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Compocalypse '09: The Rage
So I just had what psychiatric literature generally refers to as "a motherfucking meltdown." (My mother's current pet phrase for this is "a come-apart.") Well, I mean, I had it about three hours ago. I was testing Camille out on various outlets upstairs and--it's not happening. It turns on but I'm not getting to the OS on any of them. I don't know if the ASUS sucks or EVERY SINGLE OUTLET IN THE HOUSE sucks or if maybe Camille is just so super-powered that mere mortals like us cannot run her. All I know is, I had to drag the monitor and its four serpentine cords to and fro just to get to the outlets, and my room is a wreck (stacked with boxes and piles of I don't even know what, in an attempt to reorganize) because there is no ROOM in my room and I finally just started throwing things. For half an hour. Solid. (This was my idea of "cleaning." By the time I had raged myself out, I had two garbage bags full of junk to take outside.) The fact that I spent most of my tantrum snarling "EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO GET ANGRY EXCEPT ME. EVERYONE. EXCEPT. ME" may indicate that... uh... there are some other issues at play here.

Also, I am pretty sure I broke my mp3 player in the process.

I give up. Camille, my sweet, I do not think we were meant to be. I'm going to get a Dell. I know, Dells are awful and you hate them, I should get a Mac (and LET ME TELL YOU, INTERNETS, the next person to so much as UTTER a word that even STARTS with "mac"--macaroni; mackintosh; macadam--will get MY FOOT up THEIR ASS. Macs are great and if you have one I love you but seriously, I do not EVER want to hear that word again). I have always used Dells, and each time they have lasted five years or more. They are safe and comforting and I understand them. There is no point in even arguing with me at this point, because Dude, I Am Getting A Fucking Dell and that is all there is to it. If I can get Best Buy to refund everything--including the Geek Squad service contract--I'll order it from Dell's site rather than buy it off the shelf.

My sister has got the hots for laptops right now, I don't even know, and she's very nearly talked me into getting one (~OMG DELL LAPTOPS ARE AWFUL HDU~), except that you can't really take them apart or add anything to them, and I suspect they're less badass than desktops, in terms of hardware specs. But it is a STONE BITCH to unhook that monitor, even though it's a flatscreen, and move it around to a card table to face the TV so I can live-blog awards season, and a laptop would solve that problem. I'd get one with the biggest screen/keyboard I can find--basically, an all-in-one desktop that's more easily moved, is what I'm looking at. I'm not really going to need to tote it anywhere. I don't even know. I've never used a laptop as my primary computer before--I've used borrowed ones but never owned one--and we fear change. See what change got us, CAMILLE? Whatever. I am tired of this. I don't care. Make it go away.

Also, I want to dig a hole in the backyard and curl up in it and die. Maybe between the new azaleas. I am very near the end of my rope regarding this entire clusterfuck.

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You are perfectly entitled to lose your temper over this! I think even the Dalai Lama would have serious trouble keeping his composure faced with the frustration of something just not working. I wouldn't presume to give you any advice about computers for I know very litte. I have a Dell laptop. It works. It seems ok? I mean, it works fast and hasn't fucked anything up so far. I have a laptop only because I have no space for a desktop, like the portability and don't need much processing speed or space because I don't use if for more than looking at the internet and listening to music and stuff.

Hope the Dell works... :)

Super-powered? Uh-oh. If Camille says, "I'm sorry, Cleo, I can't do that," RUN.

(By the way, I have a M-- er, I have That Which Cannot Be Named but Starts with "M," but you didn't offend me at all. You should get what works for you, and if a Dell is that, then more power to Dell.

Wow. I've been totally pissed off about the shitty day that I've been having with equal amounts of frustration, but you... you win. Is Mercury in retrograde or something?

I love my Dell Laptop. LOVE IT.

I hope that whatever you decide, it works and you love it.

Fingers crossed for a new computer. I know some people dislike HP computers, but I've never had a problem with mine*, and I lack technical know-how, so I stick with what works for me. As all computer users should. There are lots of brands out there; use what you like, and let others do the same, right?

* = Not meant to sway you one way or the other. Just saying that I went through similar "OMG, don't get a [brand]" drama when I got my last computer.

