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There was a lot of hot chocolate, though
jadis - another damn day
Arghhh. It was 17 F this morning (we finally got up to a high of 40 by late this afternoon), and may I remind you, I live in Alabama. I couldn't let the dogs play outside very long, so they spent most of the day driving me crazy. Thanks for all the get-well wishes for Mom, by the way; she's weak and a little feverish, but she seems a lot better, and hasn't thrown up since about five this morning. She spent the day either in bed or sacked out in the recliner in the den watching The DaVinci Code, which would have been fine except that she kept asking who this was and what was he doing and did they know who she was. I wouldn't have found this annoying, except that I was trying to read one of my Black Ribbon books, and I wouldn't have found it odd, except that she's already seen the movie three times. But, you know--after all the years she took care of us when we were deathly snerfy, taking care of her was the least I could do. I think it would have been all right if the dogs could have played outside; as it was, they were constantly fighting or barking or chewing or bodyslamming the back door to get in or out, and there was a point where I just ate lunch standing up, plate in hand, because it was just easier to deal with them that way. So, because I was downstairs early to look after Mom, and because George seems to be coming home later than usual this week, it was a very long day, and I felt very tired afterwards. Do you ever feel tired from not getting to do things? I don't mean the the sluggishness from being lazy; I mean the frustrated weariness of trying to do something all day and being continually interrupted. It's the tiredness of sitting in a waiting room all day, or waiting in a line, I guess.

But I did finish Virginia Rounding's Grandes Horizontales, which is something. I need to write up some book reports, as it were, but I'm too tired just now.

Meanwhile, at Snopes: The Webkinz Murderer? You know you've arrived when an urban legend springs up. I confess, also, to being totally addicted to Webkinz, which is even worse than Neopets (where I also have an account. SHUT UP) because it doesn't even have the excuse of having been originally developed by/for bored college students. Speaking of which, apparently the fictional "Webkinz murders" are being blamed on Neopets, Club Penguin or (that old standby) a disgruntled employee, and the gruesome descriptions of virtual pet e-murder are hilarious:
As to what happens to Webkinz who encounter the "killer," rumor asserts they "have their heads chopped off" or are set upon "with chainsaws." The killer(s) "hides behind trees and kills Webkinz" or "comes after them with a knife if they clicked on them in a certain way." Or the innocent playthings meet their gruesome ends by stooping to pick up "some kind of gift on the floor or some kind of bomby thingy." Others describe that the attack or virus "makes slashing noises on your computer, and then the lights turn on and your webkinz are dead on the floor with blood on them." Blood and gore appear to play large roles in these virtual deaths. [...] As the [alleged] Webkinz Killer, Dr. Quack supposedly "will appear with red eyes and a knife and will kill the Webkinz" or take after them "with a chainsaw." Likewise, Mrs. Birdy (the penguin who helps new owners through the online registration process of their pets) is also said to come after Webkinz with a chainsaw or to chase them down with a knife after her eyes turn a fiery red.


Untroubled by mortal peril, the sleep of the Webkinz is peaceful

Also, from Snarkfest: Cocaine really is a hell of a drug. Warning: May destroy all you hold dear.

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Heh, I got 3 new Webkinz and a polar bear charm (Charm Forest at last, yay!) for Christmas. And while Dr. Quack is no murderer, I do find him terribly creepy when he takes your pet behind that hospital curtain.

Aww, I wanted a charm! I wanted to get into that damn forest. Although apparently you have to keep buying charms (8 total?) to keep finding things in there. I got the collie, the chihuahua, and the reindeer between birthday and Christmas--what'd you get? (I'm so pitiful. But if you can play mah-jongg somewhere and then get play money on top of that to buy food and clothes for cute cartoon animals, I'm pretty much sold.)

You know, it's pretty bad when you have a more embarassing moment than a leaked sex tape. I also love Susan Sarandon's "yes, that's nice dear, move along" expression when Snow White sings at her for a moment.

On a separate note, Cyd Charisse was a silver fox in that clip.

Oh dear, the Webkinz murders really are cracking me up, especially the details about the "red eyes."

See, that's why I posted the screencaps, because it's seeing what the characters actually look like that makes that so funny. It really is a site geared towards young kids.

I have yet to fall before the temptation that is Webkinz. I have come close to buying one but not yet. Gaia Online on the other hand has me hook, line and sinker.

It's easier to withstand because you do actually have to put down some money to play it--the stuffed animals. Which I think is brilliant, because Neopets is always trying to get people to buy plushies, and here Webkinz has ensured that people will--that they'll fight over them, no less. I want a leoparrrrrrd. Or maybe a black cat. Or...

You know what I've really wanted to try? Subeta. But it would never send the validation email, so I could never get in. Apparently they have a lot of growing-pains traffic issues.

A woman I know, who runs a pet store and trains dogs for a living, has taught her dogs to play tug of war. Any time there is aggravation or dispute within the pack, she gets the warring dogs to play tug of war, which both uses up their excess energy, and settles the dispute - first one drawn over the line loses. Seems to work well.

The bookstore I work in sells Webkinz - and they are quite literally the bane of my existance. ESPECIALLY around the holidays. My god. It was insanity. I saw a woman body check another woman to get the last collie(maybe?).

either way, this made my day.

HEE! I can believe it. These are kind of the new Cabbage Patch Kids/Beanie Babies/what have you. I gotta warn you--they're discontinuing the raccoon and the monkey, so there's gonna be a run on those (I don't think they've officially announced it yet), and they're going to be adding several new ones--a schnauzer, a Himalayan cat, a pink cat, a kangaroo, and a b/w "cheeky" dog. I also heard something about a duck for Easter, and they'll probably put out something for Valentine's Day again as well. Oh, and the February Pet of the Month will be the cow. Batten the hatches, is what I'm saying.

there was a point where I just ate lunch standing up, plate in hand, because it was just easier to deal with them that way

I've done that on far too many occasions...I'm the (very) proud stay-at-home mum to a rowdy two yr old son.

I wish your mum a speedy recovery.

Oh, and yeah...it's cold here too (was around 50F in Sarasota, FL today). I'm not 'that' cold b/c I lived in NE Ohio for all of my life, and this is nothing. LOL

Well, it could be worse. It was 1 degree this morning here in MA. Of course, we're used to it.

Ugh, my sympathies about the dogs. When I dogsat my aunt's poorly trained puppy for a week, I had to lock up everything I owned and never take off my shoes (she likes to eat your feet if you don't pay enough attention to her). I was ready to drop kick the thing by the end of the week.

And spending four years of my life neopets was more than enough. No more cute animals! Except for LOLcats!

Lastly, OMG I FINALLY GET TO SEE THAT CLIP! I've been hearing about it for years and it was the surrealist exhibition I always dreamed it would be! (Lily Tomlin, why did he through a shoe at you?)

Um... in conclusion, totally cousins?

that opening to the oscars.....just.....wow

who the heck was snow white? she looks very familiar to but i can't place her

Holy mother of God.

I'm not sure which part of that clip I like the best: Snow White on crack, Rob Lowe, the dancing tables, Vincent Price, or the man bellying down the stairs after Lily Tomlin's shoe.

THAT was the opening to the Academy Awards? Seriously?

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