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Word. Seriously...I think there is an evil conspiracy going on to piss on everything I love. Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones and now POTO??? Where will it end?!?!

I remember a couple of years ago the Viacom stations went through this with Time Warner, too. I guess the settlement was just temporary or something.

A local station is now going through the same thing, with the same cutoff date. The cable company will eventually cave in on this.

A... Phantom... SEQUEL.

Let's see. The musical that had that fantastic There-are-no-words the-not-quite-end ending that works because of the mystery involved... is getting a sequel.

Okay. I know we love the stuff we loved a decade or two ago, and that it's great to remember and pay homage, but we can't remake/continue everything!

Have you *read* the sequel??? It is too horrible to contemplate! Let's just say it involves amusement parks, an precocious boy-child (and I'm not referring to Raoul) and a cameo by Teddy Roosevelt.
...I wish I were kidding.

OH HALE NO indeed.

Sir Andrew, please, don't. Please. The Phantom of Manhattan was travesty enough, do you need to do us more harm?

Er. As an employee of the dreaded TWC (yeah, I'm not proud), I'm pretty sure that if it were going off everywhere I'd have been informed by now so that we could be prepared for the onslaught of unhappy that would inevitably pour through the doors... I'm not saying it's not happening it all, but to claim it's happening in all markets seems a bit overreaching.

I dunno. I think people make far too big a deal over television anyway.

(Please don't flame me. I only work there.)

Hey, I canceled my cable two months ago because I'm flat-ass broke, so I don't wanna hear about it either. =P

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Charter isn't looking super duper right now, either...

Oh, man, I've read the Frederick Forsythe book they are basing this sequel off of. It is BAD. Really bad.

I may have to go to see this.

... they're actually BASING it off of The Phantom of Manhattan.

I - I - need to get ahold of the concept recordings, like now.

PotO sequel?



OH HELLLL no that comic did NOT. I nearly fell over myself explaining to my SIL that Heath Ledger did NOT commit suicide, he overdosed on sleeping pills because his doctors were morons. I mean, "do you take any medications" is standard. Anyway. *fumes*

And no, that Penguin is not real.

A sequel to Phantom??? WHAT? Sounds like Webber has run out of ideas and books to steal from. I don't think I've ever heard of a sequel on Broadway. Soooo weird.

HP will not be shut down like Narnia. lol How ridiculous. There'd be rioting. Gets out torches.

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Onlive archives the next day?

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Is Andrew Lloyd Webber out of his FUCKING MIND? He's going to set it a decade after the original, with the story set on Brooklyn’s Coney Island?? SERIOUSLY? IS HE OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND?

I'm a huge Phantom fan, and I've been singing those songs in concerts for years but a sequel to that show is just STUPID.

I just can't wrap my mind around it. He must be LOSING HIS MIND!!!

Also The Phantom fucks a Christine mannequin and Raoul is a crazy drunk man.

Phantom 2: Love Never Dies? Really? But... at the end wasn't pretty much everyone like actually dead??

That last video in that Star Trek porn article was hilarious.

Yeah everyone was dead! He's OUT OF HIS MIND

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Phantom sequel.


I think ALW has been drinking the same kool aid as George Lucas. Holy SHIT.

Hey, at least Lucas only fucked with his own original creation! He can do whatever the hell he wants with it! POTO, on the other hand, is... is... SACROSANCT.

Did anybody hear about the Donnie Darko sequel?

Ugh, unfortunately. Donnie Dark was an amazing movie, why are the ruining it with a sequel? The original director isn't even a part of it, since he doesn't think it needs a sequel. Apparently they are also getting the guy that's gonna play Goku in the craptastic new Dragonball movie to be a new Frank.

In short, DO. NOT. WANT. D:

*too busy staring in shock at the second piece of news to read rest of post*

And the only reason the first piece of news didn't horrify me is because I saw it and already ranted at ONTD.

That Fox Movies twitter feed is FTW!!

WTF Time Warner? I don't really WATCH any Viacom stations, mind you... but this seems a bit extreme. O.o

Also, I wasn't sure if you saw that the Queen's New Years Honours List has been released. Terry Pratchett has been knighted! Robert Plant has received some kind of honour, too, but I'm not so sure if he's been knighted.

Just thought you might want the link! Sorry if you've seen it already. ^_^;;

Ok, so honestly, I'd miss MTV like I'd miss a firey case of assherpes (as in, you know, NOT AT FUCKING ALL KTHXBIE) but dude, srsly? If Time Warner, with their overpriced packages and their constantly increasing rates and their less-than-awesome service record with me, takes away my Daily Show/Colbert Report, BY GOD THERE WILL BE BLOOD.



I didn't think it was even possible to love Rpattz more that I already did. And I mean that in the sincerest, most non-stalkery way possible.


I should find the link about the Phantom having sex with a life-size Christine doll... (NO, THAT IS FOR SRS.)

Hee--no, I'd heard about it. The synopsis I'd heard was totally bizarro (in addition to the doll--which, let's face it, was already in the movie at the very least--there was something about Raoul having been castrated in a street fight? So Christine had a baby by the Phantom named Gustave? Something?), but this is the first time I'd seen it on something as reliable as MSNBC.

I was told awhile ago, that the new Phantom was going to be a prequel.

I was okay with the idea of a prequel.

However, I am not pleased at all that its actually a sequel.


I've never heard of Coraline, but all the buzz around it and seeing this YouTube video on the knitter who knitted all her sweaters in minature (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT5MFdAB7fI) makes me want to see it so bad! The sweaters are adorable!

Nine Inch Nails meets K/S

This was posted in the comments of the Star Trek porn article:

So, so funny.

Re: Nine Inch Nails meets K/S

Funny? Don't you mean FUCKING HAWT?!?!


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