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86000 words and counting. Figure it will be more like 100-110K. Jacob and Edward have only just kissed and there's so much more to describe!

Oh, Simon Pegg, how are you so awesome?


That is a hell of a cast for a Musketeers movie. DO WANT.

Re: sparklepires, the only thing funnier than the tsunami of boos that greeted the Eclipse trailer at last week's Iron Man 2 midnight screening was the one girl who yelled, "DON'T FRONT, I KNOW YOU READ THE BOOKS."

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I've been following him and Jet Bike Steve on Twitter for a while, and I just love him more every day.

Also, Jet Bike Steve definitely needs to be an actual movie. SOMEBODY FUND IT.

While I agree that Ray Stevenson will be awesome, I still have a nostalgic soft spot in my heart for Oliver Platt's Porthos. But yeah, I am now excited about this movie.

I swear, we're lucky that Oprah isn't the dictator of a country. The woman would make Kim Jong-Il seem perfectly reasonable.

Ummm, not to mention Tim Curry as the Cardinal! I'm pretty sure no version, ever, will top Disney's. We'll see if I eat my words.


I clapped like a seal when I saw the Three Musketeers news (although I did not clap for the fact that it will be in 3D)

Is to early to get sick of 3D?

Really everything is on 3D when its not even filmed like this and doesn't end up looking that good or when its not even necessary. Sick of it already its not that good anyway and it wouldn't save a bad movie no matter what, IMO.

Still I adore Milla Jovovich and I could watch her on anything, specially if she gets to wear period clothing on it.



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I'm going to have to wander IMDB for the Three Musketeers one, because I'm woefully bad with names.

Oooh! Fright Night remake! Yay Anton Yelchin!

Freakishly Lifelike Mickey Rourke is freakishly lifelike. It is probably weird I hope they come out with another one with the glasses on... (You have gotten me into dolls, Cleo! There goes my very little money right out the window.)

I still love Simon Pegg. (I was INSANELY happy that he got the part of Scotty in Star Trek. I probably annoyed people by letting out a whoop in the theatre when he came onscreen the first time. Heh.)

Dear Summit: If you end up being an insufferable ASS and cut ties with Ashley Green and/or Kellan Lutz I sincerely do hope that a mass of upset Twihards mob your studio until you relent. She is what keeps me sane in those movies, acting skillz yo, besides the inadvertent lulz on your part. Double check your idiocy before you ruin you cash cow. Duh.

So then it's confirmed? BD will be in two parts?

Yeah, sounds like. They haven't actually admitted that the release date is only for the first part, now that I check--they never officially said it would be in two parts. But the whole problem with the money negotiations is that everyone was already signed for one Breaking Dawn movie; they're having to renegotiate to get everyone to do two. Therefore, it sounds like it's going to be two, even though they haven't admitted it officially yet.


Also clearly this is going to be another King Arthur reunion.

I will make seeing that movie MY JOB.

(I would also like to see a Movie Alot.)


What an amazing cast. I hope it happens.

I saw that on Variety last night. I was ready to buy my ticket for Three Musketeers by "Anderson co-wrote the script with Andrew Davies". The Matthew McFadyen bit is new though, he wasn't mentioned in the Variety article

I could not possibly be a bigger fan of Oliver Reed's Athos, seriously.

... But Matthew MacFadyen MIGHT make an acceptable Athos. Might.

(Saying this is merely a mark of how important Athos is to me, and how much everyone else IMO has fallen short of Reed's version. At least the idea of MacFadyen makes me think, "okay, that might be acceptable" rather than "oh god". For the latter, see... oh, Sutherland, Malkovich, ugh...)

Stevenson, meanwhile, should be a completely FANTASTIC Porthos. I am SO THERE for that. (I never precisely disliked Frank Finlay's Porthos, but it was a bit too "Gimli in LOTR comic relief" for me. The ONLY think I liked about the Disney movie was Platt's Porthos, really. Well, and how can you beat Tim Curry as Richelieu? You can't.)

But Evans as Aramis? Gut reaction based on pictures: ... No. Perhaps I do him a disservice, but... I did see "Clash", and, um... No. Purely based on the fact that I think MacFadyen and particularly Stevenson would overwhelm him, and Aramis shouldn't be overwhelmed.


(Also, I want to add -- man, I will go SO FAR OUT OF MY WAY to avoid seeing the result in 3D, I can't even tell you. I've had it up to here with that whole thing.)

Macfadyen = win! As for Davies, though -- that could go either way. I like him when he's in "let's stick close to the book and show what a great story we've got here" mode. Not so much when he gets into "let's sex it up past all recognition!" mode. Hoping for Jekyll instead of Hyde on this one.

Awww. I read your tags wrong and thought it said, "Shakespeare: The Last Airbender"

I am so bummed that it isn't true.

Alas, poor Bumi! I knew him well, friend Sokka. A fellow of infinite jest, of excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his city's earthbending delivery system a thousand times (annoying any number of his subjects in the process...)


Nope, that one got away from me, sorry.


And then Christoph Waltz AND Mads Mikkelsen, too?

