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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

*Plays "I Wear my Sunglasses at night"*

HAHA. I work at Chapters (Canadian version of Barnes and Noble) and we sell those Edward dolls :P. I enjoy that we ONLY have Edward.. they made the mistake of sending us Edward, Jacob and James (?) posters/bookmarks/memorabillia and noooooo one wanted the Jacob or James ones :(. We don't have Bella!doll yet, but Edward looks funky and he's expensive :P I do enjoy that he has the James Dean!sunglasses though.

Chapters is like my favorite place on Earth. xD

These dolls certainly look... pissy, don't they?

They definitely all seem to have their bitchface perfected.

God, if Bella shows up, I wouldn't want to be in the room at night.

I'd need to get my own rocking chair to watch her from the corner.

The glasses look like there's a small chance they're removable... are all the dolls made by different companies?

The action figures, both versions, are NECA; the 17" doll is Tonner.

They're action figures. ♥

but they don't do any action, and they certainly don't get any. they're dolls. :)

You're right. Faramir Two is such fun.

I heart the little 2 in the corner of Faramir2's icon xD

Hahah I didn't really notice that until you pointed it out! That is awesome.

Faramir Two is getting on with everyone like a house afire--he can talk braids with the girls and swords with the boys. Faramir One sleeps in his box at night, curled up inside my headphones listening to various versions of "Wicked Game."

The fact that I'm at work is the only thing keeping me from dissolving into helpless giggles right now.

Poor Faramir. Cheer up emo Steward!

I think I rather like the Bella face, while not as bitch!face as the Tonner version, it's a nice blend of something when compared with I sparkled for a girl Edward doing the James Dean thing.

Also I think I could totally date Faramir 2... that is if I hadn't already had someone to him in high school.


Oh Anna, ILU.

And Faramir2 (hee, I like your clear delineation in the icon) is completely wonderful. Whee.

This may be one of the best sitcoms ever

Faramir Two, what a scene-stealer!

I'd like to posit that the Tonner Bella is a good likeness of Kristen Stewart in the movie poster.

IMO Stewart is one of those chameleon girls -- she looks different in a different light or with different eyeliner or extra extensions or whatever. Good for acting but hard to pin down in a doll.

*giggles* Oh, Faramir Two, how you remind me of the Faramir Fanboy I once dated ("He's just like Faramir! And I'm his Eowyn, mommy") who is now dating well, let's just say it's not a girl. ;-)

I personally think you should get the glasses one, mostly because I find it hysterical. And then Faramir Two can turn him, and I don't mean in the vampy way.

Oh Eowyn, sweetie, dignity won't keep you warm o' nights! <3

Anna is absolutely hilarious.

I would love to see the hell your girls would put Bella through. Strong chicks like them against pansy pants? Awesome.

Oh, god, if Edward and Bella Dollen show up, there are going to be some serious dramz!

I am playing a violin of woe right now for Faramir 1 D: Poor boy. I mean man-doll.. thing.

I'm not very fond of the action figure ones, but I know the Tonner prices are so ridic and hard to manage.

I may be one of the few doll collectors for whom ridiculousness is a selling point, though. I mean, anything really hilarious is just fodder for the story.

*cuddles Faramir One, poor baby*

RPattz as James Dean...with sparkles!

At least hold out for the tall one--you can't even get the clothes off the action figures.


*claps hands over Faramir 1's head* I feel bad for saying this, but I sort of love Faramir 2. He's too too fun.

Also, I'm scared if you get any Edward Dollens. I fear the shelf will just become this chaotic chain of Family Meetings. (Oh Growing Up Cullen, how you've ruined me)

Oh sweet Jesus...

I adore the little "2" on Faramir 2's picture. And I scared the crap out of my cat (and have the claw marks to prove it) laughing my ass off at some of these parts. Most especially:

Faramir One was trying to get some advice from Fugagorn, who just pointed out (rather bitterly) that he had to read appendices to figure out what Purple Arwen's deal was, and now she's off with Helm's Deep Aragorn.

That just killed me.

(Deleted comment)
Is is bad that I lust for Edward and Davis Caruso?
Also, Axl Rose.

I have to say, I think Sunglasses!Edward is actually the best likeness of RPattz. I was not going to buy an Edward but now I'm wavering... >.> On the other hand though, I don't think my Agent Smith would stand for any competition in the Cool Shades department.

brother? twin? self?

Parallel incarnation?


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