it made my heart glad. ♥

CLEO. Based entirely on your recommendation, I saw Mad Max today, and then me and my husband just sat for half an hour listing off all our favourite bits, and I don't think I've ever even liked an action movie before, and omg THANK YOU. I would never have seen this otherwise.

Mad Max was hella. You probably get film recs all the time, but if you like films that put women in a traditionally-male genre well, you might consider Female Agents. It's a French film about female spies in WWII (based on a true story), it came out a few years ago and I super enjoyed it.

Hi Cleo, do you know that Bryan Fuller's hosting a Q&A session on Facebook right now? (Sorry to post this over here, but your latest post doesn't allow for comments)

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