GUH. ♥

OMG - when I first read this news, I initially thought of Pullo, but then my brain apparently decided that that would be TOO MUCH AWESOME, and that it must be the other British-actor-named-Ray-who-was-in-King-Arthur. (Winstone, if you're curious.)

But then I saw your comment and I double-checked IMDb and I WAS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME IT IS TOO MUCH AWESOME TO HANDLE.

..so thanks for that, I guess. :D

Musketeers casting is awesome! Though I've never seen nor heard of Luke Evans before. I have such a soft spot for Aramis, he better not mess it up. I would have thought Matthew would have been a good Aramis...

Why does everything have to be in 3D? What about those of us whose eyes can't do 3d? Those of us who have no depth perception and worry that that person down the hall is going to walk right into that door, only to discover the person is no where near the door? What about us?

We search out a movie that isn't playing it in 3-D (this is what I did for Alice in Wonderland). Or we suck it up and try our best. Though mine is more a matter of not being able to focus, rather than depth perception. So I also make sure to have lots of Advil on hand for afterwards for the massive migraine all that straining gives me.

On the plus side, if you can find a theater playing it in a non 3-D fashion, it's usually a few bucks cheapers than if it were in 3-D.

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I don't even care what else they do to Three Musketeers, Ray Stevenson (woo!), Matthew McFaddyen (mmmm!) and Cristoph Waltz (yay!) mean I'll be seeing it.

In other news, have you seen this? http://www.nowpublic.com/culture/jamie-campbell-bower-and-bonnie-wright-engaged-harry-potter-love-2615350.html Ginny Weasely is engaged to Gellert Grindelwald.

Musketeers: Anyone who says "Er, I guess" about Milady as a Bond girl has no concept of Milady. I'm kinda loving the Milla idea.


Fright Night: I'm totally cool with Yelchin as Charley, but Colin Farrell is most assuredly no Chris Sarandon. And that's on top of the trepidation I already had, that nobody except Peter Jackson does that kind of production texture and detail in a movie. They had two weeks of rehearsal. Sarandon said the only other time he had the luxury of rehearsal of any kind was Dog Day Afternoon. The original was an amazing labor of love, and it showed. I'm really having trouble believing that's going to happen again.

TB: JESSICA!!!!! Squeeeeeee! *Ahem* I mean, very cool.

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>>Musketeers: Anyone who says "Er, I guess" about Milady as a Bond girl has no concept of Milady.

This, this, this.

Though I'm not loving the MJ idea... :( Not that my opinion matters, of course--hopefully (for her own sake) she'll do well, but between the Bond Girl thing and, er, her casting... erm...

If they rope in Orlando, I will be in those seats opening day. I mean, I love the cast already, but I have a sick, sad love of Orlando Bloom in Period Films.

Oh, me too. There's just something about that boy and antiquated dress...

First: If I had the unbelievably lifelike Mickey Rourke, the Joker, and Tonner Edward in the house, I would NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.


However the 3D fad can end annnnnny time now.

Gaah!!!! I'm in the middle of a work project and got totally distracted by your Three Musketeer news. I haven't seen Percy Jackson yet, but I did see Gamer and Logan Lerman can ACT. I'm also lusting after him despite my being old to be his (teenage) mother.

And, HA! Ray Stevenson? He gets to act with the whole cast of Rome...

holy crap he will be a great richelieu - and omfg mcfayden.

Wow, that is... quite a cast for The Three Musketeers. So, they're actually throwing a proper budget at it and trying to make it good, this time? Mads Mikkelsen was born to play Rochefort, OMG

I hate to be the horrible person who bitches about the one, lone woman in a cast of men, but Mila Jovovich for Milady? ... really? I suppose it's a good chance for her to show what she can do with a somewhat meaty part (if Milady is reduced to a bimbo I may actually kill someone), but... that cast, and then Mila Jovovich for Milady...? Best wishes, Ms Jovovich.

Ashley Greene once mentioned somewhere she was not, nor would she ever be "embarrassed" about being in Twilight because now she was playing Alice she was being rung up by agents/producers asking what they could do for her and what kind of parts she would be interested in, whereas before Twilight she couldn't even get an intro meeting with any of these people. Sounded to me like she knew exactly how much it matters for a young actor being in a lucrative, well-known franchise, silly as it may seem to "serious" film people. Seems odd that she'd jeopardise that (seeing as most fans could take her or leave her, as long as they get their main trio fix) for a larger salary in BD... she can save that kind of haggling for her next few contracts.

That said, if the actors' contracts allow for that kind of haggling room, there's no reason why Summit would feel the need to politely show them the door. If you don't want money talk, don't allow for it in your contracts.

Maybe Ashley had been dazzled by Hollywood?

If she is indeed getting so much offers she might think that she is all that and then some and that she is going to keep her star status way beyond the franchise...She wouldn't be the first and maybe Kellan is drinking the fame Kool-Aid too.

That Three Musketeer movie news is awesome! I now have to dig out my copy and finish reading it.

How is it possible for Helen Mirren to get even hotter? HOW?

Ask Pa-- excuse me, SIR Patrick Stewart.


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