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I don't think you have anything to worry about, Dragonball Z ain't coming for a very long time.}:P

Scarlett Johannsson in Iron Man II?


I don't know which makes me want to boycott Hollywood more: Rathbone as Sokka or Johannson as Black Widow.

Epic fail, all around.

I'm not familiar with Black Widow, but I think her character requires more than the 2 kinds of expressions I've seen ScarJo give in all her films. T_T

Oh, and the Avatar movie does not exist. It is a lie.

LMFAO @ that Joe Jonas one.

He should say he did DanRad. xD

I've fallen behind on some of your linkspams and such, so maybe I missed it or it isn't something worth posting, but Neil Gaiman's supposed to be on the Colbert Report Monday night. I squeed when I saw it yesterday, one of the rare highlights of the past couple of days. Figured I'd share in case some people didn't know and it could make them squee, too.

Oh, awesome. I hope he's up to it--his father just passed away a couple of days ago, and I think he's in England now for the funeral.

In a weird way, that pan of Witch Mountain actually gives me hope. Some of the things the reviewer objected to, like the convenient fact that the aliens look just like us, were in the original (and go all the way back to the book, where the point was that even though they were aliens, in a lot of ways they were just like us). I suspect that reviewer wasn't very familiar with the source material. On the other hand, that all the people in the film seem to have tried really hard to make it work suggests it's not as bad as it could have been.


That casting is so fail.

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The lady Cleolinda might want the link, too

Have you seen that they've cast Zhao, Iroh, Ozai, and some other role I don't recognize ("Earthbending Father", whoever the hell that might be). Here's the link. It isn't pretty.

They need to stop making people up for True Blood... I mean they already get a good turnout for the Fangtasia bartender seeing as how that position is like the freaking defense against the dark arts position.

I am sick of seeing these people being cast and not knowing who these characters are... grrrrr

Isabel is in the book...she's one of the main Dallas vampires.

For some reason, New Moon movie news hasn't been bringing the lulz lately. Thank goodness for RPattz's meme awareness and ability to say ANYTHING with total impunity.

You can barely see it, but I already crave Alice's dress. And necklace.

I have come to the conclusion that you are required to smoke to work on any Twilight set. Bleh.

I thought the same. I thought young people didn't smoke. I guess their lives are way more stressful than mine.

Thank you, thank you for the Ricky Gervais + Elmo link. Really cheered up my morning, and I needed it!

Seconded. That was just so adorable.

The RPattz interview in GQ is EPIC. He seems to be remarkably good-natured and level-headed given his situation. Also, I love the writer’s observations about his performance in Little Ashes — you can tell Salvador Dali has made a breakthrough because he starts painting real hard. *snerk*

It was a nice balance of admiration, truth, and snark. I loved it.

The GIFs in the ONTD Watchmen posts are killing me.

(Deleted comment)
They had the Hayden Panettiere character go work at a comic shop where stereotypical nerds drooled on her, I think the article said? I didn't see any plot spoilers in there, if you want to read it.

At my Borders, we're having a Midnight Release Party for the goddamn Twilight DVD.


For a DVD.

Also, I am very pissy that I had to work last night rather than go stalking U2 in Davis Square last night. My life? BLOWS.

Heh, I've heard about the midnight DVD parties. Apparently Books-a-Million has already pre-sold 5000 DVDs, so I can see why retailers are doing it.

FAP FAP FAP TO THE ALICE PICTURE. I've been wanting to get my hands on that 23 magazine thingy. I don't even now if it's being sold here in Canada :/

Eddie Murphy's movie, I don't know a shit thing about it, but all I know is that I MUST OWN THOSE SOCKS.

featuring wigs galore (apparently Jackson Rathbone is having to film 'Last Airbender' with a shaved head at the same time?)
He doesn't have a shaved head; he has a sort-of ponytail (see icon). So I guess he's wearing a wig for BOTH movies?

Although I guess Sokka's head is partly shaved. He's not Aang bald, but yeah.

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Why is it every time I read an interview with Robert Pattinson I sort of find myself wanting his babies and I don't even find myself that attracted to him?

Are you saying he *dazzles* you?

I must see that documentary because I think it will be FABULOUS.

Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’ Will Feature ‘A Lot Of Singing.’

Sorry Ridley, but Mel Brooks kind of beat you to the punch there.

We're men (manly men!), we're men in tights (yes!).

So, just wanted to say that my roommate and i just watched our pre-street copy of Twilight (compliments of working at blockbuster) once the whole movie and once with the feature commentary of Kristen, Rob and Catherine Hardwicke. It was pretty entertaining. Rob kind of sounded a little drunk the whole time, but it was definitely worth listening to.

I'm telling you he wakes up and hits the bottle of Jack to make it through the day. Or the interview. Or the voice over. Whatever. He's probably just got a whiskey IV at this point.

A year to go on ‘Lost.’

In the words of Tom Servo, "End! ENNNND!"

omg the snapping cats!! I have such an obsession with those stupid snap wars. I turn every damn confrontation scene into a snap wars joke. My roleplay partners are probably fed up by now. Thank you for the laugh ♥

Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’ Will Feature ‘A Lot Of Singing.’

WOW DOES THAT NOT REASSURE ME. *watches Errol Flynn version with kidlet*


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