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Well, this has been a busy day
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Via quitesometime, holy shit: Two Blog Entries You Should Be Reading. "Just when you're ready to break up with the Internet, forever, and take back the lingerie you bought it, you stumble on things that remind you that it's sort of good for something." I made a Time magazine blogger believe in the internet again, y'all. What have I done?

Speaking of the Breaking Dawn recap, I got bored and fished out some digital scrapbooking background samples (mostly from Scrapgirls, I think), skimmed over the Twilight recaps, and started making text icons. They would be fancier, except that my broke-ass copy of Photoshop 6.0 has decided it doesn't want to load 90% of my fonts. Please, if you have moar skillz or more cooperative software, feel free to make your own. (And please use icons with profanity judiciously, y'all.) POW!

Speaking of speaking of Twilight--we gotta get this Harry Potter thing out of the way, because THE PLOT HAS THICKENED. As you will recall, yesterday WB [Did Not] Care About Harry Potter-Lovers' Fragile Psyches and pushed Half-Blood Prince back to July 2009 because--and I will keep saying this until I am blue in the face--The Dark Knight made 400 million billion trillion dollars this July, so their bottom line is taken care of for this year. On the other hand, 2009 is looking pretty desperate for a lot of the studios, WB included, so now they have an opportunity to move HBP into a vast wasteland and make more of the moneys in a calendar year when it might really, really make a difference. Not because the movie is bad. NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED OF TWILIGHT, HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE. But we'll get to that. Anyway, lamentation was heard throughout the land, etc.: WB's Alan Horn: "We Love Our Fans" Please Don't Hurt Us; More from Alan Horn at Rope of Silicon: "The picture is completely, absolutely, 100 percent on schedule, on time. There were no delays. I've seen the movie. It is fabulous. We would have been perfectly able to have it out in November"; Go Ahead and Disregard That New Entertainment Weekly Cover, or, EW's parent company (guess who. No, guess) totally hung them out to dry; Harry Potter Delay Evokes Angry Outbursts Amongst Fans (Thrill! to the outpouring of entitlement rage catalogued at Fandom Wank!); Did ‘Harry Potter’ Release Date Change To Avoid ‘Twilight’ Competition? AGAIN, I SAY UNTO YOU: BITCH, PLEASE.

But then, as if speaking the name had summoned it:

With Harry Potter Gone, 'Twilight' Moves Up to Nov. 21!; Edward Cullen Scoops up Harry Potter's Leftovers. Damn, it's like Single White Vampire up in here. HAI U GUYS WE ARE TTLY THE NEW HARRY POTTER! LOOK, WE EVEN HAVE CEDRIC! And somewhere Robert Pattinson is holding his head all like, "I can't take you people anywhere."

(akathorne: "The Hair is hoping for pumpkin pie after the premiere, though.")

You know what would be made of sunshine and ponies and win? If WB got sick of all the fan complaints and moved HBP back to November 21.

More linkspam!

Trump to buy McMahon's home for him.

Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found.

Is that a Bigfoot carcass in the freezer?; Bigfoot Conference Verdict: Big Fat Hoax [OMFG Bigfoot].

The Quick 10: 10 Creatures People Didn’t Think Existed.

Young Adult Books Will Save Science Fiction [Point]; Stop Writing Young Adult Science Fiction [Counterpoint].

Scientology, the remix.

"... Yet someone is clearly doing their job horribly wrong."

Look out! 'Beer goggles' are real.

"Christ, What?" Vintage Love's Baby Soft advertising.

The new 'Clue' misses a few opportunities.

30 Things You Didn't Know About Muse.

'Lost' and other casting scoops.

From spectralbovine: The five most rabid fanbases. And we've already dealt with two of them today!

Images: Entertainment Weekly Fall Movie Preview (more pictures on the site: 20 fall movies we can't wait to see); 'The Duchess' website stills; New 'Burn After Reading' Poster Has That 'Cowboy Leaning on a Barn' Appeal; 'Rachel Getting Married' stills; New "Disaster Movie " Movie Stills (you know, in case you just have too much will to live).

Trailers and clips: 'Traitor' trailer; R-Rated 'Death Race' Trailer Has Effs, CS'ers, Blood; Exclusive 'Death Race' Video Interviews; Where Do We Even Begin With This Trailer For 'An American Carol'? [God Save Us, Every One].

