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I work at a restaurant in Chicago, and I'm pretty sure the only place you can get sweet tea around here is McDonald's, or the Nestea-type fountain stuff at other fast-food places. They'd probably have it at a place that specializes in Southern food, but I haven't been to any of them to find out.

yes! TRUTH!

i live in Pittsburgh and the only places that have sweet tea (brewed, not that horrendous raspberry nestea concoction out of the soda fountain) is mcdonalds and one arbys and i think popeyes (i don't ever go to popeyes though)

growing up with a mother who was raised by a southern woman (my grandmother was from Georgia), i never KNEW there was something OTHER than sweet tea til the 1st time i ordered "iced tea" in a restaurant! I nearly choked on it!

Just based on my own experience, I find this whole sweet tea/iced tea divide confusing. My father is from the southwest. He makes a tea drink (with tons of sugar) that my Georgian grandmother said was old fashion "sweet tea", but my father calls it "iced tea". (My father's family is originally from Georgia.) I've heard people call brewed cold tea with only a couple spoons of sugar "sweet tea", and other people call very sweet brewed cold tea "iced tea". Also, in college I've met people who considered cold brewed tea with cream and a moderate amount of sugar to be "sweet tea".

We need more specific names, since most drinks made with brewed tea are both iced and sweet.

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