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I've been following it actively on JournalFen since it began, and yet every time I re-read the facts, my brain starts hurting from the level of FAIL from RDR and Steve Vander Ark.

I just still can't get over the Hiroshima thing. I'm not sure I ever will.

(Oh shit! I forgot to put in the part about the police state!)

Knowing that the Harry Potter novels have had a profound effect in encouraging literacy among young people around the world, we believe that publishing the website content in printed form will make its information available to underprivileged children and those in impoverished nations, who may have no access to computers or to the World Wide Web.

If they don't have access to computers or internet, how are they going to afford this book...? There's something wrong with that statement.

But yeah, Steve's just after the money. It's completely useless to pay for a print form of a website that you can access for free.

Well, see, Jess Nevins' Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana was a wonderful investment, IMO, but then it had tons of original research and commentary (and on works that were out of copyright as well). It's the kind of book you'd actually enjoy curling up with, plus he added even more information that wasn't on the site. But when you've got a site that's basically lists of things, yeah, it's not much worth it.

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This is all so delightful. But I think that the Monday publication date can't be true, because books almost always have Tuesdays as publication dates (with the exception of books like, um, Harry Potter) so I think that that would be weird.

The other date I heard was November 28--but isn't that a Wednesday? I mean, I've got the little calendar on my LJ right here in the same screen-space. Whatever, these people are obviously insane anyway.

Is anyone else finding it incredibly surreal to be siding with an enormous media conglomerate over, well, anything. It's very strange.

Also, the bottom of Leaky's article: "The Harry Potter Lexicon is a partner site to The Leaky Cauldron." You just know whoever wrote that was cringing as they did so and wishing oh-so-hard that it wasn't.

(Suddenly grateful I recently got round to making this icon. It will get so much use over this.)

Also, the bottom of Leaky's article: "The Harry Potter Lexicon is a partner site to The Leaky Cauldron." You just know whoever wrote that was cringing as they did so and wishing oh-so-hard that it wasn't.

I KNOW! And I don't blame TLC at all for selling the Lexicon's ass down the river, because TLC has to uphold its status as one of the better news sources and favored-by-JKR sites, and ain't nobody got a leg to stand on here. I'm actually trying to figure out whether RDR or Vander Ark is going to turn on the other first.

All the legal issues aside for which I believe, nay deeply pray for, JKR and WB are going to feast upon the carcass of RDR & SVA, this is the best example of the worst kind of public relations a business and professional could possibly do. I have this feeling that industry peers are laughing their asses off at risk of falling out of their office chairs. In a networking dependent industry this is not what you want your reputation to be.

Sometimes a little thorazine in the water might do the world a bit of good.

RDR Books summarily dismissed Warner Bros. reasonable request," the suit claims, "stating rudely: 'If you do not know how to print that material [from the Lexicon Website] please ask one of your people to show you how.' "
Dear fucking God. Who do these people think they are?

"Stopping a book of [Vander Ark's] own creation is not something that happens in America. It's something that could only happen in a police state."
This cracked me up. His own creation? Really? Yeah, I could retype the books in Word and publish them too, then. They're my own creation!

The Lexicon book's UK cover highly resembles the style of the Deathly Hallows UK cover, and the title in no way indicates, despite this resemblance, that it is not an official tie-in.
Wow, that's pretty devious.

Warner Bros. responded by rushing into court with this ill-tempered and badly thought out legal action. This wastes financial resources that Ms. Rowling could give to one of her favorite charities.
Wow. Just wow.

RDR Books' spokesman is named Richard Harris. That's not insane, really; that's just weird.

...Why are they so blatantly taunting the woman with more money than God when they are so, so very clearly in the wrong? WHY?

I think that's pretty much the source of my bogglement in a nutshell. I just still can't get over how deluded these people are, the publisher in particular.

Someone rush those poor folks a copyright lawyer. They're crazy. If they're actually doing a print of the online version, then they don't even have the really thin possible argument of originality. Screen captures? Reproductions of maps? No way can they convince a judge that this is (1) not a copyright violation, or (2) fair use.

Um, yeah. Don't think the Lexicon is gonna win this one. As much as I hate siding with BIG CORPORATION$, I just don't see how this isn't going to end up as copyright violation.

WHAT. WHAT. WHAT WHAT. There is a degree of WHAT going on here that I simply cannot cope with.

Wow...Lexicon fails. thats all I can think at the moment. Just, wow. and why?

PraetorianGuard is so right - WB/JKR has a slam dunk... no jury could possibly side with RDR after all the stupidity they've done...

I was planning to make a post on this subject myself but you've done such a good job here I don't feel I have to and can just suggest folk read yours for an excellent summary. Will also save to memories.

The date I heard for publication is 28th November and that is also on the RDR website.

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Um, isn't JKR coming out with an Encyclopedia of the Potterverse? I thought I heard she was working on something like that. So to me it sounds like Lexicon is trying to jump in before the legit version is published.

Also, I would be surprised if the big chain bookstores would carry the lexicon book due to legal reasons.

This looks like it will be highly entertaining. Keep us informed please!

Yeah...all I have to say is *headdesk*. And if you continue to hear banging, that's still just me whacking my head trying to force some sort of comprehension in there. This only makes one kind of sane - INsane.

Yeah, I was pissed about this thing at first, because I misread it. "JKR is sueing the Lexicon for existing!?!?! I thought she loved them!"

No, no, no. She's sueing because they want to now actually make money off of the information, and such things are not okay.

JKR: "Worship my stories, awesome. Ask money for worshiping my stories, oh HELL no."

I never comment on LJs I read (hence this old, old name) but I just have to say, thank goodness for you Cleo, because I completely Teal Deer on the magnificent Crack!Wank that fandom manages to churn out without your recapping. It's like Fandom News: all the crap you want to laugh at, but hurts your brain to find! (Now with 50% more Cleo-isms!)

Aww, bless. : )

Oh, that November 5 UK publication date is in the complaint. Which I suppose doesn't guarantee it's right, only right to the best of JKR/WB's knowledge.

I doubt we'll see anything on Monday, though, because (according to WB) the UK publisher is talking to them. (Which probably goes something like, WB: I WILL KILL YOU. UK Publisher: Oh. Okay. Sorry.)

It was pointed out up-thread that Amazon are listing that date which... could lend credence, but equally could be complete nonsense I suppose. It's been known to happen.

(Also, I swear it didn't have the date yesterday. Though maybe I didn't look in the right place.)

I agree with you on the UK publisher front though. Whilst RDR seem little better than a vanity publishing house, they apparently managed to get Methuen in the UK. And they're a very real publisher.

I think this may actually be my favorite part:

RDR Books' spokesman is named Richard Harris.


Incredibly, this is the first I've heard about this! I think you've done a really good job of compiling all the links, because after five minutes of reading this post, I feel like I'm completely up-to-date. XD


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