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Yeah, actually I'd be pretty surprised if Avatar doesn't get some kind of tech/production-based Oscar nod. I mean, if it gets a Best Pic nom or something I will probably soil myself laughing, obvsly. IDK, can stuff like that get a cinematography nomination? I know fuck all about the filmmaking process, even when it includes actual humans.

Given that it's already getting critics' awards, and there will already be 10 Best Picture slots instead of 5, I'd say it's pretty much a lock for a nomination.

Oh god, I forgot about the doubled slots for this year. UP IS DOWN, DOWN IS UP, DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER.

Given that they did boobs right in 3-d? I'm gonna have to say yes, they will win some kind of techno-dweeb prize, if the Academy has to make up a new one just to award to the first show that gets that breasts change shape when gravity pulls them.

Plus, the sound design was good as hell, although it did need some low-in-your-gut whomps and whoooms in some spots where there were only crunch-in-your-chest thumps and booms. And there is the whole invented-a-new-language award, which has to go to J.R.R. TolkienCameron or at least the dude he hired to come up with it. From scratch.

Mmm, boobys. Yes, I 100% approve of the time well spent on that, as well as to the attention paid to physical (morphological) accuracies in the alien creatures' movement.

re: the language thing - yeah, I read an awesomely in-depth blog post about it by Frommer on languagelog last week. The NYT On Language piece linked within has some further interesting notes on invented language in film as well.

oh god, it is so difficult to read On Language now that William Safire is dead. WOE ANGST DESPAIR.

(OUTWARDLY:) HAHAHA nerrrrrrrd! (INWARDLY:) Damn, you do have a point there.

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