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Moar e-book
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So my mother's obtained a copy of the e-book and has now discovered why I so hysterically refused to let her help me proof it: I tell a story about her in the introduction to Goblet of Fire. Fortunately, she just decided it was funny. Except that now her entire office wants to buy it. *facepalm*

The problem, of course, is that she's at a loss to explain what it is. That, and "annotated" is such a scary, academic word, when really footnotes are just a medium for me to get my chatty on. In hopes of making things more clear, here are some screencap samples of what the text actually looks like:

Prisoner of Azkaban

Goblet of Fire

Half-Blood Prince

As for PayPal: okay. Here's what I've worked out: PayPal money to dailydigest (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you couldn't buy from Lulu, send me $6.00. If you bought a copy for Lulu but wanted to buy multiple copies or share it with over people and want to compensate me for that, send me however multiples of $6. Or however much, I'm beyond worrying about it at this point. If it gives you a name, whatever--I can't change the name on the account, so c'est la vie.

I was going to say specify whether you need a download link, but I think I'll just email one back to everyone, just in case. Keep in mind, however, that replies are not automated. I'll try to set it up so I can email it from my phone if necessary, but if it's, you know, 3 am my time, you're probably going to have to wait a bit for a reply. This is why I would really encourage you to use Lulu if all you want is one copy and you can use that site. It'll keep better track of copies sold for me, and the benefits of having someone else's website handle the whole thing are worth it to me.

And if PayPal doesn't work--yeah, you can send a check, money order, or (if absolutely nothing else works) actual cash to me at the PO box address on my user info page. Seriously, whatever the price ends up being in your own currency, just round down to the nearest dollar. Sending coins through the post is probably not going to end well.

Also, still working on the Kindle version. Will probably try to put that on Amazon, I don't know.

Meanwhile: The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes is allegedly better than Wil Wheaton's Memories of the Future. Dayna--Dayna, what are you--put down the axe--OH GOD NOOOOOOO

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The axe-hewn body of Cleolinda Jones was found in her home this afternoon by the local K-9 unit. She will be missed.


Ah, thanks for the screencaps. I'm definitely buying this when I get home!

I agree. I forgot that I haven't been able to read all the HP m15m. Now I can PLUS I get chatty Cleo snark. Excellent!

Just so you know, I would totally buy a book that was all stories about your mother. I think she's hilarious.

THIS. This this this this this.

That, and "annotated" is such a scary, academic word, when really footnotes are just a medium for me to get my chatty on.

She just needs to tell them it is clickable snark. That sounds less scary.

(Deleted comment)
It sounds like it's really getting positive. :) I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get paid, and then I will snag 6 bucks from him (he shouldn't mind, I supported his broke ass for over a year hehehe)

If your mom's office wants it Hooray, if not slightly embarrassing. But stilll Hooray

Meanwhile: The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes is allegedly better than Wil Wheaton's Memories of the Future. Dayna--Dayna, what are you--put down the axe--OH GOD NOOOOOOO


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Breathe, breathe! No killing people. Killing people gets things messy. Other people can be wrong, remember?


Just so you're aware, I ran into this. Some folks simply can't accept a file that large in their email. To stop the headache, I'd suggest telling people to make sure they can and to specify which email to send it to for that reason. It's a total PITA.

I'm actually not sending the file at all--I'm sending a link to download it from elsewhere.

Oh god, I love your footnotes. I think I'm going to be buying the shit out of this.

Those screenshots = Great advertising preview. Payday's two weeks away...

Can't wait to purchase as soon as I have access to a computer that is not owned by the State! (Uh, government-type people would look badly upon my downloading this to the taxpayer-owned computer.) Very happy for you that this project is taking off!

Incidentally, I know some people who were severely disappointed in Gary Oldman's casting. And I think I lot of them wanted Johnny Depp for Sirius. Which. WHAT. (I love me some Depp, but there are actual English actors out there, people!)

i don't like oldman much as Sirius. He's just not what I imagined Sirius would/should be.
However Depp?? just no >-

See, I would just tell your mom to say that since the parodies are "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" then what you've done is supply the commentary track. As I'm reading it, it struck me that it really really sounds like a director's commentary.

"...footnotes are just a medium for me to get my chatty on."

And the chatty footnotes are so effective that it reads like something that could be part of a conversation. Like, I had to stop myself from commenting on more of the footnotes. (The one I did comment on, it was my HP trivia knowledge monster roaring its way out of my head; it couldn't be stopped.) I wanted to -- lots -- but then I realized that the book's not that interactive.

That would be a level of meta I can't even... wait, I need a chart.

Harry Potter (Book)-> Harry Potter (Film)-> Harry Potter (M15)-> Harry Potter (M15+footnotes)-> Harry Potter (M15+footnotes+comments)

God, that's almost as bad as the soundtrack from the musical based on the book based on the film based on the book.

In other words, I approve of this plan :)

Your footnotes are just as much entertainment as anything else your pen touches, m'dear:) Thank you!

I have to have this, no matter how much my computer dislikes PDF files.

(Deleted comment)
Love the annotations - downloaded the pdf file to my iPhone using PDF+ app. Works great as long as you have enough aspirin for the eye strain.

I kinda like the story of New Moon but feel I can only watch and or read it with your footnotes. Have you ever considered recording a podcast to be listened to in sync with the movie as a commentary track?

In light of my boyfriend being 500 miles away and unable to hug me at my whim, my solution to a bad day has been rent Twilight and watch it on my laptop, but covered by Cleo's commentary in order to read along while not actually having to see RPattz. While drinking a woodchuck, of course.

(I made up a story that my friends had a weekly ritual of bad movie drinking games so as not to have to explain as to why a 22 year old was renting Twilight...I didn't think I could explain the real purpose)

A podcast would only encourage such behavior.

The hardest thing I've had is to convince people who own the book that this is in fact something different.

And it is awesome (and totally better than Memories of the Future, says me)

Tell her to explain “annotated” to be the book equivalent of DVD extras ;)

We only have dollar coins in this country, which, yeah, I'm not going to send those, so expect NZ$10 (no big, it's two bucks extra after exchange rates. You can buy yourself something pretty ;)) in your mail at some point.

YAY, I actually get to own something off the net for once! It is exasperating sometimes to not have a credit card.

Now that the time has come to type a subject I realize that I wrote you a novel.

I just wanted to let you know- from one writer/Twilight LOLFan/Etc that I adore your writing/snarking/etc. You've given me a lot of laughs through a really tough year. I cannot adequately put into words how much ridiculous laughing out loud I did in front of the computer. Enough for my friends and family to know that if I AM in fact laughing out loud in front of the computer, it's most likely your doing... Or the Sailor Moon Abridged crew, but even those guys are a close second.

Anyhow, on to the (other) point. I just bought the E-book and am already thoroughly enjoying it, and I just finished reading the INTRO. I truly hope that enough people spend the money (which is well worth it) and help you out of a tough spot. As far as I'm concerned, it's the least I can do to thank you for saving my sanity through my last year of college and first year diving headfirst into the so-called real world. Really, sincerely, thank you. And keep up the good work :)

Soooo... Without wading through all your comments, is there somewhere specifically where we should point out mistakes? Because, um, page 19, it's the Deathly Hallows that the Trio wear the necklace, not HBP.

Don't hurt me.

Yay! Someone else who can point out minor errors in a courteous manner! Let us do the Fizzgig dance of constructive harmony!

How about the Fully Linkomatic Movies in Fifteen Minutes? Linkspamtacular Movies in Fifteen Minutes? Or you could go with the existing lingo and call it the "director's cut."

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