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Phantom sequel.


I think ALW has been drinking the same kool aid as George Lucas. Holy SHIT.

Hey, at least Lucas only fucked with his own original creation! He can do whatever the hell he wants with it! POTO, on the other hand, is... is... SACROSANCT.

Au contraire. It's in the public domain, which means any of us who want it get a crack at it.

Emphasis on crack. But then I'm still traumatized by "Angel of the Opera" and "The Canary Trainer."

Well, yes, you CAN. You CAN stab yourself in the eye with a fork, but that doesn't make it a great idea!

Honestly I don't mind people taking a stab at POTO as the original book is the definition of a dime novel--it could be MUCH more interesting. But not by doing crossovers. Or sex with dolls.

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