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(Although it has to be said: $100 dollars for a book? The sheets had better be laced with gold dust)

It's special because it's basically a replica of the ones JKR handmade and auctioned for, like, $4 million a piece. $100 is substantially less than $4 million. ;)

Ha! Somewhere JK Rowling is kindly directing those who keep suggesting Stephenie Meyer is the new her to this page with an Umbridge-esque "hem hem" and a Dumbledore twinkle in her eye.

Well played girl.

The hem hem.
...The hem hem.

You owe me a clean computer screen, missy.

The results are in.

JKR: (still at) 100000101010101010x9187498174 + 1
Stephenie: 0

Truly that is a thing of beauty.

p.s. The trolling preparations for Breaking Dawn are underway by the same trolls that ruined HP books. Buy your book with headphones on and stay away from trolltastic sites.

Ugh. That's awesome. HATE Twilight. HATE comparisons to Harry Potter (soooo not even anywhere close to being the same, minus the fact that they're both popular books).

And what's worse is I work at Chapters (big bookstore in Canada) and thus have to constantly put on my fake smile and be like "ohh yes.. Twilight.. it's fantastic" *stabs self in face*. AND we have a midnight release party tomorrow night :( Kill me now :( :( :(

See, I never say "it's fantastic", I go with the generic "Yes, it's very popular." Because, like you, I abhor that series. *twitchytwitch*

It's almost like J.K. did this just to lay the smackdown on Meyer.

Which I know isn't true, but still...

I'm not even sure Twilight's made enough of a deal in Great Britain for Meyer to even be a blip on J.K.'s radar. But still, you gotta love the sweet, sweet sound of that cracky little upstart being put in her place.

Thank Heathus someone is keeping that sappy bitch down. The payday for such horrible writing makes me sick.

P.S. I don't know if you're into this things, but I thought it was interesting: EW names 50 Greatest High School Movies

// I thought #5 should be #1, but the top pick does make a lot of sense. Lah de dah.

You know, the "Heathus" thing strikes me as being in horribly bad taste, and yet... I love it to death. There was a macro on ONTD, I don't know if you saw it, of poor Christian Bale doing a Batsuit publicity shot in a "NOOOOO! WHY GOD WHY???" pose, and someone had macro'd over it, "NOBODY KNOOOOOOWS THE TROUBLE I'VE SEEN, NOBODY KNOOOOOOWS BUT HEATHUUUUUUS," and I laughed for, like, three days.

Did you hear that Smeyer wants Breaking Dawn to be split into TWO movies?! What a wannabe!


I can't believe I just ordered Beedle the Bard 4 months early in order to keep BD in its place.

Wow, there's probably not enough actual content to fit into ONE movie, judging from her previous efforts.


Oh that makes me feel good inside.

I love you even more now. To bad this didn't happen LAST week, so we could print posters to hang at SDCC...

It's even better this way. Two days before Meyer was going to annoint herself the next JKR, the real one smacks her down and does it without any fanfare. I'm trying to figure out how many copies of BtB JKR is likely to sell and whether it'll outsell BD to become the bestelling books of 2008.

Plus, it's all for charity.

I can't tell you how happy this made me.

Harry Potter is eternal. That's all it is.

Oooh, bitch got owned! XD

Idiot Fangirls: ZOMG, Smeyer's ttly the new JKR!!! Twilight sooo much bettah than HP, guyz!!!one1!!1
Actual Facts: ....O RLY?

*craving the collector's edition leik burn. Will probably buy the standard edition*

I seriously just spent five minutes watching your icon and laughing. It's brilliant!

*takes breath*


:D What were they over-hyping again?

... I can't believe I just did the "OH GIRLFRIEND" snapping thing.

But if anyone deserves it, it's Smeyer.

And JK Rowling cackles maniacally from her throne. LOL Love it.

I just wanted to say that I have never loved that icon more than in conjunction with this post.


I was trying to think which one to use, and then... I KNEW.



That is, I believe, the definition of the term PWNED!


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