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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

It is rather appalling.

OMG that is horrific. Don't succumb, Cleo! Don't let Big Edward dazzle you!

PLEASE. I do have SOME pride.

You know, I think I can sympathize with him. o_O

(Also, happy birthday to the Edwards.)

(Deleted comment)
I don't know what's worse, that Barbie did a Bella and Edward or that they're the only ones who actually thought to make Edward glitter.

Still, I'd been wondering how Big Edward would react when he saw a picture of a Bella closer to his own size.

Ho ho! So Tonner Edward isn't above using newborns for cannon fodder like in Eclipse! But if he's supposed to go by the Narnia rule... Can Ken dolls talk?

xDDDD That's what I want to know; you'd think, instead of getting excited over a decoy for the other girls, he'd be more excited over a Bella who's taller than his knees (if that).

Well, at least he keeps us guessing? xD

(...I'm half tempted to run over to Toys R US come October just to see how bad this thing is, if they release him in the stores. xD)


I wonder how sparkly it actually is in real life.

Well, I'm sure someone will send us pictures of a sparkenpire in the wild.

I love how the description is all about Edward and then- "Belladollsoldseparately."

I know! If there were any justice in the world - or if Mattel read the series instead of just licensing it - she would not be sold separately because we all know she has no meaning without him . . .

LOL forever at "Are you dazzling me?" "...Am I?" "NO!"

I AM SO TORN. I did not expect to feel this way.

On the one hand...surely it is not of the Lord, or of anything good, and should be shunned.

But on the other hand...imagine the shenanigans!


I am so sincerely appalled, I cannot even tell you. I hate the way Mattel puts out horrific looking movie dolls rather than even attempt a character likeness of any kind.

Oh my god, why is my brain telling me to buy that horrible thing? I don't even collect dolls (or Twilight stuff), and yet I sort of think I need it.


Though, I'd buy it for a friend. She... she would find it funny.


I kind of like douche!Edward for that exchange. XD

Is it wrong that I sort of decided Doucheward is my favorite? I really need to reevaluate why asshats appeal to me.

Well, I enjoy writing him, and it probably shows.

LMFAO omg i should've read this before the twitter lol.

to continue our WTF MATTEL conversation. i bought said drawn on barbie doll to put it on ebay. then i got lazy. and forgot. then learned i could get fired if they found out i'm a tru employee. so i took it back (i needed the money back anyway).

but it was done before the rest of production, because you could see the marker UNDER HER EYES. so they drew on it, then painted on her face etc, packaged it up, and sent it off to whichever lucky toys r us would get it.

we had a field day. lol.

Heh, I just now posted this--this kind of grew out of my Twitter outburst.

He looks blue.

He is not a vampire. HE'S A ZOMBIE.


I've lost track how many versions of Edward have been produced now. Four? Five?

I'm new to the collector's dolls, but it seems like an inordinate number. Is this normal?

Not really; it depends on the popularity of the franchise. I remember last year, when I really started to get into writing Secret Life, I had some entry that started off with, "I know there will be Twilight dolls, multiple dolls, we have to find out who has the licenses." Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, and Star Trek--just off the top of my head--have all had tons and tons upon tons of figures, and the more girl-friendly a property is, the more likely you are to have dolls as well as action figures (of multiple sizes), sculptures, busts, etc. I own two dolls, a statuette, and a bust of Galadriel alone, and there are at least three action figures (that I can think of) and a Franklin Mint doll from the '80s that I don't own. Merchandising is a fearsome machine.

OTOH, Bella!Barbie is super cute.

"Are you--are you dazzling me?"

"... Am I?"


♥ Hee. STAY STRONG, CLEO. Don't let yourself be dazzled! ;)

HEEE. Oh, tiny plotting Edward.

Good golly that thing is scary.

P.S. I've just DLed the client: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=100173

I wonder if it requires something like a phone headphone (you know, same wire for listening and speaking) or if I can use the mike and the computer speakers. Do you have any idea? (I should be smrtr than this, I know. Hee.)

Oh dear. Well, on Skype, it just uses my normal music headphones and my $9 mic. Generally you need some kind of headphones to keep the sound from echoing--me hearing you hearing me.

I needed this laugh, sweetie. Thank you!




Hmm much as I like the idea of a ScapegoatWard to distract the violent femmes (Anna & Elizabeth), I think Faramir2 might not let Barbie-Edward out of his sight for long... he looks like F2's personal brand of heroin to me, sparkly chiseled jaw and all.

Barbella, however, looks far too happy to be in-character. I guess she comes from a sunny place where no one ever threw her a party.

Have you considered unleashing TLE on your wily jasmine? I think he could do some good with a pair of nail scissors. I'm betting he'd be good at gardening. ^_^

BARBELLA! *Dies laughing*

BRB LOLING FOREVER. Sparkles! The patented Barbie vacant expressions!


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