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There is not enough facepalm in the world for this. Between this and the purple shirt thing, I am just left going "So, what, we demonstrate awareness of causes only when no one else could possibly know what we're talking about, just in case talking about breast cancer means we're talking about BOOBIES, or in case the local bigots decide to deal with LGBTQ teens with a shotgun?" When is crusading only for those in the know?

And how in the name of fuck is that empowering? I read that line of this message and almost cried, honestly. We're not powerful (as anyone, not just women) if we can't say what we're talking about!

Yeah, but then we'd actually have to talk about CANCER, EW.

My roommate and I were having this exact discussion. Thank you for putting it into words.

Word. I automatically think less of people who post that shit. No matter how intelligent they seemed before or how many interests we shared.

May I link to this entry on Facebook? You've said this far more eloquently than I ever could.

God, this. My grandmother and my aunt are both survivors of breast cancer, and this campaign is not helping.

Oooh, that's what my friends like on the chair.

Don't you feel so aware of breast cancer now?

Oh Cleo, thankyou so much for this.

@tokaikko: @cleolinda Wait really? When I got a message trying to get me to do one of them, it didn't mention breast cancer anywhere.

I have to admit, my first thought when I read the above comment was that this is a metaphor for how I feel about organized religion, in that a message was given to the mortals and people essentially meme'd it over and over and over and took out what they wanted and added in what they wanted and thousands of years later, here we are with the supposed original message that was supposed to say one thing and it's very possible it said something completely different. *shrug*

It's like Chinese Whispers, only much much worse!

Actually, I also said this on my FB.

Also, I'd like to say I don't do meme games. Period. Ever. If you think you're raising awareness about something by playing a game, think again. If you think you're making a difference by signing an online petition, keep dreaming. Want to make a difference, DO something real. Donate money, talk about the actual issue, raise awareness. Cancer, bullying, discrimination, etc, are very real issues. Coy little games that don't actually say what they're about don't cut it. Want to play a game, fine. Don't pretend doing so makes you a better person.

I copied your initial response and posted it on my facebook as my status- credited to you of course, I hope you don't mind. But many of my friends have 'bravoed' you and agree- as do I.

I did the bra thing last year because I thought it was amusing. Simple as that. I didn't do it with the idea that it would make any difference with breast cancer. Instead, I donate money if I have it. Sadly, there are wayyyy too many organizations that I want to donate to so it's rare that I get around to them all.

Cancer terrifies me. I watched an aunt slowly be killed by it. It's a horrible horrible disease and really, you're right, thinking that making a status update is going to CHANGE cancer is idiotic. People need to get off their asses and away from facebook and actually make some attempt to make a difference.

The same goes for wearing purple to speak out against bullying. Bull shit. I always wear purple, it makes no difference. Wearing a shirt with flashing letters saying: "I love and support gays" might make more of a difference. But even then, it doesn't matter. What matters is if people take an actual stand against it. You see people taunting someone? Step in and tell them to stop. Teach your children that bullying is NOT okay and to accept and love everyone no matter their sexual preference, religion, or skin color. Wearing a shirt won't do you any good.

Argh I'm passionately angry about all of this today.

You're not the only one. This comment basically sums up everything that irritates me about these internet campaings but without all the sputtering and swearing that I fall into when trying to articulate myself.

(Deleted comment)
I don't have a "handbag."

And for fuck's sake, ladies. Be fucking direct. This coy shit helps no one except my rising blood pressure.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to see not just the futility, but the downright danger of armchair activism. It makes people feel like they've done something for a cause, but it's just a lot of nothing if the substance is removed.

Is that what that status thing is supposed to be referencing? I knew it was for breast cancer, but I was mystified beyond that. That's...even more ridiculous than the bra thing (some of us don't carry purses, for one thing...).

Basically, word to this whole post *claps*

Should have known I could count on cleolinda when I started seeing all these strange status updates.

Thank you!

Oh, slacktivism--the belief that doing something highly irrelevant without having to talk about the topic behind it and making yourself uncomfortable will change the world!

(Deleted comment)

I have been inundated on my FB with requests for me to do this and I just will not do it. My mum died of cancer, and I have no desire to connect that with 'flirting' on my FB. So disrespectful and gross.

So that's what that means. Goddamn sometimes I hate Facebook. Last year I think I did do the bra thing, but I also did the modified version that flat out told you what it was for.

This one is just stupid.

However, while the listing the people you know who've had breast cancer is one way to raise awareness I just cannot bring myself to talk about it on Facebook like that. It seems too mercenary. Instead I posted a link to donate.


Last year I heard that the color thing was about bras - but I -never- heard that there was a breast cancer awareness association. Until today. So -that's- what it was about? [shakes head]

2) As mentioned, both this year and last year, there was a memetic drift where people stopped even connecting it to breast cancer...

I have always been convinced that the original meme drifted toward breast cancer as a way to guilt women into participating. I think it started out as a "teehee!" meme in the first place. Ditto for this one. Not participating, for all the reasons cited above.

The only reason I think it might have started out as actually being about breast cancer was because it did, in fact, happen in October. And this one was obviously started on purpose to capitalize on the previous one ("It ended up on the news!"). But yeah, I can see that. Either way--drifting towards to guilt women into participating, or drifting away so people could be titillating without having to talk about icky cancer--either one is a pretty sad statement.

Holy crap, do you mind if I quote you? This seriously baffled me last year and you have verbalized everything that went through my head much more eloquently than I ever could.

i had no idea the "i like it on ____" had anything to do with breast cancer "activism," but i remember having a similarly negative response to the bra color meme. people need to realize that this is not what real activism looks like. but people are lazy, so they'll post a status and feel righteous. yay.

p.s. i linked to this entry in my facebook status (that said "____ likes it when awareness efforts talk about the issue at hand" -- i hope that's okay?

Was wondering what all those stupid updates were about...

And I agree with you completely! I'm going to link back to this post in my status and spoil everyone's fun. Because this is NOT HELPFUL.

Yeah. And you know, if someone wanted to start some kind of meme that didn't pretend to be about activism, I wouldn't spoil that. I mean, I'd think it was stupid, but live and let live at that point.

Amen. I've never done one of these, have never found them funny, and have (ALAS!) never raised awareness of breast cancer or cervical cancer.


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