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I persevere
In case you missed it, the "Antipasto" recap went up on Saturday.

"Hannibal" Cancelled After 3 Seasons

@mattzollerseitz: Bummer that NBC cancelled HANNIBAL, but considering it was mostly funded elsewhere, maybe it's not the end?

@JarettSays: #Hannibal producer @neoprod tells @BuzzFeedEnt the show is "presently exploring other distribution options"

@cleolinda: I mean, fuck everybody, I'm still recapping. Even if Amazon/Hulu/Netflix don't pick #Hannibal up for S4, we'll send it out with a bang.

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Well, dammit. And this is not a day on which I needed bad news, either.

I'm only surprised that I'm surprised. Hannibal has been very lucky to get 3 seasons with the ratings it gets. I really hope Netflicks or Amazon picks it up.

I know what you mean about shock that you're shocked. It's hardly a surprise but that doesn't stop it being disappointing. Hopefully it will be picked up by someone like Netflix - after all it's demonstrably not a bad show, it's just... rather niche. But utterly brilliant and made with love.

I think this could make the unknown months until I get to see S3 feel even longer.

(Deleted comment)
Whose blood are you savoring right now, ma'am?

Appropriate Icon Is Fittingly Appropriate, Cleo




Netflix has GOT to pick this up. They'd be totally bonkers to not see the potential after their success with Marvel's "Daredevil". Fannibals worldwide (even here in mainland China we are legion, with a decent amount of Netflix subscribers — whereas no one here could get NBC or any other overseas channel without paying a fortune or resorting to illegal dishes — and the crowd LOVED Mads Mikkelsen when he showed up in Shanghai ComicCon) are gonna place sacrifices — human or otherwise — on those networks' altars to make it happen, I'd reckon. Thirteen episodes out *all at once*, guuuuuyyyyysss.


That does it. I wanted to do it before because of the season 3 Feels, but this has only strengthened my resolve. I'm gonna write Hannibal recaps of my own, out of my love for the Show, and to give it a proper sendoff if heaven forbid this is really, as they say, it.

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This is the worst birthday gift.

:( I hope news of it getting picked up by netflix or hulu or whoever occurs on some other significant date for you, then.

Hopefully it'll get picked up. At least we're getting Red Dragon, which is what I really wanted.

At least now we live in a world where it has the possibility of continuing on elsewhere.

I imagine it would be better suited for something like Netflix or Amazon Prime, which are a bit better for niche shows that have to be watched in order.

Has anyone seen this post about contacting netflix?


after a call to Netflix i have acquired the following info.

-they will consider picking up Hannibal
-and they will consider it more and it will raise the likelyhood if a lot of people call in and request it.

SO HERES WHAT YOUVE GOTTA DO: call Netflix at 1 866 579 7172 and request that they pick up Hannibal! be nice, too. that’s it!



But according to this person in the notes: "Okay, as a former Netflix call center employee I can tell you…this is not an effective method. It’s better to tweet or email their content creation people, not customer service."


So hopeful that the show can be picked up elsewhere!

welp, so long as someone knows the effective way to do things.

i hope fan response gives fuller et al some leverage for selling it elsewhere

eta: it may be the wrong place to do it but apparently the netflix customer service chat people are onboard, anyway. that made me smile. i just hope it's not going to piss off netflix customers.

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Rude, NBC. Shockingly rude!

First Constantine and now this.
A lot of my friends are worried The BlackList is up for the chop, too!

While I'm not surprised that it's been cancelled, I'm really surprised that the cancellation got announced so soon. I mean, the show's not even halfway with its season yet.

I know the show's always been on the bubble and as wrong as it is that it's been in that position since the beginning (because goddammit the show is amazing), I guess the bubble had to break at some point.

But maybe some other station or Netflix or Amazon will take it up. I need more Empath and the Cannibal. I just do.

While I'm not surprised that it's been cancelled, I'm really surprised that the cancellation got announced so soon.

Yeah, this. Last two seasons, we were waiting with baited breath right up until the end.

I'm not all that surprised given the slow start this season. By basically abandoning all traditional notions of series storytelling, Bryan Fuller was pretty much DARING NBC to cancel the show. I've been enjoying it so far, but there are show fans who are not happy that three episodes in there's no "story". They LIKED having cases of the week, and feel this season has been a waste of their time so far.

Given NBC promised to air all the episodes even if they cancelled the show, I would not be shocked if Fuller was told a while ago that NBC probably would not pick up another season unless there was a big ratings increase. What's sort of good is that by cutting the cord early in the season, it does give time for another network or streaming service to pick it up.

A caged Hannibal isn't interesting.

That is a pretty controversial point but...care to elaborate?

Right, yeah, that's why no one considers Silence of the Lambs a modern classic

What...what does this comment even mean?

I'm not that person (because DUH) but maybe, just maybe, he/she meant that this series is better off stopping at Red Dragon because a caged Lecter isn't that interesting.

But a caged Lecter is Anthony Hopkins! And he's terrifying!

I WANT A CAGED MIKKELSEN just so we can compare.

Disappointing, definitely. I don't know if I'm surprised, but I *am* surprised they'd announce it this early on. But at least it gives the writers time to wrap it up, and more time to try and find alternative distribution (and I love that that is a serious option now).

But at least it gives the writers time to wrap it up

Does it? I thought everything was already shot.

I hope it gets picked up elsewhere, regardless.

I mean, Bryan Fuller has promised Hannigram. If he's playing games with our hearts (fun origami games?), I will be not well pleased.

Please let them have Hannibal biting out someone's tongue while he's in prison this season. I've said all along I want some tongue biting.

Though I'm sad that (unless Hannibal gets picked up elsewhere) we'll never see him steal an ambulance.

I don't have Netflix, but even non customers can chat with them in the help center. So I passed along my hope for a Netflix adoption of Hannibal, told them that if they did, I would become a Netflix customer.

Well I hope Netflix picks it up (I already have it) -- and that the Canada Netflix releases it at the same time. Oo

Most of the other options aren't available to us and we are attached together in one continent. Stupid Canadian content laws. *sigh*

I'm new to this, where did the flower crowns come from for Hannibal?

For the broader sense of things, you may consult the KnowYourMemes website; but for this particular fandom, my understanding is that they started appearing in tumblr/twitter pics when people wanted to add a bit more "liveliness" to characters in this dark but beautifully dreary universe. Of course even that intent can be a bit subverted: if you watched the "Nerd HQ" Q&A session for Hannibal in 2013, there was an occassion where a chubby-ish fangirl offered Hugh Dancy a flowercrown from a choice of two — a plainer one she had in her hands, or the "blood-stained" one (white & blood red) she herself was currently wearing, and Hugh said, "I always wear anything bloodstained!" He took that one and the crowd went wild. :D Hope this helps!

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