I love a good flatscreen. Dell makes good computers and I have a uncle who works there and now I'm thinking,,,(Yes, I type off the top of my head which means that as my brain goes off on tangents, the sentences change...:P )

I like my current computer, a Brand-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named laptop well enough, but after this week, I've really been wanting my dad's Dell. I might not have lost everything if I was on a Dell. (Or if I had backed up, instead of procrastinating)

I just hope everything gets better.

I feel so bad for you
Here's a (((hug)))

If you were closer, I would buy you a goddamn drink.

FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS NEXT PORTION: I loved my last Dell laptop, and I love my current Dell laptop. The last one had everything swapped in and out except the motherboard, keyboard and screen by the end of its seven-year run, so you certainly can take them apart. And you could always consider hooking up a monitor and keyboard to the laptop, which is what I did most of the time with my old one - I got a port replicator, but depending on the hookups you might not need one.

Good luck, dude. <3

I'm typing this from a Dell laptop that I bought in February 2004. I'm replacing it this month with another Dell laptop, just because this one is so very slow and it is now running somewhere around the temperature of the sun. (Thigh burn! WOO!) (Just a symptom of old laptops, and I have a thigh pad now.)

I got a screamingly good deal from dell.com. I can't wait for my new machine to be delivered. :)

I apologize if this is the fourth version of this you've received today, nevertheless...

But it is a STONE BITCH to unhook that monitor, even though it's a flatscreen, and move it around to a card table to face the TV so I can live-blog awards season, and a laptop would solve that problem.

I suggest you get the desktop of your desires and an EEPC (except now I realize their ASUS-oh, dear... just doublechecked: Dell has mini laptop PCs, too. Actually, my mom has the pink one) that's a tiny little laptop computer designed to check e-mail and surf the web and that's it. Perfect for e-mailing while watching TV. They run about $300, which may be an issue so check for refurbished or possibly e-bay - it's a bit like owning a pick-up truck and a hatchback but if you need one to haul bales of hay and one for city driving, in many ways it makes more sense than trying to negotiate your Dodge Ram through city traffic.

I am so sorry you've had to deal with this.

Sweet Cthulhu on a bicycle, you're really not having any luck with this, are you? *sends good vibes and kittens for fuzz therapy*

If you do lean towards a laptop, I would suggest a laptop and a basic docking station, so you can use your existing mouse and keyboard for desktop business and just grab the laptop for on the go things (fortunately most, if not all, laptops allow external mice so no need to fiddle with a touchpad). Or try getting a smallish monitor for live blogging on the cheap so you don't have to lug the big one around everytime.

It boils down to 'go for what makes you happy'. You've tried something else, and it obviously does not work for you. No need to keep banging your head on that particular wall.

When it comes to personal geekery, you're allowed to go 'Fuckit, I'll go with what works'. Tech frustration is for those who get paid for it (or, like in my case, for the masochistic :)).

How horrible. If this had happened to me, I would have had a screaming wall-eyed fit. I guarantee. Good luck with the Dell.

That sounds very like the bitchfit I threw when my former friend told me I wasn't allowed to mess up (ever) because "you're supposed to be the RELIABLE one!" Fuck that shit.

Also, I didn't post earlier because you were so excited about Camile 1.0, but ASUS has very recently hit the skids. I present to you my own ASUS: A Customer Service Odyssey.


Like another commenter above said, at the end of the day it's your computer, your expense and your trouble (or lack thereof), so the only thing that matters is that you get something that works for you. Best of luck with the new computer.

What works for me is a laptop, the lighter the better. For six years I lugged a monster desktop to and fro (when it worked properly, it was great, but it flipped roughly once a month and I'm pretty sure I aged ten years because of it), so let me tell you, I don't even care how much better desktops are: if any of my laptops misbehaves (so far they've all been very good boys) I can actually get it fixed without doing my back in. Your meltdown rings so close to home I just want to send you good vibrations. [/rant]

I'm just saying, because you've been getting so much grief over the Dell thing - I have a freaking Dell. I have always had Dells. (Well, my mother had an HP once, but it only lasted about two weeks before it died a horrific death and we returned it, because it was a POS, and then we got another Dell.) A Dell laptop, even. My mum and aunt both have Dell desktops, though, one of which I helped order.

I love Dell. They are nice, they are easy, they have good specs, and as long as it's cared for and you have good anti-virus and everything, they do last.

