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That astrolabe pendant is gorgeous. *grabby hands* Heh, and I was actually just thinking yesterday how much I wanted a pair of Chucks.

Most Obnoxious Tourists? The French

OMG YES! There is nothing more obnoxious than a large group of French school children on a group trip. They appear to have missed the memos about NOT taking up the entire street and/or sidewalk when touring around a smallish city and I have come very close to taking out quite a few with my bike.

I'm glad you linked to the Jezebel stuff because I couldn't find a link to it myself. I haven't read it yet, but I just want to say that while I like the Jezebel girls, I would never take advice from them.

Thank you for putting into precise words how I feel about the Jezebel writers (at least some of them). I really love reading the site, but I don't want to be like most of them.

I love that pendant(pendent?)
bloody vampire teeth, its only amazing I haven't seen its like before.

The "Are Mercury's Days as a Planet Numbered?" article seems to be pretty much only the speculation of the author. Pluto lost its planet status because it happened to be one of the new class of Kuiper belt objects, which isn't going to happen to Mercury just because it is changing its size.

I have a sad devotion to Alchemy Gothic jewelry. So silly! So over-the-top gothy!

I KNOW! I love it so much--I don't have any yet, but I plan to rectify this ASAP, or ASA I Have Money.

WTF Jezebel? I have my issues with that site -- I'm not surprised to find that Moe and SM are involved -- but JEEZ.

Seriously. They have some really great writers over there--I love the Fine Lines column--and then there's... Moe and SM. I swear, every time I read something bizarre over there, it's Moe 99% of the time.

now spacehunter does almost maybe require a movies in 15 treatment...

only if you can watch it in 3D though...

im actually suprised no one has greenlighted a remake of that now that i think of it.

As much as I'm trying not to be a Negative Nellie, so much of this linkspam deserves my disapproval/nitpickery (but I love you Cleo for giving it to us!)

I've never read Jezebel, but even I'm pretty sore about that. "That" meaning spreading ignorance about sexual responsibility. As if young women weren't getting enough contradictory messages nowadays - "Don't be a HOOR, or you'll go to Hell!" -"But you're worthless without a man, and the only thing you have to offer is sex, so put out!" It's not enough the religious fundies don't promote safe sex, now the so-called "feminists" don't either! *HEADDESK*

Christ, I like EW's fluffy pop-culture lists, but this is ridiculous.

I might be in a minority in this, but wouldn't it make more sense to end Part I of Dealthy Hallows after Ron leaves, or something else resembling a cliffhanger or tension? I know that 98% of the audience already knows the plot, but that doesn't mean they can't bother to create a reasonable film narrative with some actual suspense.

I like your idea of how the "Twilight" ship war should play out, but given everything I've read about the books (haven't actually read them), I don't think Meyer has the capability to write such a thing. Because that makes sense and creates a logical and interesting narrative, whereas Meyer prefers to ignore the actual plot for, you know, angst. (at least in Harry Potter the angst forwards the plot!)

I don't think Meyer has the capability to write such a thing.

I don't know what would be more satisfying--being able to predict exactly how the story (or that part of it) is going to play out, or having people come back here a month from now and go, "You know, I really wish it had happened your way." Because I am a terrible, terrible person.

I fear the probable accuracy of your Twilight premonition(s).

And I still say that Deathly Hallows would fit quite nicely as a single movie if they cut out all of the interminable camping while people who aren't Harry Potter do much more interesting stuff off-screen.

And I still say that Deathly Hallows would fit quite nicely as a single movie if they cut out all of the interminable camping while people who aren't Harry Potter do much more interesting stuff off-screen.

Gosh, yes. So much of that last book is filler material, I can't believe someone thinks they'd need to split it up.

Re: the tube necklace - have you ever seen rice jewelry? They have it sometimes at stalls on the NJ boardwalk, and I have a couple. I bet you could find a Goth-y one and then ALSO have a cool rice message inside. :)

Wah, I don't want a Clone Wars trailer! I already saw it. (*yawn*) On the other hand, yay, Watchmen! And speaking of movies, STILL NO DEADPOOL STILLS WHUT? What are they thinking. They need to get on that.

As long as people keep SEEING the superhero movies, they're going to keep dredging up every hero they can find to make a movie about. I've got nothing against it, but to me it's sort of a genre now, like there's science fiction, historical and superhero movies. People have always been fascinated with mythology and I think superheroes fall in to that category right now.

