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Halo! I feel weird replying to this post, but anyways..
I don't think you have bad taste in music.AT ALL. The current generation of brightpink, bubblygum, stars, sets my nerves on the edge. I have tried listening to these boy and girl bands , but I just feel they are, well, 'plastic' and I can't exactly pinpoint why.
I prefer listening to various Greatest Hits collections too! And btw, I listen to Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love" and "Run to You" every other day. Do you like Michael Learns to Rock? And if you can, you should listen to Indus Creed's "Pretty Child". Amazing song, amazing lyrics!
Also Donna Lewis' "I Love You, Always Forever".

"I Love You, Always Forever" is a great song!

That's my favorite old-school Britney song. My favorite is actually "Everytime" or "Toxic," though. At this point, those songs aren't that new either!

I would rather listen to old bad music than new bad music, as well because at least with the old music, it is nostalgic and takes me back to my childhood. However, I can't stand Michael Bolton! And never could!

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