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Well, why not
Well, the bad news is that I was trying to wrestle the e-book onto Lulu yesterday and I realized that while it's true, there are no production costs for an e-book, they DO calculate 25% of the price when you set it and add that back on top for themselves (not unreasonably), which means that the e-book would now be $6.25, and after a quick straw poll on Twitter in which no one told me to drop dead, I decided to hell with it, we will just CHARGE that much extra, OMG WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD ("...she said, as the entire population of Darfur shot her the bird"). (ETA: Apparently this shakes out to £3.92 and €4.47?) So after screaming at the computer for half an hour and literally pounding on the desk, I got the thing on there with relatively little trouble.

And then I had a Woodchuck and the second half of a large bar of chocolate, because I had apparently just published my second book, with this whole thing about needing to send a copy to the Library of Congress.

The good news is that someone overseas was asking when it would go up, because they were eight hours ahead of me. I had wanted to put it up on Sunday evening, like I said, because people will be bored and have nothing to do since it's a school/work night. Well, it's 11 am here, so I figure it's already bore o'clock overseas, so you can have it now. You ought to be able to use Lulu outside the U.S., but if you're somewhere that it won't allow, I have a couple of options I can work out for y'all. Right now I just want to make sure the whole Lulu thing works out okay (we did a couple of test sales yesterday and it seems to).

A few questions pre-emptively answered:

There are notes on this thing for everyone, including people who have no knowledge of Harry Potter except for the parodies, or even people who are just reading the parodies for the first time. (I actually tested this thing out on a couple such people, so I know this to be true.) I mean, you don't have to know anything about it to read me running on about the origin of the color puce or the stupidest folk band in the world or where "dead from coke" came from or the etymology of "w00t."

Yes, it ought to work on most e-reader devices--I don't know about the Kindle specifically, but this is just a PDF file. It ought to work in on your computer, Adobe Reader, the Stanza reader or iPhone app, and maybe even internet browsers? I don't know. PDF is generally one of the most universal file formats, so it ought to work for most people in most circumstances. I hope.

No, I can't really sell a print edition of this. I mean, I could, but it would be a defective product, because the outbound links and footnote jumps wouldn't work. So there's a reason this has to be an e-book; it's actually sort of interactive. I mean, it won't play checkers with you or anything, but it does stuff dead-tree books can't do.

Yes, I am going to pay taxes on whatever I earn. I'm not going down like Capone.

So... yeah. Hope you enjoy it, tell people about it if you like it, wish me luck, etc. Pardon me while I go chew my nails.

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Am I the first to post...? I'm kind of in awe.

*goes and downloads*

YAY!!! <3

If I wasn't unemployed and counting every penny right now, I would buy this immediately. But it's definitely on my wishlist.

Awesome! I unfortunately don't have the means to buy this now, but I hope I will sometime soon, and in the meantime I will send lots of good vibes your way! Good luck.

Yay! And I actually have money, so double yay!

So you know, the original Kindle can't really handle PDF. It can try to convert it, but that will most likely strip all the links out. The large format Kindle DX can do PDF in its natural form, however.

If you give me the original source, I might be able to convert it to Kindle format?

Edited at 2009-10-18 04:54 pm (UTC)

You mean the Word file? Let me try to send that on to you.

I will gladly pay an extra dollar and change - its a bargain to find out the origin of puce. Best of luck!

Interestingly, I checked Wikipedia, and even they don't have the specific origin as I was able to find it.

mmmmm ebooks

edit: Incidentally £3.92 is even more attractive a price than your $6.25, psychologically at least. :D

Edited at 2009-10-18 04:58 pm (UTC)

I bought this last night off Lulu (I'm in Sweden) and it worked out just fine.
Can't wait to sit down and read it.

Heh, did you get the link off Twitter?

(Deleted comment)
Woo! *goes and downloads* :)

I just had an image of someone with a dead-tree format of this book, poking one of the links with their finger and getting frustrated when nothing appears.

You know, I keep mentally trying to ctrl-F search when I'm reading a "real" book. I get very upset when I can't.

Congratulations on getting this out, I hope it does well :)

OMG WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD ("...she said, as the entire population of Darfur shot her the bird").

Hahahahahaha! Perspective, you has it. :) Sometimes, it's hard-won, believe me, I know.

**settles down to read**

(Deleted comment)
Hee, thanks. See, I think this is the kind of situation that e-books really suit--it actually WON'T work as a a paper/print book, it's a very specific niche kind of thing that no publisher would WANT (commentary on material that's already been online?), but there's still somehow an audience for it.

(Deleted comment)
Congrats, Cleo! I am planning to buy this soon!

Bought! I know Lulu.com was a pain for you to get it up there, but would you recommend it? I'm tempted to use them to put my ezine out there, but then again, my own site works just as well, as far as security and privacy goes.

Are you going to advertise this anywhere? I can throw a link up on my advertisers page, if you like.

Aw, thanks! I really want to put it up on Twitter but TWITTER IS DOWN, THANKS A LOT TWITTER.

Lulu was mostly a pain in the ass because I'd never done it before and wasn't familiar with the site. The Vampires book won't be a problem at all. However, keep in mind that they'll take a cut of your money. Effectively, 1/5 of the total price--they don't really take a cut of your money so much as raise the price to cover their portion, which could turn readers off. If you already have a secure, convenient way to do it where you can keep all the money, I'd do that. I'm using Lulu because I just can't handle serving dozens or hundreds of orders manually through PayPal, even if I put them on mass BCC mailings.


I've just downloaded a copy for £3.92, and am looking forward to reading it.

you know, you often talk about working on black ribbon or this ebook thing for a really long time, and we, your readers don't see any results which is kind of frustrating, but actually getting our electronic hands on this is really great. It's nice to finally see the fruits of your labours

Heh, equally frustrating for me, trust me. The weird thing is that I've been working on some form of e-book since last March, when we had our first financial panic, a much larger more complex project that was really more than I could chew. This version actually came together in about six weeks--I hadn't done GOF or HBP because I'd only intended to put one HP into the original e-book (and HBP didn't exist until this July) so basically one version of the project floundered for a year and a half, and this this one was written in less than two months.

That said, the Vampires one will incorporate two of the ones I did footnote in that year and a half, so it's not all for nothing. All I really have to do for that one is Twilight, so I can probably get it out in late November, and then go off the whole e-book thing and work on "actual" publishing things.

I'm not going down like Capone.

This is almost perfect: yesterday was the 78th anniversary of Capone going down. Heh.

Congrats to you!

SWEET!! Buying now! I CANNOT WAIT for vamping! I'll be buying two so my mom can get one :)

Bought and currently reading. I was going to do housework today, but this is better. I'm going to pimp your book on my facebook too.

I love that you used Lulu, they are awesome and I already had an account there (my book: http://www.lulu.com/content/288971).

Also, YAY!

Yay, congratulations!

Off to download now, and am looking forward to the vampire version. :)


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