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I better get a three hour Watchmen movie. I have been counting on it.

and Terminus and the Wrockers were a lot of fun. I scored a lot of free buttons from them.

Now off to watch movie trailers and new Watchmen footage. :)

Not a lot was happening in Norway, I'm assuming.

I GET MY NEWS FROM THE DAILY SHOW =D It's better than all those reruns of political crap, over and over.

My story's vampires are actually very similar to Westerfeld's. It's a virus, but it works differently than his does. I was really impressed with the detail he went in to his story with, too, but actually his story wasn't about vampires. It was about people who were commonly mistaken for vampires. Mine are more... vampirelike.

His eyes are "buttery, burning gold." ("Like pancakes?" a friend of mine wondered. BEST. EVER. Washington Post knows how to deliver.

Rupert Grint is scared to kiss Emma Watson? HOW CUTE! xD

Every time I see that "The Worst Prose in the World is Rewarded" I think it's about Stephenie Meyer.

Did anyone else find themselves looking for members of Monty Python in the penguin knighting clip?

Keanu Reeves to Star In 'Cowboy Bebop,' fans riot in streets.

What can I say, you did it better than I did.

(I figure it's not hotlinking if you've already linked to the image on the same page. If I'm wrong, bring the banhammer)

Nah, it works for me. :)

I think the "drunken" dress (as named by the costume designer) is, so far, my favorite.

Those are Dooce eyebrows!

"Inkheart" excites me. The book is fairly decent, and what with Andy Serkis as a bad guy, Paul Bettany as a tragic anti-hero and Helen Mirren just being there, it looks like a good time.

I did not know this: I am so in!

I went and saw Clone Wars this weekend. For what it was, it wasn't *that* bad.

Awww, Portia and Ellen!! :D

Mostly, vampires hang around the house, spending almost all their time online, leaving incredibly tedious and needlessly complicated comments to discussion boards and updating their blogs. All vampires have blogs. You have never read one because they are so boring, no one ever links to them. They also run Wikipedia.

THIS was my number 1 concern after reading Twilight and Breaking Dawn (I skipped the others and feel I missed nothing). WTF do you do with your life when you never sleep and you have eternity? How fucking bored do you eventually fucking get once the honeymoon wears off (or you get a divorce because you made a stupid decision and married somebody at 18) and now you don't fuck all night long?

That right there was enough to convince me that, contrary to what I thought back in high school, it would not be cool to be a vampire.

Unless you really did like Wikipedia that much.

WTF do you do with your life when you never sleep and you have eternity?

Well, there's always scrapbooking...

so a certain type of underwear we sell at my work are called 'hipsters' because they, appropriately, sit on the hip. so when I first saw the cut, I kept thinking, "I NEED panda hipsters. Panda panties would be ADORABLE."

sad to say, the realization that the panda hipsters were in fact weirdos in fur suits really dampened my day. D:

*votes for three hour Watchmen*

I will abstain from liquids for three hours before!

Jemaine Clement gets hitched!


Oh man, thanks so much for that icon linkage. It nearly killed me! In a good way, of course.

Hey, btw, check out this art: Myke Amend. "The Rescue Unlimited" reminded me of steampunkish stuff.

I'd watch 3 hours of Watchmen, too.

I am so excited about Public Enemies, yay!

...Wow, that picture of Daniel Redcliff makes him look like some kind of greasy pervert. Ew.

...My sister has a fear of pine needles stabbing her in the eye. TRUFAX.

I agree totally with that comment about Radcliffe...

Who thought that was a good look for him?? *shudder*

"book special edition with deleted scenes!"

when you finish your book you should release a special edition with exras like deleted scened (like they do with dvds!) :)

Re: "book special edition with deleted scenes!"

That's my thought too, or stick them on the Black Ribbon web site, along with the bloopers ;-)

In case you haven't seen it - fourth_rose brings the HP/Twilight/Discworld LOLs.


Thousands pay respects to comedy king Bernie Mac.