More Harry Potter, as the studio tries to appease the howling mobs: New HBP photos; Five more new HBP pics!; Hi-res EW shots; New HBP scans from EW; Daniel Radcliffe poses for NAMBLA's latest ad campaign ('Equus' on Broadway); Emma Watson aces A-levels; ‘Harry Potter’ And ‘Spaced’ Vet Jessica Hynes Admits She Didn’t Get Into Hogwarts; NO I DON'T WANT KREACHER ON MY SHELF.

More Twilight, since they are obviously locked in a death feud now: CC2K Does an Advance Script Review of 'Twilight' (one can only assume that "Edward is much more multi-faceted than anyone in the Harry Potter universe" means "he sparkles more"); MOAR GROWING UP CULLEN ICONS.

Riddle me this, Batman: Who will be your next big foe?; Swank Joker and Batman dolls figures.

Weak 'Thunder' Still Strong Enough to Rain on 'Dark Knight' Parade; Box Office Preview: 'Tropic Thunder': A sunny B.O. forecast.

The force is not with ‘Clone Wars.’ On the other hand, I've heard from a number of people who did like it.

Four More Hi-Res 'Watchmen' Photos; Kevin Smith Has Seen 'Watchmen': "They Pulled It Off"; Actress Carla Gugino Calls ‘Watchmen’ Scene Brutal; Meet The Movie's Missing Watchman.

Robert Downey Jr. on 'Iron Man' Sequels; 'Iron Man' Deleted Scene: The Foursome We Never Saw; Iron man's Deleted Wu-Tang Scene.

'Prince Caspian' DVD Releasing December 2.

Will Ferrell’s ‘Sherlock’ Comedy Stays True To Book, Will Draw On Original Stories.

Mike Myers Will Do Accent for 'Bastards'; Mike Myers Joins Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’…Er, Is Anyone Else Concerned? Okay, I am SAYING.

Mel Gibson Pulls Danny Huston & More Into 'Edge of Darkness.'

F/X Push Butler's 'Game' To '09.

Claire Danes to Star in Temple Grandin Biopic.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Directing 'Jack Goes Boating' Adaptation.

Alessandro Nivola to star opposite Audrey Tautou in the upcoming Coco Chanel biopic.

Steve Carell and Tina Fey Go on 'Date Night.'

Rainn Wilson Holding Jenna Fischer Hostage for 'The Rocker.'

Baldwin Joining Streep in Nancy Meyers Comedy.

Decreasingly Subtle 'W.' Campaign Takes Denver in Advance of Democratic Convention.

Lionsgate Cutting Punisher: War Zone All The Way Down To PG-13?; 'Punisher' Might Lose Only Thing Keeping it Mildly Watchable. Y'all, please someone go in there and airlift Ray Stevenson out of this godforsaken movie. He deserves better than this.

‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ Trailer ‘Most Annoying Thing Ever’ Confesses Star George Lopez. THANK YOU.

Sony Pictures Says 'Candyman' Five Times; Horror Remake Outrage: 'Candyman' Going White?

Riff Raff Curses MTV's Rocky Horror Remake.


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Congrats on your serious promotion in TIME - is it weird that I'm just plain excited to see you there (in addition to being excited for you)? Or is that normal?

Also... I don't know if this is an accepted thing to mention, but since you linked to Growing Up Cullen icons in this post-- I made twenty Growing Up Cullen icons, I linked to them on twatlight and the Twilight icon community, and also apparently balcarin will be linking to them soon (lord knows how that happened), but... are you interested in linking to them? I think they're pretty decent, at least. They're at http://inthe-redshirt.livejournal.com/3912.html. Sorry if this is weird, and please don't link to them if you don't want to, honestly.

But congrats again!

Dude! I think those are the ones I linked to the other day! That's why I said "more" (or "moar," whatever) today--I think yours was the first set. Half my friends list is using them now. : )

(Let me know if you do another set--I love those.)

...oh. I guess I... skipped out on linkspam that day. Holy crap. Well, that explains the two pages of comments when I usually get almost none. Thanks you SO MUCH. I really appreciate it, you've no idea! (This is kind of my equivalent of being on the TIME blog. Just so you know.) And I will definitely send word if I make more - I may or may not have time before the end of summer, but we'll see.

Hee! Well, to be fair, I have had some massive linkspams lately. Sometimes I forget what I've already posted and I post it again the next day, so it's easy to miss these things.

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