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What's funny to me is that I read that "Eclipse" chapter and felt like even Edward himself was a little embarrassed and self-conscious about his feelings, like he knows he is not what is considered "typical," and that's why he continues on about wanting to make sure Bella can go to heaven instead of merely himself and his one "unbroken rule." By the end of that discussion, he is more able to joke about it when he laughs about their positions in the discussion of sex and marriage appearing "backward." ("Do you get the feeling that everything is backward?" he laughed
in my ear. "Traditionally, shouldn't you be arguing my side, and I yours?"
) Like, the concept is so foreign or novel that a character has to explicitly comment on it.

Ah, Lampshade Hanging.

Though isn't Edward often rather self-conscious about his feelings in general?

Me, I'm just weirdly glad that this concept has shown up somewhere in some form.

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