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Twilight coverage ramps up
Another Twi-spam entry before the regular spam goes up later tonight:

Preview of this week's EW Twilight cover, in which they just give in and go, "Look, we know you want the cute guy and that's pretty much it. Here he is. Look, the entire cover is his face. No wacky photoshop, no weird-ass poses, no chest hair to frighten the children, no powdered sugar. It's pretty much life-size. Please, go make out with this magazine cover for a couple of hours and leave us alone."

("What do you think about our new Robert Pattinson cover?" "Because, seriously, if you don't like it, we can still change it. It would cost a couple million dollars to recall all the magazines and reprint them, but it would be worth it. It's okay, you know, just let us know. omg please don't hurt us.")

(I still want to know how many chess pieces they actually received in the mail.)

(ETA: frogempress just pointed out the tags on the blog entry. *dies*)

(Come back tomorrow for EW's candid interview with Twilight costar Kristen Stewart, and a look at the second of EW's three Twilight Collector's Covers. OH GOD. ETA: Scans and the other two covers.)

More from Entertainment Weekly, which is about as much up this movie's ass as MTV is: Robert Pattinson on not being 'beautiful' enough for 'Twilight' (video); Stephenie Meyer Talks 'Twilight' (and Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun); 'Twilight': Will it be a hit? Wait, wait, hold up, I gotta show you this:
The author loves the movie, though she had her disagreements with Hardwicke. ''I mostly stepped in on the script level,'' she says. ''You know the line 'So the lion fell in love with the lamb'? It's a bit of a cheesy line, I have to say. They had changed the wording on that, to downplay it a little. And I said, 'I really like how you've changed this, but this line is tattooed on people's ankles. I think you're going to have a problem if you don't do it exactly right.' And they listened to me — and saved themselves the outrage of the people who know these books.''
I just... I appreciate the self-awareness there, but... that's not... it doesn't... Look, don't you want to make the best movie you can? Changing the line from the movie doesn't mean that every single copy of the book will magically burst into flame and they can never, ever read the original line again. You cannot make decisions in life based on what the ankle-tattoo people want. Seriously, this is something to live by. Embroider it on a pillow or something.

Oh, and then the Vanity Fair coverage I stumbled across today (it's the Kate Winslet issue, I think?) is like the most amazing thing ever: James Wolcott pretty much sporks the book (while fangirling the actors themselves), and it is delightful; scans of the magazine article and photos; Twilight Idols: Behind the Scenes on the Vanity Fair Photo Shoot. And then they have Q&As with EVERYONE. A few highlights: Robert Pattinson (Trademark style? "Looking terrible. Truly, I wear the same thing everyday. I don’t know how to use a washer machine"); Kristen Stewart ("[Bella] just trusts the shit out of herself." SHE DOES, Y'ALL. I think the way I put it was "I am out of my goddamn fool mind and I am going to own that shit"?); Edi Gathegi (on learning a French accent: "I even tried to get myself a French girlfriend, but that didn’t work out"); Jackson Rathbone (Significant other: "She’s beautiful, but shy. She’s also a guitar"); Nikki Reed ("That’s the charity that I want to start. It’s called 'Kids, Get Your Ass into Books and Off of MySpace!' "). And then, A Spotlight on Twilight at the Apple Store:
When the first syllables of "Edward Cullen" are announced, the room shatters into a jumping, pounding, cacophonous mania. Then he emerges.

"OH. MY. GOD!" says the girl on the second row.

"I LOVE YOU, EDWARD!!!" yells the girl next to her.

He squints, they shriek. He smiles, they roar. The girls are again instructed to "be cool."
Yeah, you can imagine about how well they manage that. And THEN: Maybe the word "Edward" or "Bella" has flickered across the water cooler or an email is suddenly punctuated with a cryptic "OME!" (Oh My Edward!, for those in the know). I TOLD YOU I WAS NOT MAKING IT UP.

Empire's coverage, including a photoshoot and behind-the-scenes video.

A two-part interview with Kristen Stewart at ifmagazine.com.

Are 'Twilight' Fans "Twums" or "Mothersuckers"? What? I... what?

Yeah, I'd start drinking too.

And finally: Twilight Lead Kristen Stewart Can't Be Bothered To Read Next Twilight Book. I think "it was too informative" will now be my go-to phrase whenever I'm fishing for something polite to say. "That... that was a very good short story you wrote! It was... very informative."

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