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It's London, not Paris, but...

As someone else writing a novel set in the Victorian era, I'll tell you what book I've found to be absolutely priceless: Dickens's Dictionary of London 1888. I bought it in the Dickens House Museum in London; the writer is his son, Charles Jr. It includes detailed maps of the city, paragraphs on all the clubs and theaters, locations of police courts and railway ticket offices, timetables and just about any useful fact you can imagine. It was written for tourists. It's such a beautiful little book, it's almost painful to tell someone else about it!

Re: It's London, not Paris, but...

You know, I think I'd seen that title on victorianlondon.org (they have a lot of full texts, including similar tourist guides), but I'd never noticed the date before, which is PERFECT. Thanks!

Re: It's London, not Paris, but...

Ooh, that website is really useful. Thanks in return! I can't imagine how I missed that in a year of research.

...and the guy who created the site has already used the book title I wanted. CRAP.

Hope the Dickens book works out for you!

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