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galadriel scan
Whee! Every day is Christmas when Vladimir is your squishy. FedEx just brought me The Arms of Aragorn, mounted* polystone miniatures that include "Strider's Longsword," "Aragorn's Shortbow" (even though it's just as long as the sword, thankyouverymuch), Strider's Pipe, Strider's Utility Blade, Aragorn's Elven Hunting Knife (seriously, no wonder the man's so conflicted. His mom can't even label all his stuff with the same name! Can't you see the little cigar box that he takes to kindergarten?** It's full of "Aragorn's Safety Scissors" and "Strider's Crayons" and "Estel's Elmer's Glue"), and Aragorn's Arrow. You know, the one. He just had one the whole movie, you know, with a rope attached to it so he could yank it back out of Slimy Orc #3758 and shoot it again. I think they cut that footage from the theatrical version.

*Doll! Eowyn is very depressed that the sword doesn't come off. It's much spiffier than Fugagorn's crooked plastic sword but almost exactly the same size, and she was looking forward to schooling him with it. I may have to hide my pocketknife before she goes over there and starts trying to chip the thing off.

**I don't know why, but I suddenly had this vision of Kindergarten Pippin eating paste, and Kindergarten Frodo falling off the slide and wailing, and Arwen and Legolas braiding each other's hair and playing clappy games. I have no idea what they did in kindergarten, though.

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You! Stop making me laugh!

Don't say that! That's Cleo's purpose in life, to make people laugh and giggle and snort and get Coke up their noses (the cola kind)!

That would be an amusing lil' short movie..."Lord of the Teething Rings" or something like that...Hmm...*Goes on and thinks*

Ohhh..... Good one.

Lots of points for you!.

OMG, I can just picture it.

(Deleted comment)
I want my stuff back ;) And who cares that I only had one arrow...

As for kindergarden... me and Arwen were too busy complaining about cooties whenever we got close so I don't know what she did. ;)

Cute btw.

Have you seen the Middle-Earth Kids Series by any chance?

Er, yeah. As approximately ninety-seven thousand have already proclaimed, you're awesome.

**Goes back to lurking**

Well, but maybe the name-waffling comes from Aragorn's conflicted duality of personality (kinda catchy), switching between woodsey Mr. Ranger of the North (Strider, defender of pick-a-nick baskets) to the Heir of the Kingdom and Top of the Heap, (Aragorn, everybody's friend and liege).

So..uh..when he uses the shortbow, he's Aragorn..and..uh..when he uses the longsword..ah..he's Strider. Um. Ah. Yah.

Hey! It could happen. Or not.

Good idea on the Middle-Earth kindergarten. Playdo orcs? PIPPIN SMASH!

Yarha, Not to Mention the Nine Rings Fun Factory

That's seriously hilarious.
Man I so want the arms of Aragorn now *sigh*

It sounded like you were checking the sizes of all his blades, or was it Doll Eowyn? They say it's not the size of the weapon that matters, just how well you use it.

Long time no post. Those weapons are really cool, although i would have to assume that legolas and arwen braided each others hair even before pippin was a twinkle in his own great-to-the-power-of-10-'s-grandfather's eyes.


Go find a twig and give it to eowyn and explain to her it's a mighty orc-smashing-club only a virtuous woman of the westfold clan can wield. She'll totally wet her pants all over it.

And every day is Christmas when you can give little things like that to someone like Cleo!


*waves to the Princess*

lol... i agree, i can see kindergarten pippin eating paste. what about kindergarten merry?

He may or may not be following the first graders around, trying to get in on their fights. I don't know.

This kills me. "No dice Frodo, try again."

When that book comes out? Buying stock, oh yes I am.

Well... weren't longbows something like six to seven feet long? I doubt the sword is that long - unless it's a claymour.

>_< Random history weapon factoid - don't hurt me if I'm wrong; it's my brother who's the military history nut so if it's wrong it's his fault.

is askeered of your mighty and imaginative footnotes!

Hi, I've friended you because you post funny stuff. This is a 'hello, I'm going to lurk around here, don't mind me' kinda post, because someone else (whose journal I've been stalkinglurking in) pointed out that lurking is a bit disconcerting (who are all you crazy people?!), and we should at least say hello.
Um. Hello.

Also wanted to say that that is very funny, especially the 'One arrow to shoot them all' part.

Don't worry--I'm used to (and enjoy) random visitors). :)

P.S. I love your icon so much.

How good is the icon? I must confess that it is not mine, but rather teasel's. She's been good enough to toss a whole pile out onto her lj and say 'Feel free to share!'

*covets mightily, much like Eowyn*

Aragorn's Arrow. You know, the one. He just had one the whole movie, you know, with a rope attached to it so he could yank it back out of Slimy Orc #3758 and shoot it again.

*also mightily covets your Funny*

I just followed a link from your Squishy's gift's link....


They have killed my dream man, stomped on his face, shrunk his body, threw him up into the ugly tree and let him plummet toward the ground, caught him in their mouth and swallowed him, then threw him up ONTO the ugly tree. *shudder*

They have also ruined Gillian Anderson's beautiful face and hair.

*weeps* My poor poor Mulder and Scully. *sniffle*

I saw the words "Sold out" next to the Scully doll and I started thinking "Well, her features DO look better in the Flash presentation." Does this mean I have the doll-covetting sickness y'all have been talking about? *is concerned*

And her little pumps are awfully cute. OMGWTFIAMSICK!STOPSTOPSTOP!

Doll! Treebeard

Love the kindergarten fellowship! I bet little Saruman was afraid to get dirty, and little Boromir wanted to do everything Aragorn did, and little Smeagol hoarded the crayonses. Hee.
But the point is: my roomie & I were in Wal-Mart & discovered an amazingly detailed and poseable Treebeard with "BRANCH LIFTING AND MUSTACHE MOVING ACTION!!!" I lie not. It was, like, six bucks. Totally awesome. Right now he's guarding the roomie's anole lizard (name of Mr. Squishy, btw), but will eventually join Alien, Predator, and larval Zurg on her desk. Treebeard will be the baddest of the bunch.

"clappy games". You're the best!

I too have randomly friended you, and you came highly recommended!

don't mind me, i may not even have time to lurk.

(ps: kindergarten? you are a goddess!)

When you mentioned Aragorn's sword, it reminded me of an alternate ending to Princess Diaries 2 that my friend and I made up and it involves LOTR, and it's all John Rhys-Davies fault for being in the movie at all. So here is a link to it that will hopefully work, though I don't know if anyone would like it anyway. *is underconfident* If it doesn't work, just go to the journal.


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