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The Cleolinda Industries tip jar
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We (and by "we" I mean "me") at Cleolinda Industries bring you a variety of goods and services, including movie news linkspam, TV and book recaps, award show liveblogs, Movies in Fifteen Minutes, The Secret Life of Dolls, and an embarrassment of sparklepire-related content. (You can also get The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards e-book at Lulu; there is a published Movies in Fifteen Minutes out there, but it's somewhat rare now.)

~*AND NOW*~ there is also a tip jar. This is it.

~*~ omg ~*~ look ~* it's right here*~ 
what? I just thought the button looked kind of lonely by itself

~*tap dance*~ omg ~*sparkle*~

You can also shop at Amazon and Entertainment Earth through my affiliate ID. In particular, I get store credit at Entertainment Earth, which I'm going to use towards Secret Life of Dolls. The Amazon Honor System (donation function) is no more, however. If anyone knows of another donation method they'd prefer, let me know.

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Does... does this entry really have no comments? It seems so lonely without comments. It's just not right. So here is a comment.

Are you aware that the paypal email receipt has your full name on it? I know you always wanted to keep that private.

Yeah... I'm not sure I can change that, I'll have to see. It may be the name that's attached to my bank account.

Hmm. Certainly could be.

Yeah, I can't change it. (I looked; it would involve faxing IDs that don't exist, because it's not anyone's real name.) I was trying to guard my name as long as I could, mostly because I was afraid of people being cruel, to be honest. But I guess that was going to happen eventually anyway. Nothing I can do about it now, looks like.

You'll learn the real names of everybody who donates, so you could retaliate.

Maybe a little late for this now, but...

Would it be possible to do the paperwork for an actual Cleolinda Jones Industries, and have a bank account for the company?

I may be underestimating the tax implications (I'm not an accountant or a lawyer), but I think people do that sort of thing from time to time, and there are some aspects where it's easier to be a business of one, as it were.

I'm glad you've put up the tip jar, btw, and will kick my monies in. I also look forward to the schwag shop. :)

On the upside, people will have to donate money in order to *get* the receipt, so if they intend to be asshats, at least you'll still be making a few bucks off them.

I mirrored this cat's face the other day...

I made a donation, but I immediately shut my computer down after and didn't have email access on my phone. so, in the morning I get my email, and it's donation from "This Strange name." It took me 15-20 seconds of staring at the email before i went "oh! Cleolinda!" and then my brain neatly crossed out your name and super imposed Cleolinda over it. Then all was good in the world.

I am intrigued by your ideas, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

(no, really)

I would like to set up a recurring monthly payment -- I have both your blog and your Twitter in my Google Reader, and am quite delighted to kick a few dollars your way each month for the entertainment, but can't really do so as a lump sum at the moment owing to graduation costs. However, I can't do that as a 'buyer' on Paypal, and the chances of me remembering to do it each month are pretty much nil. Do you have a Business or Premier PayPal account? If so, you can set up a Subscription option and the lazier among us (including me) can just subscribe for a certain amount each month, which will go out automatically. I found the 'Subscribe' function/button under the 'Create Buttons' menu on the 'Merchant Services' page (I have a Business account) and it seems relatively straightforward. Anyway, if that's too much work or wouldn't work out for some other reason, no worries -- I'll just try to remember at the beginning of each month ;)

I think I do have a business account, actually (why in the world do I? There was a reason at some point). Let me look into that.

That's a fantastic idea - I would totally "subscribe" as well.

Suggestion: it may be useful to pin a link to this in a permanent place that's easy to locate, like on your sidebar or on your User Info page, so we can find the button and donate fluidly from here on out as payday and inclination allow. Or you could make a wee banner icon, like those for Free Rice, etc., to put on the bottom of all your entries. Then you don't have to keep mentioning it, or re-linking to it or whatnot, but it's always there and open for donation.

Top of the page, next to "user info." : ) I'll put it in the side bar as well. And I'll probably link to it on "content" entries, like recaps or Secret Life.

Maybe also on your profile page. :)

It's already there. For the moment, I put it in as my website. (Having "Cleoland" there was confusing people anyway.)

I just want to add, about fscking time!
*runs off to throw a few dollars at ya*

I agree with all, but I'm agreeing with this comment in particular b/c of the added bonus of the Snape icon :-)
TIP JARRRR! *victory lap*

You do so much for us, I was more than happy to throw you a couple of dollars! You've earned it! =D

I will happily throw money your way, because you have given me lots and lots of laughs and entertainment. I was only able to give a bit right now, but I'll kick in more when payday comes around! :)

there is a published Movies in Fifteen Minutes out there, but it's somewhat rare now.

This makes me sad :( I didn't realise that.

Don't know if you are aware, Cleolinda Industries shows up when you're making the donation, but the receipt page after and history log still shows your real name...

I think that this is a brilliant idea!

Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

I just bought like 50 bucks of Christmas shopping and I'm broke for the moment. I won't even buy my Eclipse DVD and probably save it for my birthday in march. Now I will make sure to link to Amazon from here every time I shop for crap, specially Twilight ones. Its only fair ;)

Also you shouldn't call Twilight embarrassment. We are going to force you to make a clarification on video like Anne Rice did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEht5W2Ha74

Also question. Is there any book where humans evolved and created their society knowing they were prey to vampires? Like Homo Sapiens vs Homo Sanginus?

Of course you can answer when you feel better no rush.

Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(


Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

You're going to force someone to praise Twilight, despite not having a favorable opinion on the series? The fuck is this?

Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

Obviously Anne Rice had to make this video because SOME twihards didn't reacted well to the statement she made about the series. I was trying to make a joke. No to mention I don't think I can force anyone (even less Cleolinda) to do anything they don't want to do specially over the internet.

Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

Whoops sorry for the misreading on my part!

Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

Heh is the internets! Misreading is part of the deal! (no to mention English is not my first language so probably the wording didn't worked out either) No problem.

Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(


How do you shop at Amazon thru your affiliate ID? An awful lot of my $$ goes to Amazon, if you can benefit I'd be glad to do it.

Cleo, you have given me so many laughs over the years. Some has tipped for now (Merry Christmas!) and I'll see how I'm going again after Christmas :)

I want you to know that I donated to your tip jar this morning, for the first time. About thirty seconds before I was about to go out and buy my lunch -- because I was too lazy to pack it last night -- one of my co-workers came over and handed me a box lunch left over from a meeting.

Donating to Cleolinda Industries is scientifically proven to increase good karma!*

*Individual karmic results will vary. May not result in acquisition of free chicken poblano sammiches.

It does sound delicious, though.

I was gonna donate $1 per laugh - but I would already be up to like, $10 and I don't have that kinda money, so sending some now and whenever else I can. thanks for the belly laughs!

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