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I'm a Libertarian as well, but it is so hard to make yourself vote third party. I didn't even do it.

It feels so fruitless, doesn't it? I can't remember whose journal the argument was on--it may have been mine--but two LJers were arguing whether it was better to vote your ideals (third party candidate) or vote realities (a candidate who would actually win). Both sides made compelling arguments about the responsibility you have to vote either way. I think it comes down to the paradox of, "I wouldn't vote for a third-party candidate unless he had a chance of winning"--but how does he have a chance of winning in the first place if everyone votes Rep/Dem under that logic?

Maybe that was in Belladonna_? She and I went back and forth in hers about it IIRC. Probably not, though. It probably wasnt a popular topic of discussion /wink

Absolutely true. It can be so frustrating when you really can't vote your conscience because it feels like your vote will be wasted. *sigh* Maybe someday, when they abolish the electoral college, we can all feel like our votes actually count.

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