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The Meier parents are actually trying to have the other family charged: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/21882976/?GT1=10547

Thanks to a friend out in the business, we are now proud owners of a Sweeney poster. It is shiny.

Are we surprised that Sam Elliot rocks as Lee? Best casting choice of all time.

That Epiphany clip makes me happy. So happy.

I was very glad to see the Meiers on the Today Show. Well, not glad that they have to be there in the first place, but glad that more pople will know about their story and hopefully it will advocate some change.

Ooh, Coraline. I heard a rumour several years ago that Stephin Merritt was set to do the score. Can you confirm that he is still doing it, Cleo?

"Coraline": The Movie Pedant Strikes

Stephin Merritt wrote some music for the audio book of Coraline, mainly a song called "You Are Not My Mother and I Want to Go Home." The film of Coraline will include songs by They Might Be Giants and -- according to IMDb, though I can't know if this is accurate -- a score by Bruno Coulais, who scored Winged Migration.

I saw the 3-D preview for Coraline this weekend. My reaction: make this work make this work please make this work...

Re: "Coraline": The Movie Pedant Strikes

Thank you!

Joss quotes/parodies Newsies.

I fall in love with him all over again.

*trundles off to send pencils*

Joss is wonderful. Period.

What? Where? *Newsies fangirl*

"CBS and Fox, they think were nothin'!
Are we nothin'? NO!
CBS and Fox they think they got us,
Do they got us? NO!
Even though we all wear scarves and glasses,
We're a union, just by sayin' so...
And the world will know!"


1. There is now juice all over my monitor. Joss Whedon owes me a new monitor.

2. *fangirls Joss Whedon also*

Now I feel better about the fact that every mention of the strike makes me want to watch that movie again.

No kidding. I'm not ashamed to say that a part of me is still in love with that movie. I still get choked up over some of the songs, hehe, but I fully embrace my lameness.

Personal reaction to the "Epiphany" clip: underwhelmed. I keep waiting for the singing to catch up to the cinematography and costumes - and I don't know if I'll get what I'm waiting for.

Sweeny sadly might be one to wait for cable on.

Today must've just been a day for writing. I was able to get through a very stubborn section that I'd been avoiding for months, but now it's behind me and it makes me so happy =D

Bugger Frank Black and the (Pale) Horse he rode in on, Unless X FILES 2 ignores the godawful seasons 8 through 9 and brings back my boy Alex :icon: it can stay in the event horizon it sucked itself into...

TEETH- I didn't think it possible, but I am now more Gay than I was before I watched this...


Favor to ask?

Would you mind throwing a link to a poll I have in my journal in somewhere in your next linkspam? It's about regional differences in the 'Miss Suzie/Lucy/Mary had a steamboat' song, I want to see if the lyrics you learn to the song are due to where you grow up, or if it's something else. You'd be my hero for life.

"Writers Enhanced Beowulf."

They're using the plot of Christopher Lambert's Beowulf. No, seriously. No, SERIOUSLY.

"Riddick Sequel Sees Light"

I'm oddly excited by this news. I completely realize that the first Chronicles and even Pitch Black weren't spectacular, or even really all that good, but I still really liked them. They're great movies to watch on a Sunday when you just don't want to think about anything and long to zone out.

It's London, not Paris, but...

As someone else writing a novel set in the Victorian era, I'll tell you what book I've found to be absolutely priceless: Dickens's Dictionary of London 1888. I bought it in the Dickens House Museum in London; the writer is his son, Charles Jr. It includes detailed maps of the city, paragraphs on all the clubs and theaters, locations of police courts and railway ticket offices, timetables and just about any useful fact you can imagine. It was written for tourists. It's such a beautiful little book, it's almost painful to tell someone else about it!

Re: It's London, not Paris, but...

You know, I think I'd seen that title on victorianlondon.org (they have a lot of full texts, including similar tourist guides), but I'd never noticed the date before, which is PERFECT. Thanks!

Re: It's London, not Paris, but...

Ooh, that website is really useful. Thanks in return! I can't imagine how I missed that in a year of research.

...and the guy who created the site has already used the book title I wanted. CRAP.

Hope the Dickens book works out for you!

If I did not already love your mom, I definitely do now. Yay Prison Break! Also, while I admit to not knowing much about Wolverine, I do know that he would be no match for T-Bag. He has powers of implausibility.

Frank Black
I've heard this possibility and I think it blows
hoping that it's just a case of 'same actor, new character'

Although I do appreciate the comment on one fan, "Can't Sarah Michelle Gellar cameo as Buffy?"

Um, the Gerard Butler link goes to Bruce Willis, which to me is sort of like getting Spam when you expected bacon cheeseburger.

Hey, Cleo, I was wondering if that PO Box address in your profile is still good.

Um... no reason.


Hee, it should be. I need to go check it and make sure it's paid up, but it ought to be.

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