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Maybe, maybe not. Recent example, albeit on a smaller scale: when the Dish network decided to pull my local ABC affiliate over contract negotiations gone sour, it was announced the night before it happened. I happened to hear about it via an emergency ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen during Pushing Daisies; it didn't hit the news until the next day, at which point it had already been yanked. (I happen to get cable through Comcast, so I don't know how long that went on before somebody caved.) I've seen this happen a couple times, and basically what happens is that both parties squabble and fight and negotiate (messily) until the absolute last minute until it quote-unquote can't get resolved without someone throwing a big dramatic hissyfit. It'll get fixed, but the hissyfit stage is freaking annoying, and there usually isn't much warning.

(I also remember catching a bit of, as I recall, Regis & Whoever-It-Was-At-the-Time during a similar cable-company spat where they got pulled off the air in NYC, ranting about it and how they weren't quite sure what they were doing there if the show wasn't being broadcast. HELLO: THE REST OF THE COUNTRY STILL MATTERS, JACKASSES. but that's another rant. ;)

I could see there being not much warning, but it being the day after tomorrow, and apparently already hitting other information sources, I'm sure we would've found out today and nothing came through about it. I'm just hesitant to see people flip out over something that could potentially resolve itself or at least be extended tomorrow. We've had a lot of that going on with local news affiliates lately anyway, so I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised to see other channels going the way of the dodo.

It's definitely hitting the news more broadly by now, but still under "maybe," so yeah, I guess we'll see what happens. According to the AP they've got until midnight Wednesday to figure it out....

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