And I kind of hate people who try to be all elitist about computers. Yes, some brands are made of suck (hi there, HP and Gateway!), but Dell, on the grand scheme of things, isn't one of them.

(And I hate Macs, too. HATE. Will not use them, period. I realize this makes me an awful computer geek, and I do not care.)

Good luck getting the refund and a new computer!

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I complain about my Dell laptop, but its 8 years old and it still works fine. Its fallen off the desk and only thing was 2 plastic pieces popped off. Its maxed as far as ram, but still slow by current standards, and I have to reseat the keyboard now once a year, but still working. My Dell desktop wasn't as awesome, 3.5 years before the motherboard fried, but parts still live in my current computer. I don't think that sounds a bad idea.

If you want to look at dell laptops that are more like more easily moved around desktop, look into the ones done as gaming laptops or nicer mainstream. They should be more upgradeable and stats more like a desktop.

I am so very sorry, Cleo.

I also made the transition from desktop to laptop. It was more of a matter of walking into CompUSA and saying, "Look I need something to finish my senior year of highschool, college, and law school." And bless if I didn't walk out with a machine that lasted eight good years.

I'm going to Hell for this, but I can't help myself...

Other than that, I've had a Dell laptop since 2003. It's flown over oceans with me and it's never failed me. But I do agree with what someone said earlier about the power cord, though. Get a spare one from Ebay: they cost about $20, but they're shipped free of all charge from Hong Kong, so don't wait until yours dies to buy it, unless you're cool with not being able to use your computer for 3 weeks.

I've had my current laptop for about 2 years, and had the one before that for about 3 years, and I wouldn't have a desktop now - I love sitting in front of the TV with my laptop on my knee. But in saying that, laptops usually don't last as long as desktops, and like you say, you can't add to them or update them.

Good luck with the Dell - I have my fingers crossed for you! The name ASUS doesn't inspire much confidence with me, anyway.

I'll be happily buying a Dell myself, hopefully within the next month. :D So I definitely wish you the best, and mega hugs for all that you've been through.

Oh, Cleo, I am so, SO sorry. Misery doesn't really love company but I've been having a parallel drama with my new (used) car, so I totally feel where you're coming from. I don't kow what's going on lately, if it's the eclipse last week, The End of The World, whatever, life has simply sucked donkey balls lately. The End.

I am so, so sorry about all of this! I hope it all resolves soon. I had one Dell laptop that lasted eons and one that crapped out and died in less than two years, so.... I don't know. After 9 long months without a computer, I just recently switched to that which shall not be named, but at the same time, my brother went with a PC. I think to each whatever works best for them. I did always find Dell people very helpful.

As for laptop versus desktop, I love laptops because I like being on the sofa or bed more than on a desk. They can be tricky to keep cool in summer if you don't have AC, though. If that's the case, it's worth investing 30$ (I know...) in a fan system just to make sure it doesn't overheat and die.

Whatever you do, DO NOT get a slimline version of a Dell. Just.. no. They use laptop innards. Mine crashed 4 times in the first 8 months, resulting in new harddrive, new vid card, new cd-rom drive.}:( And I STILL had issues with the fool thing.

After all that, I ended up switching Dells with the hubby as it was either that, or it got thrown out the damn window. (His was a regular desktop).

Naturally, HE has had no issues.

We figured out that the reason HE has no issues and *I* do, is that I actually USE my computer, whereas his is just a big gaming system.}:/ Yeah.

Granted, since switching, I've had relatively few issues. Heh.


A laptop with an extra optical wireless mouse and keyboard would be the best of both worlds. You can get a docking station to put it on with extra USB ports and stuff. I am thinking about getting this soon myself. And BTW, I adore Dell. I have had six of their systems and nary a problem, and the customer support is still done by people who speak English.

That's a great suggestion! I have a Dell laptop at work and use a docking station with it, so I have the best of both worlds -- a portable computer when I need to be elsewhere and a real keyboard, monitor, and speakers when I'm at my desk without needing to fuss with plugging stuff in other than plopping down the laptop into its dock. Also, I HATE flatscreens. My monitor is an old-school style (but new) monitor that's 25" and literally weighs 50 pounds. I love it. Whereas, my coworkers feel the need to have two to three flatscreens facing them on their desks....


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