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If Buffy was never turned into a series, it'd still be an awesome movie. Frankly, the only unrealistic part about it was the principal at the end. Everything else was awesome.

Plus, I love how Merrick was an immortal Watcher and guided tons of Slayers over the years. Kinda wish Merrick was more canon in the series. 'Ripper' Giles verus a four hundred year old Watcher would be awesome.

Man, I loved Merrick so much.

That needs to be an LJ meme SO MUCH.

Also, GOD, do I love hearing RPattz talk about Edward. He gets him better than Smeyer ever has, which is just sad.

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What, the questions thing? Go for it, because I definitely want more questions to ask myself to make sure I suck less.

And I love how perfectly he gets Edward. I mean, on one hand it's great, because he is, after all, the one playing him, but on another... he knows, man. He knows. And now he's trapped.

One of the captions on the Empire scans says "14 year old Bella Swann"

WOT WOT. I do love RPattz take on Edward. "Obviously there are some issues."

Yeah, that's just bad fact-checking there. She's 17 and the movie isn't changing that.

Every time RPattz opens his mouth, I love him a little bit more.

Seriously. I just fell completely in love with the guy now.

"EAT THE COOKIE, MOTHER!" is one of my favourite movie lines ever. I whip it out at odd moments. Unfortunately, I'm apparently the only person I know who watched Flowers in the Attic, so everyone assumes I'm using the word "mother" in the Shaft sense of the word (which has led to my husband using the line back at me, only telling me to "eat the cookie, motherfucker!" to the embarrassment of all involved).

Questions Writers Should Be Able to Answer:

Who are your biggest influences/who or what do you enjoy reading the most?

Why are you drawn to [x genre]? (if said book is in a specific genre, that is)

If you had to be one of your characters for a day, who would you pick, and why?

Yeah, I was definitely thinking the first two questions (the third one is really good, too). So many writers fall down on the genre question--they're so busy claiming they didn't mean to write that genre that they don't stop to think, you know, "But I did, so why did I do that? Why was I drawn to those elements?"

And also the first question, because whenever I have to fill out a user profile, like on Facebook, I go completely stupid as to who my favorite authors actually are. Because I'm a dingbat.

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I had no idea who he was really. *is not a Potter fan* But my loling at the books and the fandom has lead me to believe he should get work for the rest of his life because of his snarking.

It's like hes going "Does no one realise I am doing this for the money??? Wow. I thought it was so obvious. Better say some more sarcastic shit in the press so they get it."

And we love you for it. Keep up the good work so we can love you some more.

I...I almost want to see the movie now. Pattinson's explanations as to his approach to Edward was just fascinating. I want to see him do it - I haven't even read the books.

Maybe I'll just hold off until his next movie. I just want to support him as a person and as an actor for being that awesome, amazing, and brilliant.

I kind of love Robert Pattinson now.

Also, I loved the Buffy movie. It scared the crap out of me when I was younger. Also, Luke Perry.

Oh, poor R-Pattz. I really do think he realized how awful these books are after signing on, and is now just trying to make the best of a...sparkly situation.

My question for Smeyer: Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

I think you know what I mean.

Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.

I just watched the Buffy movie yesterday! It was randomly available through HBO On Demand, and I had forgotten how enjoyable it was. I remember reading an interview with Joss about how it wasn't his vision, and that the production was a mess, but I still think the germ of his concept came through. Such as.

It also has the Divinyls on the soundtrack, which makes it okay by me regardless.

that's how I played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself

He couldn't be any sparklier if he... um... was....

*stares at February*

I thought Twilight vamps could see themselves in mirrors? Or do they actually have a weakness and it turns out to be combs?

Maybe they find themselves so utterly beautiful, that they avoid mirrors, lest they masturbate to death.

(Deleted comment)
The things I would do to Robert Pattinson now, based on that quote.

My question would be how she feels about the no edit clause, and if she feels it hurts some authors work?

But who am I kidding, like she ever used an editor.

I did like the Buffy movie too, it was a lot of fun. Kristy Swanson does always have a little piece of my heart too. You just brought back some Flowers in the Attic memories for me! (Those books were ridiculous and full of crazy and yet still A HUNDRED times better than Twilight.)

Those books were ridiculous and full of crazy and yet still A HUNDRED times better than Twilight.

Oh, VC Andrews. Your obsession with incest/rape was--really creepy.

"it's like, 'Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself.' I mean, every line is like that.

oh, rpattz...you are so brilliant

my first instinct with the author questions was something like 'how do you go about starting to write/what is your writing process?' or 'what emotions and ambitions drive your characters?'

and the one i think would be most lulz-inducing for smeyer: 'what kind of research do you do?' ahahahahahahahahaha *hurts self laughing*

They actually ask her that at the link, and she's like, "Oh, I didn't do any until I had to write the scene where Bella googles vampires."

The Top Five Girliest Vampire Movies:

heh. Some of those are my very favorite movies of all time.

I thought I would share this lovely little bit of twilight snark in case you havent had the chance to see it yet. I was greatly ammused by it.


The more I hear from Robert Pattison about this film, the more I like him. Trust the English guy to bring some sanity ;)

I love the Buffy the Vampire slayer film, too. "Now you're a coatrack." Heh.

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What have you seen her say? Because the only couple of interviews I saw, she was like, "Bella is so strong," and I was like NOOOOOOOOO! I keep hoping she was just being polite.

(Deleted comment)
Okay, that does it. I totally love Rob Pattinson now, and want him to come be my endearingly goofy kid brother.

Aw shit, the Empire scans are gone. "No more bandwidth" notices.

(And suggest some good Questions Writers Should Be Able to Answer in the comments, if you want. Maybe we can really compile a list.)

"Where do you get your ideas?"

No, really, y'all need to compile a list of snappy answers to that one, assuming there isn't ALREADY a list...

- "At The Sharper Image."
- "In bulk at Costco."
- "I recycle mine from time to time."
- [point at something behind the interviewer] "Hey, what's that?!" [author runs away]

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1. I love the movie of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" if only it introduced me to Rutger Hauer at a tender young age. And I've loved him ever since. I still watch it and get teenage girly swoony over him, even now I can see his character is a bit cheesy.

2. Stephenie Meyer's always like, "I don't write books with messages, it's just about 'the ride,'" and yet--you know, a book can have a theme, it can have something it's about, for God's sake, a Considering we (teachers) are teaching kids from kindergarten about how all stories have themes and how to identify it (not always sucessfully), that statement just makes me want to bash her over the head with a teacher's manual or something. (Then march off and bash the publishers of said manual, but that's another story)

I kinda want to smack her upside the head for it myself because seriously, I know she didn't take creative writing in college but she did get a degree in literature and I refuse to believe that she's been given a piece of paper that says she should be able to identify a theme in a piece of literature but can't do it with a book SHE wrote.

God. I think I said something like that once about the novel I've been trying to sell and then I realized ... no, actually, I know exactly what the theme is (that sitting around waiting for life to come to you doesn't really get you anywhere), I just didn't write with that theme in mind when I was working on the novel. Jesus, Smeyer, it's not THAT hard. *eye roll*

Ahahahaha... I swear, with every interview like this, I love Pattinson more. Piece of cheese! 108 year old virgin! Amazing. Have you seen the interview where they ask him what he thinks of the nickname RPattz?

Dammit, now I too love RPattz. His open mockery and contempt is irresistible.

But he's always so polite about it! That's what I love.


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