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Couldn't happen to a better or more deserving member of the blogerati. Congrats, enjoy, and revel.

Oh man. I'm embarrassed now. I thought that was a Cyndi Lauper original.

(Also, seeing her perform it live was better than the rather silly video.)

Well, it's complicated--Orbison passed away before his version was released; I think his is actually a demo vocal they added instrumentation to. So Lauper's version was the one that was actually released first; Orbison's didn't come out until 1990, as a memorial kind of thing.

That is *really freakin' cool!

that's so cool!

i just looked at the website and i can't get in. SO ANNOYING. who knows the secret password and wants to let me in to the cool kid's club?

I've just emailed to ask if I can give out the password. They're probably going to be like, DUH, THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF SENDING IT TO YOU.

That sounds like the most amazing thing!

I love old-fashioned keys too. They are just full of mystery for me. I should start some type of collection.

Way to go, though!

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Congrats on the swag! I'd totally wear the key, btdubbs. It's just too awesome to leave alone.

I've tried a couple keys--they all fill the space on the website.

Stopmotion, buttoneyes, moustachio, armpithair, puppetlove, and sweaterxxs are all proven to work.

lol @ armpithair. Nicely done. :D

Dude! Awesome! That is some cool (and clearly effective) promoing right there.

thats some good gift/movie karma that is....

cant wait to see the pics of this.

I'm just going to go ahead and admit that I harbor a strange love for Celine Dion's version of that song.

Yeah... I listen to it sometimes. It's just that awesome a song, really.

Wow! That sounds really nifty! They really put some thought into that. :)

And then I went and took a shower and dipped into my precious sample bottle of Lush's Snow Fairy.

Are we talking about this Lush? Because I'm going through an crazy Lush phase right now - I couldn't live without my Celestial face cream, my Smitten hand cream, and the occasional treat of a Sex Bomb and my Heavenly Bodies buttercream. We only just got Lush a few months ago and I went head over heels.

Seriously. That's practically all I want for Christmas this year.

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Yes! I've tried a couple other things from them, but so far, Snow Fairy is the only thing I just crave like a craving thing. I do want to try one of their scary-expensive new moisturizers at some point, though. I forget which one I decided would probably be best for my skin.

Well that's awesome. Also, "Strange wonders in the mail" sounds like a missing line from Wuthering Heights (the song, not the novel).

NOw thats the way to turn around your blah day!

I was completely baffled for several reasons when I read this. First of all, I had no idea that was a Roy Orbison song (is that Jennifer Connelly in the video?); I'd only heard Celine Dion's version.

And then I had no idea who or what Coraline is. Thank you, Wikipedia. I'm really starting to think I need to do something about my ignorance of all things related to Neil Gaiman.

Yes, that is Connellycious in the video. :)
I have never heard this song at all.
This is weirding me out.

That's some really nifty swag!

I have never heard this song! Ever! Not by anyone!

Neil posted this link in his blog the other day which has pictures of the box sent to that site, as well as a code.

Mine had secret compartments and theirs didn't! AND NAIL POLISH I feel special now.

So jealous. A couple of people in the Alternate Reality Gaming community have gotten boxes - I wonder if they're going to do an ARG for Coraline? If so, that would be awesome.

The passwords are out and about on the internet - here, in particular - it won't matter if you share it, but it's nice for you to have emailed them and asked. :)

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I wanna see! I wanna see!

That's so cool! And what a great day for it to come!

Ooooh, that is wicked. (And old keys are fascinating--I don't know, maybe I read too many picture books of fairy tales as a kid, but that's how I sort of feel keys are supposed to look.)

Also, you're not weird, "I Drove All Night" is one of the greatest songs ever (well, imho). I grew up with the Cyndi version, but Roy Orbison's is great as well (I think just clicking on that link made my evening better).

Same here--I always loved Cyndi Lauper's, but when MTV started playing the Orbison tribute video--the one I linked to--in about 1990 or so, I fell in love with that one, too. And I even liked Carly Smithson's version on American Idol. It's just really a fantastic song. And great to wail along with.


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