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Mozart's entire musical score now free on Internet.

Only one problem: article does not mention URL of website anywhere. Music now lost forever.

Ah, I found it but it's obviously being hammered at the moment and won't load for me. Probably need to wait a week for people to lose interest.

Ooh, you found it? I've been searching and couldn't find it for the life of me. Stupid Yahoo, not giving out links.

i love it. intensely religious woman sends child to a lifetime of therapy-- but it was all in the name of science. SORTA.

His mother is Anne Atkins. I read the whole thing through chuckling, then realised why I recognised the name.

Annoyed me so much on Any Questions last week she inspired me to write to the BBC about her idiotic bigotry. I think he'll need therapy anyway.

Oh, do tell. Please?

Oh, in this case she was going on about the "war against Christmas" and the poor persecuted Christians. She mentioned in one exchange about how Exeter university had recently "banned the Christian Union". As an Exeter Grad, with a large number of my f-list as current or even more recent grads, I sort of know the whole story, and the exact opposite is in fact the case. One of said friends wrote a summary.

She's absolutely convinced that society is going to the dogs, that Christians are being persecuted everywhere and that anyone calling themselves a Christian society must be believed absolutely regardless of verifiable facts.

The small points that on all three points the opposite is actually the case seems to elude her. But then, paid to write for the Daily Mail. Should expect it really. The Mail is sort of like World Net Daily, but less sane.

Oh heck, don't tell me that stupid "War on Christmas" forced meme has spread to the UK too.

They're not getting very far, but it's there. Mostly two of the populist newspapers, but people believe it. Fortunately, we're so secularised that people aren't that stressd about the Christian aspects of it.

Besides, the only time Christmas has been successfully banned over here, it was by the Christians, what with it being totally un-Christian and all...

I haven't seen this At World's End poster before. The Chinese characters translate to "Good luck Captain Jack," which I find hilariously heartwarming.

Hee! I'd seen it, but didn't know what the Chinese characters meant.

I would still totally jump George Clooney. We can compare creaky knees.

The video link for the guy with 8 wishes doesn't work. *woe*

Not that I'm old enough to be his mom, but this line...

"Ben, every man’s ideal woman is an impossible composite: the body of a 17-year-old model, the brains of a middle-aged theologian, a passion for Anselm, Aristotle and jazz bass guitar… Come on!"
reminded me of my relationship with my husband. I'm 13 years older than him and I model and while we did not meet online, it still makes me think...what this woman did to her son was a bizarre and moderately cruel thing to do, but perhaps it will make him realize instead that the mind is more important than the body (something I hope my husband remembers when I start, ahem, looking my age).

Re: Not that I'm old enough to be his mom, but this line...

But isn't the kid himself interested in those things? And isn't he seventeen? Where is the harm in a seventeen-year-old boy looking for a beloved with "the body of a seventeen-year-old"? Would his mother be happier if he took up with a thirty-five-year old divorcee with three kids? I mean, I know it can be ridiculous and icky when a fifty-year-old actor moves in with a twenty year old starlet, but it's completely age-appropriate for a high school kid to want to date another high school kid, and to hope he might find one who's smart and cute and into him and shares his interests. Why should he be humiliated for that?

I'd describe that stunt as more than moderately cruel and utterly insensitive. And a shitty thing to do to someone who trusts you.

Sienna also claims that she's not a party girl, instead "socializing over alcohol is how she was raised."

anyone here pretty much SICK and TIRED of the censorship stuff and the CONSTANT reminder of Janet????

Sienna Miller says she didn't seek fame.

Lucky for her, then, that it hasn't found her.

That internet mom is a creep. I feel really bad for her son.

The Sienna Miller and Clooney stuff reminds me of this bit of Braveheart trivia that I saw on IMDB: "The only way Gibson could get the film made was if he agreed with Paramount studios that he would star in the film as well."

Whenever I read that I just picture Mel Gibson being all, "Okay fine. If that's really the only way you'll let me make it then I guess I'll play a really cool character who has sex with beautiful women and gets to be a war hero. I didn't want to be William Wallace but... if you insist...".

Since Prince is now a Jehovah's Witness does that mean that instead of tossing confetti during the half-time show they'll be tossing informative pamphlets?

Just to let you know: the link for "Menu for Hope" has an unnecessary space between the "1" and the "2" in the "12" for the "date." The correct link should be
(just so you don't have to go back and look for the space via my vague instructions).

Thanks--what happens is, Yahoo Mail (or possibly Livejournal itself) always inserts an arbitrary space into any URL I get in a comment notification to make sure I don't accidentally click on it, in case it's spam, and sometimes I forget to take those out. Sigh.

It was me! Glad I could be of help. :-D

That woman is the worst mother I've ever heard of. I hope her son never trusts her again.

Best thing about the whole mom/son thing is his latest comment on her profile, which is *still active*:

Mumsie dearest, do you think you could please stop using bebo now. You don't have an excuse any more and it's just a tad disturbing.

Man, that mom story is creeepy. At least Jocasta didn't know what she was doing at the time. Ick ick ick.

I just found this in endril_lei's journal and found the whole thing... amusing, yet upsetting. SOY BEANS MAKE YOU GAY.

At first I thought that article was a joke. Then I took a closer look at the website and realized, no, it was totally serious, and then I was like, wtf?! If soymilk and tofu turn people into homosexuals (!?!), then why hasn't a goodly chunk of Asia been overrun by Teh Gay?

The end of Israel, according to Iran. Also, the Holocaust didn't happen.

It's not that I'm frustrated with Iran, I expect those comments from their leader (let's face it, he's said similar things before). I'm more frustrated with the people from Europe and America who went to the conference. "Iran is your home and is the home of all freedom seekers of the world."
Cause Iran is such a bastion of free speech and all.

The freaky thing about Ahmadinejad is that he looks exactly like my friend's father, a tremendously intelligent Russian-Jewish physicist. Which is why it's always jolting to hear the guy (Ahmadinejad, not my friend's dad) come out with stuff like that.

I'm in a gullible mood...

I can believe Sienna wasn't actively courting fame when she first surfaced. Over here, at least, it went: "Jude Law is dating this really young actress who incidentally has several movies coming out. Quick, to the Batmobile! Let's find out who she is!"

Jude had just gotten a divorce and was the IT-man of the moment, so, there wasn't much they could do to avoid the press -- then, out of the blue, he cheats on the pretty kid girl with the nanny, and off the press goes again. I mean, could they really have eluded the gossip barrage?

... nowadays, though, I'm pretty sure she could keep a low profile if, I don't know, she refused an interview/shoot/cover every now and then. Blabbing about her personal woes every other week? Not so much.

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