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I used to LOVE Pike's books when I was a teen. But man, I am speechless.

Wow. How old is he indeed! Really interested in this film now though...

IKR? I clicked on the link and was all "pfft the semi-nudes from Equus left me pretty cold, I don't see how bad it can b--"



Did you guys try to film something over an ancient burial ground? Because, seriously, I can't figure out why we can't make this happen.

Worse, I think. They tried to film something at MGM. Like Windows XP, it just won't die. And don't hold your breath waiting on the next Bond movie, either. :(


A) Dan Radcliffe? GIMME GIMME GIMME *grabby hands*

B) I had the great misfortune of working with Christopher Pike at my last job. He has a bad habit of mansplaining in general. Once someone in the office sent him a picture of the ONLY BOOK OF HIS THAT THE LOCAL BORDERS WAS WILLING TO CARRY, sitting all lonely on a shelf, he scaled back the attitude by a bit.


They were also calling what he did in this particular situation as "westsplaining," which it was, but I really suspect mansplaining in general is probably a way of life for him.

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I actually screamed when I saw that Renesmee was cast. This is terrifying.
and yet I'm going to see this movie because I'm a masochist

I also screamed over that Dan Rad picture. Unf!

Oh my good god, do I feel like a dirty old woman. But can we please have a movie co-starring Radcliffe and Armitage? Preferably as brothers? Who fight monsters in victorian england?

Even better, Dan and Hans Matheson.

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Are you planning on putting out the drafted SLoD entries on a weekly basis, provided that nothing catches fire or explodes?

Damn, Radcakes is looking very swish and grown up in that picture. I feel so proud!

Holy shit Christopher Pike, that is HILARIOUS.

That Pike wank is... just mind-boggling. I can't even begin to express how glad I am to not be a Christopher Pike reader right now. I'm pretty sure reading one or two of his books in middle school-- at a friend's house, desperately searching for something other than a Sweet Valley High book to read after everyone else was asleep-- doesn't count. Even if there were an excuse for writing a book involving another culture without researching it properly, or for belittling the criticism of offended readers, the sockpuppetry thing is just not okay, not ever.

First the good: I still cannot get over the fact that Hammer films is back and making movies. It fills me with joy. That they're apparently back to making their bread and butter, Victorian horror films, is even better and Radcliffe very much looks the part of the Victorian horror hero. The only thing that would make me happier might be if they also started cranking out some Professor Quatermass-style sci-fi films, as well.

Here's hoping that Let Me In is successful enough to keep them going. (I would go see it myself, but the wife and I are having to be more budget-conscious these days) And it would be the Greatest Thing Ever if that prompted to them to finally make this a reality:

Zepplins vs. Pterodactyls!(Hey, I can dream)

And now for The Bad:

Dear Allah, Buddha, Cthulhu, Jesus, Kali, Zeus, and any other Deities and/or Eldritch Horrors From Beyond Time--please let the screenwriter, director, and producers realize that they need to just make Jacob fall for Leah instead of actually keeping the imprinting scene! Nobody actually wants to see Taylor Lautner make bedroom eyes at a toddler, and if they claim they do they just haven't thought about how it will look on-screen or they need to be on an FBI watchlist.

Nobody actually wants to see Taylor Lautner make bedroom eyes at a toddler, and if they claim they do they just haven't thought about how it will look on-screen or they need to be on an FBI watchlist.

Wordy mcfucking word.

That DanRad photo makes me feel like a drooling old lady perv.

The photo of the Renesmee actress makes me want to hide in a cave and weep for humanity. What kind of parents allow their child to be cast in such a part?

That Pike wank is epic. I haven't laughed this hard at wank in awhile.

Also, woo for new SLoD entries!

The girl for Renesmee looks perfect! I'm sure she is a perfectly normal girl, but something about that picture makes her look pretty, vacant, and kinda creepy.

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As someone currently living in that weather: amen!

Man, he grew up pretty. Also, yay period costume!

I had the same thought when I saw they'd cast Renesmee. Like, "THEY ARE REALLY GOING THROUGH WITH THIS OH SHIT." I don't even know how they think they can make this movie.

Nooo, Christopher Pike, why? Don't make me hate you, man. I just started my annual re-reading of my battered copy of The Season of Passage (I know, I know, but I do it for sentimental reasons). I can't even laugh at the wank because it just makes me sad. :(

The True Grit teaser isn't working! Well, not for me anyway, it could just be my wonky connection. They did a casting call here for True Grit a while back! Why no, I did not seriously consider if I could pass for fourteen in order to audition for a movie with Matt Damon in it, why do you ask? (Call me, Matt!)

Dan Rad is looking very dapper there! I hope he's able to successfully transition to other films after Harry Potter.


Oh Daniel, I love you. I seriously had a Mr. Darcy brain freeze when I saw the picture because he looks just like Matthew Macfadyen. I don't know why I had the impression the movie was going to be in a modern setting, I was confused then I drooled.

Yay for more SLoD I can't wait!

Oblig, "OMG is that Dan Rad? Yes? He looks....he looks good." comment.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm so sad to see Sally Menke gone. She had a great eye as Tarantino does for cinematic effect. She'll be missed for sure.

That little girl's face is just frightening enough.

But they're ALSO going to Benjamin Button it onto a baby! I don't see how this could possibly go wrong!

Oh trust me, I know how you feel...

I was driving home from work and 1983 was playing on the radio. This was the first time I'd actually heard the song and not just the "The new song by Neon Trees..." promo.

Then they get to the chorus:
You and me
Me and You
I was born in 1983

I was a teenager in 1983. That's when I switched stations.

Re: Oh trust me, I know how you feel...

I had my first university class of the term today. The professor mentioned Geddy Lee and Bob Newhart, paused, then said it was before our time. OK, granted, I'm not in Bob Newhart's age bracket, but I remember watching his sitcom back in the 80's!

At least this is an upper division class. I took a class with freshmen once and realized I was a good ten years older than my fellow students. I was two years older than the prof. *facepalm*

Oh good lord Mr Radcliffe... How old *is* he?

I'm looking forward to Breaking Dawn with a sick sick glee.

Also looking forward to more SLoD, but in a much more wholesome and genuine way.

See, I'm sad. I just realized last night that the movie(s) will render Horrify the Twilight Noob obsolete.


Wait. Christopher Pike?

THE Christopher Pike?

The black-covers-with-jagged-90s-red-font-containing-stories-of-teen-vampires Christopher Pike?

This day has instantly gotten so much better.

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I read one Pike book back in high school. It was about a teenaged boy who had a ~double life~ as a bestselling author on the level of J.K. Rowling, who spent his day-to-day life struggling! to cope with his alcoholic mother and being snubbed by the girl he loves, knowing that she would fall into his arms if she knew his secret. Her boyfriend (I think? It's been awhile) is murdered, and he uses his l33t detective skills, honed from writing bestselling mysteries, to solve the case. And then he reveals his secret identity to the whole school, and they fall at his feet in adultation.

So. This wank doesn't surprise me, is what I'm saying.

I actually laughed out loud just now.


Good lord, Daniel Radcliffe. The grown-up Victorian look suits you very well, ohmyyes. And oh, Hammer Studios! Please oh please, make vampire movies? Please?

I'm just afraid of tempting fate, you know?


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