So I guess nothing interesting happened with those Westboro Baptist asshats? Last I'd heard they were planning on picketing his funeral for his "filth-spewing" and general participation in "the fag-loving entertainment industry" but then nothing after. Did they chicken out?

1. Sir Penguin is one of the Best Things Ever, Noway is brilliant!

2. My friend texted his friend Alan L "OMG have you seen the Watchmen trailer? It looks amazing!" Only he made a mistake and texted the next person along in his phonebook. The next one being a certain Alan M....yeah.

2a. Your friend is friends with Alan Moore?!
2b. If so, ahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

An Orson Scott Card link re: gay marriage.

From his column at the Mormon Times, which should give you an idea what it's about -

"Regardless of law, marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage, and help me raise my children in a society where they will expect to marry in their turn."

"...unless one of them turns out to be gay, of course. Then, as is my right as a father, I will put him down like a dog."

I adore Keanu so he can basically do what he likes as far as I'm concerned. I'd watch him in anything.

As for the Fame remake - sounds like they might be using the new musical's songs. Hrm. Unsure about it, but I'll probably watch it anyway!



also ooooo RDJ as Sherlock Holmes? I like. Hopefully the opium won't get cut.

Cocaine. A 7% solution of cocaine and sterile water.

I wondered how long it would take for webmaster Seth to crack and fuss at somebody. I just somehow knew it was going to happen.

You know what really wierded me out no matter how much I tried not to think about it?

--Edward can read minds
--Vampires have super hearing
--They all live in the same house
--Everyone is apparently horny

When you put those in a jar and shake them up the result is a snowglobe of horror. Do you think they have like, competitions and stuff trying to drown each other out? And like, this whole time Edward's been sitting in a corner listening to six mindvoices obsessing over the various assets of his family members. EW.

Is it just me? Am I wrong in the head?

Don't answer that.

Also, does anybody else think it's wierd that parents are always saying that kids grow up to quickly and they wish their kids would stay babies a little longer...but SMeyer's idea of the ideal child is one where you get like 30 seconds of the adorable helpless newborn phase? Is it really motherhood if it's over in ten years? Also, how seriously wierd would it be when you and your mom stopped aging at the same time? "You two could be sisters! No...really, you could. Um, it's...kind of creepy actually."

You know what really weirded me out no matter how much I tried not to think about it?

Yeah... I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it either. Like every time Emmett would say something about him and Rosalie, I kept waiting for Edward to be like, "I KNOW, I was THERE." OH AND EW CARLISLE AND ESME. I mean, they're lovely people and all, but if you consider them to be your adopted parents? AUGH.

(Have you read the Growing Up Cullen things? Because basically, it's like, here's what Edward does while everyone else has sex. Namely, scrapbooking and scrubbing the bathroom. And learning Elvish. I also like the idea that he starts vacuuming VERY LOUDLY while Emmett and Rosalie are going at it.)

I was starting to get linkspam withdrawal!

First and foremost:
Dog cloner Joyce McKinney sought over burglary to fund horse's wooden leg. "Remember the story about the pit bull cloner who is suspected by many of being the same woman who kidnapped a Mormon missionary 30 years ago to be her sex slave?"
I... I can't even believe that that sentence can even possibly exist. But it can, and it does. And it makes sense. *horrors*

Also, in the list of bad covers, they didn't mention McFly's Don't Stop Me Now [Queen]? Or, the worst cover I've ever been made to listen to (it made my ears almost bleed, damn Head Office-run radio at work Avril Lavigne's The Scientist [Coldplay]?

It's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4DKzMFRhEs (I forgot how to hyperlink manually, doh)

I would lick Simon Pegg's shoes clean for him. That's how much I worship him.

I used to love Goosebumps as a child! *shudders* Looking back now, I don't know how I could stand it, it's atrocious. I had loads of them. I had the pick-your-own-ending ones, too. And some of the videos. Bleurgh.

Disaster movie looks... horrific.

*snuggles linkspam* Don't ever go away, Cleolinda. It's not a request, it's a warning.


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