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Did anybody hear about the Donnie Darko sequel?

Ugh, unfortunately. Donnie Dark was an amazing movie, why are the ruining it with a sequel? The original director isn't even a part of it, since he doesn't think it needs a sequel. Apparently they are also getting the guy that's gonna play Goku in the craptastic new Dragonball movie to be a new Frank.

In short, DO. NOT. WANT. D:

Well, at least the Donnie Darko director is in the right state of mind XD

NEW FRANK? But... Darko is only, like, seven years old?

WHY?! Is it that cheap to make films? Is that why they're making sequels and remakes left and right?

They find it necessary apparently.

But given the current financial situation, it sounds insane. I mean, they are rumors to cancel Harry Potter and Time Warner is going bankrupt. This is stupid.

If they cancel Harry Potter, I guarantee a riot that would put the worst Twilighter horde gathering to shame.

I would join that riot. Totally.

Dude, the death threats that got sent to WB after HBP was moved to next summer made headlines on THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

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