See, I don't have any problem with superheroes as a genre. Often, they're basically just action movies with a slightly better developed hero. There's a lot of material out there to work with, although you're just as likely to get something like Hancock that falls apart in the second half. And yeah, I don't give a shit about Green Hornet or Green Lantern or whoever, but I wouldn't have thought I would care about an Iron Man movie, either.

Dangit, now I want those Chucks. And I just bought a Rockabilly Centennial pair, too.

Still waiting on Del Toro's "At the Mountains of Madness." Will probably wait forever. Too bad.

Oh, I saw a ton of Chucks I want. Rock poster! Grey plaid! Grey-on-grey stripe! Pink with black stripes and laces! Basic black! I don't wear heels--ever--so I figure if I'm going to wear sneakers so much, I might as well wear some fun ones.

(Deleted comment)
AIE. That's a detail of this horrible Mary Sue mess that I did not know. I'm not sure if I should thank you...

OMG pop culture is so weird! I appreciate the window into it that you give. And I worry about you doing too much dog care, to the detriment of your real work.

Yeah, I do too. And so does my psych, quite honestly--she's afraid my family is having me do it because it's convenient, not because it actually needs to be done. I think a lot of it, though, is that I've been really unmotivated and listless for a while, because when I want to do something, it gets done--I make sure they're in the crate or playing quietly outside or asleep in the den and I go sneak off and work. When I'm not motivated, I sack out on the couch. That's not really the dogs' fault.

I thought Jacob wasn't over Bella yet? He's still off in the woods in the beginning of Breaking Dawn.

That's what I'm saying--in the course of the story, he'll change his mind and come running to stop the wedding, and then boom, Angela. And I genuinely don't think he'll get over Bella or even try to get over her until imprinting happens, like with Sam and Emily and Leah, and the earth will rotate on its axis or whatever and suddenly Angela will be the center of his universe and Bella will HATE IT.

WHAT?!?!?! No HBP trailer in front of TDK?!?!

Bad form!!

I mean, I'm kinda on the fence about the Clone Wars thing anyway, and I'm a major Star Wars geek.

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Okay, so my sister thought up this totally awesome idea for a HBP teaser trailer, it got us really excited about the movie even though it's totally just in her head. It starts out with the cave, and it's just the lake and you can see the pedestal, and it zooms across the water and pans up and you can see into the basin and you see the locket at the bottom. And then the camera turns and it's Harry and Dumbledore, just like the cover of the book, and then there's a little bit of Hedwig's Theme or whatever and then there's a logo and a release date and end. I wish we could figure out how to make an animation of it.

Thanks for the linkages, dear! You do toss a nice little hit infusion my way every once in a while.

We'll always have "Cells."


Oh my god, the more del Toro interviews I read, the more excited I am about Hobbit. Too bad we have to wait two years for it.

Hey, I've got something you'll want to put in your Linkspam for ALL film geeks!

The original, theatrical cut of Metropolis has been found after 81 years.

I died when I heard that. Just died.

If they ever find the missing footage from Greed ...OMG.

I know you're a costumey person, the Pyramis Collection (vendor of fine new age stuffs) just came out with this fantastic kind of-period dress that they call steampunk. I'll let you decide. :)


I'm totally in the minority, but I'd dead pleased that there won't be a HBP trailer in front of The Dark Knight. I was a huge Potter fan from the ages of 13-21 and Deathly Hollows pretty much killed the whole she-bang for me. Now, I'd kind of like to forget it, to be honest. And I'm so seeing The Dark Knight opening night. It's gonna be a better night for me!

But I do sympathize with all the other folks.

That Jezebel thing was a DISASTER, but as a Jezebel reader, it was not very surprising.

Hello, are you me? I was following along with the jewelry links, and liking the pieces quite a bit (especially the Astrolabe pendant) and then clicked to last link to see the pair of chucks that just came in the mail for me yesterday! I wore them around campus today, feeling awesome. :D

Jack Black as the Green Lantern? As it is, he's bordering on entry into my Kevin Spacey/Nicholas Cage style "If he's in it I automatically disregard seeing it" category- this would have pushed him over the line.

I shudder to think that some Hollywood exec thought that was a good idea...

It's plain weird, really, because you'd think movie execs would be all over the classic Hal Jordan version. Seriously, he's a smokin' hot ex-Air Force pilot with daddy issues and a leather jacket, he's got Tom Kalmaku for the Ethnic Best Friend slot and Carol Ferris to double up as Sexy Girlfriend and Evil Seductress- what more could you want in a movie script? And they tried to throw it over for Jack Black? Bizarre.


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