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Dude, you're not the only one that's ever happened to. I had bright blue eyes until I was about fourteen years old, and then slowly but surely they turned a very bright shade of green. I mean, there's no mistaking it.

NOOOOOO! Not Pushing Daisies. *sob* I've only recently discovered it and fallen in love with it.

*Sadface* I hate the fact that being in the UK it feels like we have no way to influence the futures of programmes. I loved Pushing Daisies and am really looking forward to the new series airing over here.

And it was you and your linkspam that got me INTO Pushing Daisies...

Mine changed color, too. And they change color based on ambient light and what I'm wearing (I know it's "cool" to say that change with my mood, but I AM NOT A MARY-SUE THANKYOUVERYMUCH).

I started off with blue eyes, and they gradually darkened and then were green for a while, and now they flit between the blue-green-grey spectrum. once they looked kind of hazel, but it's never happened again.

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What am I going to do without Ned. :/ And we just got introduced to the adorable twin illusionist brothers, too. D:


Eh, I'm not surprised. I wish Sci-Fi or someone would pick up the missing episodes, at least.

Eye colour in Wikipedia is wordy.
I have chocolate brown for eyes but severe changes in my body can make them temporarily amber or gray.

Oh, I'm glad it's not just me! I have chocolate brown eyes too, with blue rings, and often they turn amber. I mean, serious bits of gold inside the brown.

Green eyes are AWESOME.

Green eyes rock! Mine were blue when I was little, then through most of my teens they couldn't make up their mind if they wanted to be blue or grey or green, and then when I was about seventeen they suddenly decided they were going to be green. Like, green with a vengeance (to make up for lost time? Who knows). And now the more I age and the greener my eyes get the more and more I look like my mother.

My eyes are dark-chocolate brown and always have been, but a couple years ago, when getting a major amount of hair cut, I discovered that my hair, that for the past 30-mumble years has been Marcia Brady-straight and completely bodyless is now suddenly naturally wavy. "What in the hell am I supposed to do with this?!" I remember asking my stylist.

i also had "the hair that suddenly turned wavy." I bought a straightener. now it looks frizzy. damn hair.

I've had green eyes most of my life (grey hairs since 16) but recently mine have been half blue/hazel depending on the day of the week. it's odd.

I don't even know what to say about the dollhouse death time slot. I guess i'm staying home friday nights to ensure at least 1 devoted viewer....

Love your icon. I just got the soundtrack yesterday.

Apparently green is the rarest form of eye color, or at least I read that somewhere once and decided to believe it since my eyes are a blue-ish green.


My eyes used to be Harry-Potter-style-green, but now they're kind of grey with little bits of orange, and are bright blue whenever I have alcohol. I'm kind of glad they changed though. Green eyes look weird with pink hair.

My eyes used to be Harry-Potter-style-green

Does that mean that they turn blue in front of movie cameras?

(Sorry, that's always bugged me. They always made a big deal in the books about Harry & Lily's green eyes, and they can't get Radcliffe to wear green contacts? Or CGI them green?)

My eyes do that, too. But not over time...They tend to change with what I'm wearing, my mood...It's odd really! I've got mood-eyes!

Mood eye colour change is the result of blood flow changing; those iris cells need blood and blood does have its own colour contribution to eyes.

That Forbidden Planet link gets its source from AICN, and J. Michael Straczynski has pretty much come out and said that AICN is talk out its ass, and what they say has little to do with what he's writing.

Awww man Pushing Daisies! It's always a high point of the week. I'll just cross my fingers and hope that link is wildly incorrect.

Bleh. I love Pushing Daisies. At least it got more episodes than Wonderfalls did. And I hope Bryan doesn't go back to Heroes; I stopped watching after he left and don't want to start up again.

(I ran SaveWonderfalls.com, but I'm not running Save Pushing Daisies... it's more work than I can handle nowadays! Someone else is, though... SavePushingDaisies.net just went up.)

Also, bleh @ the Dollhouse news. First the network messes with Whedon's vision, and now they put him in the death slot. With this news, plus the PD cancelation and Brooke Smith's sudden firing from Grey's Anatomy, this is a really shitty week for TV.

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Heh. I guess Fox actually made up all the Leo quotes about Efron - this link is still up, but they say that Fox removed the entire original article.

Oh, Fox, when will you ever learn?

Sounds like the day I looked in the mirror and realized my hair is dark brown. I still don't know where my light brown hair went, or when, but it absolutely blew my mind.

Pushing Daisies being cancelled is a damn shame, but Bryan Fuller returning to Heroes could possibly be the best thing to happen to that show.

The Change.gov site is neat, but the whole "winning the technology war" thing on the GOP response site makes me sad. Perhaps I'm naive, but I really do feel that Obama wants to keep young people engaged, and in a post-MySpace world a site like this is how to do it. Reducing it to a "war" to win elections entirely misses the point and seems really, really cynical to me.

I'm not sure why they'd put eye color on a birth certificate - all babies are born with either blue or grey eyes, that get darker (or not) as they age. Non-caucasian babies get darker eyes faster than caucasian babies, but everyone is born with blue or grey eyes.

As for changing, my hair is slowly going from "definitely blonde" to "some people would call it light brown, others would call it dirty blonde" to "definitely brown, with reddish in the sunshine" over the course of a few years. My husband, on the other hand, is slowly going grey at the ripe old age of 26.

...but everyone is born with blue or grey eyes.

Not everyone. My oldest brother was born with brown eyes, and they have been that way his entire life.

Granted, I'm sure that that's a rare thing to have happen. Just sayin', is all.

Green eyes?
Oh dear.
Watch out for David Lo-Pan!! :D

Why do all the Pevensies look so FRUMPY? gah.

They can't help it, they're British.

Since you love Pushing Daisies, you might want to link to this petition that's making the rounds. I really hope the show doesn't get canceled. I love it so much!

Actually, I've never watched it. I just post news because I know some of y'all do. But I can certainly link the petition. : )

My eyes changed color all the time when I was growing up. Some days they were green, other times they were blue, occasionally they were gray. A couple years ago they (mostly) settled on green. My license says they're hazel. Oh well.

I have to say, when I first heard about the Allen-Irons-O'Keefe film, I was excited. Then I saw that it's for Lifetime. Oy. Is she going to sleep with her step-son and get him to kill her other lover? Or something? I can't help it, I'm prejudiced.


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