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I did it!
galadriel helpful
Clash of the Titans in Fifteen Minutes, which We Were Not Speaking Of! And it only took me, uh, NINE DAYS. Given my times on the last four or five 15Ms, I think I'm just going to have to accept that that's how long it takes--a week, more or less--and just come to terms with it.

I mention Eclipse above the cut, because I know people will ask for it--yeah, it's on my calendar. (Literally, on my iPhone calendar.) We're kind of to the point where Twilight and Harry Potter are mandatory. There could possibly be one other 15M between this and Eclipse (we will not speak of it, but there's a really obvious candidate between now and June), but keep in mind that 3-4 parodies in a year is normal for me, we've already got two "mandatory" ones booked, and then there's this one already. I can put out a ton that are really shitty, or I can put out a very few that I feel good about, and I'd rather do the latter. And sometimes I can't even make the ones I want to do work. Which is my way of answering, "Are you going to do [movie]?" in advance.

Meanwhile: it ain't high art, but I feel decently good about this one.

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Yay! So excited to read this XD

"we will not speak of it, but there's a really obvious candidate between now and June"

Hummmmm....I can only guess at what this might be....


well, looking at the list on the side, there is one name that stands out a bit...

And that wasn't even the one I was thinking of! Seriously, I'm not sure I can get through it. I dun like slasher movies. But Emmett! And Rorschach! The material is there! I don't even know.

Personally my guess is a movie my friend has dubbed Gladiator 2.0

That is the perfect name for it -- the trailer made it look almost exactly like Gladiator without Joaquin Phoenix's histrionics. And what fun is that?

JP's queeny bitching was what made that movie watchable. We all know this to be true.

Definitely. I still remember every one of his bitchy lines from this movie.

I have gotten so many people on board with that movie by describing it as, "Rorschach slices up one of the Twilight vampires, and then he fights the Kurgan." Even people who hate the idea of the reboot become okay with it after that.:)

Thanks, Cleo, for making my day that much better! :)

This is fantastic! Thanks for writing! I would quote my favourite part but I'd have to quote the whole thing.

This is well-timed; I just watched 2012 for the first time last night, and reread the M15M for that one. (Which made it even funnier! And I'm really glad I knew what I was getting into there.) You rock.


(Side note, even before I check out the parody - I did hear that Sam's accent in this was hilariously suspect.)

I'm not sure he even bothers to be not-Australian.

(Deleted comment)
Well, you would THINK, but people never seem to consider that. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be good anyway!" No, it won't. It totally, totally won't.

I'm just glad it's done, honestly. I feel objectively accomplished, whether it's any good or not. At least it's about something other than Twilight, you know?

For the record, it's totally good. Nay, it is awesome! I laughed my ass off at the bit in Medusa's Underground Hell Something Something, My Memory Sucks, and laughed considerable amounts at many other points.

Oh, Lord. The Medusa stuff was what hung me up for about four of the nine days I spent on it. I only cracked that part today, along with the two main bits about the kraken. And it's not like I could leave any of it out, either.

Oh, it's good. *adores you, uh, your work madly*

Good god(s) that made me laugh! I'm pretty sure that was umpteenhundred times more entertaining than the movie would have been.(*applauds - builds temple in Cleo's hono*)

It wasn't enough to have sparklevamps; now we have to have sparklegods, too? "This is the ARMOR of a KILLER, BELLA!"

... Your icon made me fall over. I love it.

... I kind of want to take armor of a killer and work it into a sort of terrible joke about how Vampires like Edward play reverse World of Darkness roleplaying games. Where they're people and everything is happiness and light.

At least Zeus wouldn't have any hangups about having sex, so that'd be one less thing for her to whine about.

I NO RITE. Jeez. You'd think NO ONE was standing in line to do her ever at all no sir.


...I think I just had a joygasm.


Oh neat!
I just got back from seeing "Clash Of The Titans" in 2D!
It wasn't nearly shouty enough, and there was not enough 300-ness.
I'mz gonnaz read this right now!
Thanks Cleo!

Bless you, Sister Cleo! I don't know how you do it, but I do live for these.

I read most of the 15m parodies long after the fact. Nine days hardly seems like too long for a quality piece.

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