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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

My poor just-graduated-from-high-school sister runs screaming whenever she hears these books mentioned ("VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE."); I think I'll need to link her to your summaries so she can at least laugh at the sparkles with others.

Your sister renews my hope in the human race.

So... I could basically have the same experience of reading Breaking Dawn by listening to "Papa Don't Preach" over and over again, no?

Trust me, there is so much more to it than that. So very much cracked-out more.

Oh God so funny... *wheeze*

Thanks so much for this. I'm dying to know what happens (but not to the extent of reading it).

LOL, that's exactly how I feel!

This? Please. The last third's going to blow your mind.

I am the only non-twilitard on your flist

Having read the summaries by you, it sounds like 3 and a half books of cockblocking. I guess "Cocktease: The Series" wasn't as good a title as Twilight.

It really, really is. Fortunately the sex picks up in the second half of the book.

God I love this book. So much.

It is such pure and unmitigated fucking crack, it's so horrible and delightful, oh my God. There are no words.

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*chokes with laughter at your icon*

Not a thing wrong with Belinda Carlisle! xD I love her.


These books were worth being published just for this! :D

I cannot wait to read the rest of your notes on this.

Hey there, you! *waves*

I know, right? I'm reading Breaking Dawn right now, and cleolinda's commentary at the same time, which adds up to an fantastic, insane, cracklike experience. Loving the awesome hilarity. : )



It's probably not half as funny when there's no Cleo commentary. But whatever.

This little problem can be solved by having the entries open and reading each little chapter summary before you read the chapter. It adds ever so much to the reading experience.

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LOL. The book doesn't come out here until Monday, but I'm not that devoted a fan, really, so I'm having fun reading the spoilers.

"So many things have—probably for the best—been left unaddressed here. I mean, was it like fucking a popsicle? " AWESOME.

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Awesome awesome post into. A++ would lol again.

I now know what Harlequin crossed with vampires sounds like. This is hilarious!

Except Harlequin had the actual sexxing.

THIS IS AWESOME. I work in a bookstore, the Australian release is on Monday, we bribed the delivery dude with a slab of beer to ensure we have the books at opening time... AND I ALREADY KNOW HOW HILARIOUS IT WILL BE. Thank you.

Thank you for doing this for us - your self-sacrificialness is Ronworthy.

Ahahaha, this stuff is gold.

I've been spoiler- and leak-hunting for the last few days, so I am completely with you on the middle third thing. DO NOT WAAAANT.

May I please temporarily borrow your icon, just to slap my Flist upside the head? They seriously deserve it for sending me a copy of the first book two years ago.


(I had to laugh because my accounting clerk - who thinks that if you don't vote by 5:00 it won't count because "it's already on the news!" - sh read Twilight and thought "it was kinda dumb and really didn't have much of a plot")

So epic wank is really going to hit the fan by Monday over this? Right? Maybe Sunday? LOL.

and love the whole FF on the pregnancy thing too..and pillow biting will always crack me up. Always.

To be continued? Nooooo! More!

Seriously, you're a genius! I actually read this aloud to my husband and he actually paid attention! To a Twilight synopsis! That says something. You rock! :-)

Can't wait for the next bit!

I really was going to wait til I got the book and read it myself, but I couldn't resist. :-)

Hey, it's only "to be continued" until I finish writing the next two section. I have some puppysitting to do this afternoon, so I gotta finish the other two up by then anyway. : )

Youve made me want to read this to experience the lulz myself. This must be a terrible sign. Is SMeyer waiting to attack me from my mailbox?

OMG I am so cracking up here!
I wondered what all the fuss was about these books, if they could really be that bad... and now I know. LOL!
I can't wait to read the rest. XD


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