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2016: Everything Happens So Much

The thing for me is that time flies really quickly. I look up and three months have passed; I look down and three more are gone. I did sort of knowingly take a sabbatical from a lot of online stuff (although I'm pretty much always on Twitter, more or less; it's a very low-effort kind of thing), because A LOT of shit went down. As it has for basically everyone this year, I think.

Let's see--a hole in the roof, a leak in the water heater, and panicked moving of things back and forth from room to room as walls (walls, plural) were rebuilt. I knocked a glass of water onto laptop Lizzie, had to stuff her in a tub of rice for a week, and finally deploy my laptop fund to finance a new one over the next year; seven-year-old Lizzie's still kicking but not very reliable, and Lisbeth, the new laptop, seems to be doing pretty well (knock on wood), although I'm still not quite used to the new touchpad yet. Then Lisbeth started freaking out for no reason one night and a friend had to talk me through removing the million screws holding in the battery like it was open-heart surgery. I also had to finance a new mattress because the one I had was twenty-five years old and was semi-permanently messing up my back. Currently, I seem to have a hip/leg/nerve problem, possibly from my desk chair being fifteen years old? Also I got really sick this spring. Two different family members had really serious health issues (we're hoping things will continue to be better). Weird shit happened in my neighborhood, including our mail being stolen by Federal Offense Santa Claus (alternately, start from the bottom here). We still don't know how/why our mailbox was full of roaches. During these trying times, I played a lot of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (my ewoks, have I shown u them).

This is meant to be sort of a rudimentary catch-all update, since there is so much to talk about--I spent the spring reading The Artist's Way and The Mindfulness Solution, which I think I'll talk about in more depth this week, and watching a good bit of Netflix (well, Amazon Video, whichever). Also, yes, I can confirm that you should go see Ghostbusters--the last half hour alone is worth the price of admission. (Maybe I'll talk about that a little as well, I don't know.) I have a whole list of things to go through--at least one post is going to be about some continuing mental health adventures (a helpful diagnosis). I mean, I would like to do maybe one post a day, but Shit Happens 2016 and I'm not locking myself into that.

Also, you will notice that comments are now screened by default. Honestly, from time to time I wander away from blogging, and then I come back and my comments are a Mad Maxian hellscape of pharmaceutical spam and sporadic trolls. So, for everyone's sake, I've decided to manually approve comments from here on out. I'll write this up into a Commenting Policy post, I guess, but the long and short of it is the same as always--be civil, particularly to each other; I'm fine with criticism but vitriol is not gonna fly; I'm really pretty understanding about minor tiffs, but I don't have time in my life for trolling. Now, though, you will have to wait for me to unscreen your comment (from the centralized Manage Comments page); I hope I don't miss any, but I might, so don't worry you did something terribly wrong. I will automatically leave "I know you won't unscreen this comment" in purgatory because I don't have time for reverse-psychology passive aggression either. If you would like me to leave your comment screened, you can say so--there might be some entries coming up where you'd like to say something just to me, which is fine. I know this will probably cut into the flow of discussion, but I'll be honest, I don't really care, because this is what I need to do to make this journal hospitable for me and everyone else, so it is what it is.

Anyway! Tomorrow I will probably talk about my herb garden and my squirrel tribulations first.

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Welcome back, it's always nice to see you.

May the rest of this year be easier. For you, for all of us.

I do really appreciate when you discuss your mental/physical health. It is such an absolute, yearslong nightmare to have chronic and especially mental illness, and it makes me feel less alone when you discuss it in an intelligent, helpful way.

Well then HOO BOY are you in for a treat later this week, I tell you what.

I feel the same way. I've been going through (finally) figuring out a lot of my own mental shit this past couple of months, and talking to others has helped so much, but it can be such a hard thing to do. I've always thought it was really brave to see you sharing everything you have on here, and known it must be helpful to many others to read.

Thirded; it's really refreshing and something I've always followed you for! <3

Hope things get better* for you Cleo! I am not particularly badly off compared to some but this is definitely A Year and I hope as many of us as possible get out of it in one piece.

*or at least Not Worse, which might be all we can hope for during this year of Interesting Times 2016

Welcome back to livejournal!

Sorry about everyone's health issues and trolls.

(Of course new Ghostbusters happened *exactly* when The Toast isn't around any more. Sigh. In some perfect universe there's a "If Holtzmann were your girlfriend" article somewhere.)

For the record: Tumblr recently broke a bunch of custom layouts again, so you are not purple there any more.

Ughhhh, I just noticed that while grabbing links for the post. I'll have to go fiddle with that again.

Good to see you back on LJ!

Welcome back! I look forward to possible thoughts about the Artist's Way. Julia Cameron's shorter book 'The Right to Write' is very helpful, I found.

*tap tap* Is this thing still working?

It's honestly kind of nice to use LJ again. I haven't been on here myself in probably something over a year.

I seriously loved the hell out of Ghostbusters. I REALLY needed that goofy light movie about an utterly impossible apocalypse right now, because everyone is talking about the more practical-minded apocalypses and I needed to get away from that for a bit. The all-women thing was probably less significant for me personally but I enjoyed seeing how UTTERLY THRILLED it was making all my women friends. Like, YES I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

[Edited because somehow this post got turned into word salad. I have no idea what happened there.]

