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Congrats on your serious promotion in TIME - is it weird that I'm just plain excited to see you there (in addition to being excited for you)? Or is that normal?

Also... I don't know if this is an accepted thing to mention, but since you linked to Growing Up Cullen icons in this post-- I made twenty Growing Up Cullen icons, I linked to them on twatlight and the Twilight icon community, and also apparently balcarin will be linking to them soon (lord knows how that happened), but... are you interested in linking to them? I think they're pretty decent, at least. They're at http://inthe-redshirt.livejournal.com/3912.html. Sorry if this is weird, and please don't link to them if you don't want to, honestly.

But congrats again!

Dude! I think those are the ones I linked to the other day! That's why I said "more" (or "moar," whatever) today--I think yours was the first set. Half my friends list is using them now. : )

(Let me know if you do another set--I love those.)

...oh. I guess I... skipped out on linkspam that day. Holy crap. Well, that explains the two pages of comments when I usually get almost none. Thanks you SO MUCH. I really appreciate it, you've no idea! (This is kind of my equivalent of being on the TIME blog. Just so you know.) And I will definitely send word if I make more - I may or may not have time before the end of summer, but we'll see.

Hee! Well, to be fair, I have had some massive linkspams lately. Sometimes I forget what I've already posted and I post it again the next day, so it's easy to miss these things.

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