Edited at 2016-07-26 10:17 pm (UTC)

Welcome back(?)  Looking forward to your always entertaining commentary.  Ghostbusters was definitely a film to treasure.  I didn't think the new Star Trek was that bad either.

Good to hear from you as always, Cleo! Welcome back to LJ!

I will automatically leave "I know you won't unscreen this comment" in purgatory because I don't have time for reverse-psychology passive aggression either.

This is a good policy and you should feel good about it. :)

PREACH. Reverse-psychology passive aggressive comments are the WORST comments.

Welcome back - I've missed you!

I've given 2016 it's notice.....I'll be interviewing for a new year soon. :sigh:

Welcome back and glad to hear Lisbeth is still working out :)

Good to see you here again! I've missed your posts. I don't post here that often, except to make lists of things (my LJ is really good for making lists!), but I did just post something non-listy. :)

Not much to say, except that I'm glad you're surviving. :)

Hi! I've missed you! Seriously though, what a weird year. It's been tough for me personally too, as well as all the weird and bad things happening on a larger scale. So I hear you about the time.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the Artist's Way when you want to talk about it. I haven't actually read it, but it's been on my list for a long time.

Welcome back!! I’ve been lurking here for a longgg time - so long that I have no idea what my original login is, so…I made a new one to comment here. Anyway, I hope the rest of your year settles down for you, though I am kind of looking forward to your Riveting Tales of 2016.

Welcome back to LJ! I'm looking forward to reading some of your upcoming posts.

Good to see you back!

Yay welcome back! Yeah, 2016 has been the WEIRDEST year so far. It sort of feels like we're standing on the edge of... something. Wish I knew what it was, I don't like this uncertainty.

I've been mostly a lurker here, but wanted to share that I've been rewatching Hannibal lately - mostly because my brain doesn't seem to understand that summer is not Hannibal time anymore (sob). I've been watching from the beginning and reading your recaps after every episode. It's so much fun! It's almost like opening a time capsule? Especially all the freaking out (worst at helping INDEED) and all the theories about Bedelia ("she doesn't exist!") and whether Abigail is dead or not (kudos to the one person who was like "I didn't see a body so I don't believe it" despite the ear and the arterial spray). But anyway, I love and really appreciate how much your recaps add to the viewing experience, with all the background information.
A friend of mine has been watching the show, too, at my urging, and I'm kind of getting annoyed at him because... enjoying it "wrong"? He thinks it's an OK show, but he didn't go all Kermit flaily at the end of Savoureux. And I'm half sitting here like "BUT DON'T YOU SEEEEEEEE how Hannibal is literally Satan but Will has already planted the seed of his downfall because Hannibal didn't realise how Will has already begun changing him simply by interacting with him, and and and" haha. "You weren't there when it was first broadcast, you don't understand!!" Although that IS part of it, fandom added so much to the experience. Flower crowns and all.
It really is a perfect show that only gets better with every watch, and it's so much fun to see the character journeys. Not to mention the excellent production design. And the humor. And the food. (My friend: "man, if I begin watching Hannibal I should remember not to eat while watching it." Me: "... I don't see the problem? It always ends up making me hungry anyway.")

Anyway! Just wanted to say thanks for the Hannibal recaps, and everything else, and hope things go better soon in... everybody's lives, really. :)

Yay for the return to LJ! I miss lurking here. :)

Hello, hello! Always glad to hear from you. I'm still here, of course... neither tumblr nor twitter have ever appealed to me quite the same.

Sorry to hear of your tribulations, but you seem to be keeping your head up. Good luck with that, and best wishes.

I haven't even touched this account in I don't know how many years, but I had to track down no that isn't it remember my password just to say welcome back. :)

"a Mad Maxian hellscape of pharmaceutical spam and sporadic trolls"

In the unlikely event that I should ever write a book, please blurb it with this.

Glad to see you back.

Cleo! So glad to hear from you. It sounds like 2016 has been Chinese-curse-style interesting. Best wishes and I hope it gets easier soon.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, ooh, you're reading Artist's Way! I'm also reading that-- I'm going through it and doing all the exercises as well. I'm still back on "Recovering a Sense of Abundance" week, which has now stretched out to two months instead of a week. I've been doing this book for, like, a year; I put it on the altar and try very hard to work with it every day and don't always succeed. And since I always do the tasks in order sometimes it will be a few days or a week waiting for time to accomplish one of the more involved tasks. (Or reasonable weather, in the case of the "collect five wildflowers" task.) But it's useful! I will be interested to hear what you think about it. I love it very much so far even if actually doing the exercises was sometimes a struggle. (Though one of my friends, when I described the book's framing of the "track your spending" exercise, described this exercise as "fiscal responsibility for fluffy people". Which... I kinda can't argue with, but it got me to write down two months' worth of spending so I can analyze it!)

Your 2016 sounds kind of like my last year. Thankfully, things seem to be quieting down here a bit, but the last year has been exciting.

I keep randomly checking your blog to see if there's a new post, hoping you will come back. I know livejournal isn't a common thing anymore, but it is nice to hear from you.

Yay a Cleo post! You always perk up my day. Also, yes, squirrels. >|

Oh you lovely! Made my day to see a post from you.

I'm so sorry for everything you're going through. It's a lot. It would be enough if it were only health, only family, only house...but everything together seems to be a cruel joke. I know it's cliche and sort of unhelpful to say it, but hang in there. I'm keeping good thoughts for you and hoping you find something that helps in the near future.

Missed you so!

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