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What the hell
Gawker: Ambulances Called, Show Stopped After 'Big Accident' in Spider-Man Musical. 

"Here's what seems to have happened: The actor playing Spider-Man (Reeve Carney or his alternate Matthew James Thomas?) and the actress playing his love interest Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano) fell into the stage pit an hour or so into the show. According to screenwriter Brian Lynch [on Twitter], 'No joke. No explanation. MJ and Spidey took what seemed to be a planned fall into the stage pit. Then we heard MJ screaming.' "

Someone else who wrote in to Gawker: "Long story short, spiderman fell abt 30 feet INTO THE PIT. As soon as he fell, the lead female character yelled (from the pit) "someone call 9-1-1." I wish I was making this up. When we left there were ambulances and firefighters outside the theater on 43rd."

Just to put this in context, here are the three previous stories about the show on Gawker:

Spider-Man Musical's First Show Goes Splat (rigging falls into the audience, harnesses malfunction)

Curse of the Spider-Man Musical Claims Another Victim (actress gets a concussion)

The Spider-Man Musical Is the Most Dangerous Show on Broadway (dancer breaks both wrists, actor breaks both feet)

Y'all, someone has got to pull the plug on this show. I don't care if they've spent a billion dollars on it--someone is going to get killed.

Update: Actor being treated at hospital after falling from broken rope during 'Spider-Man' preview - New York Times.

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Holy shit, I've never heard of this many accidents happening on any show on Broadway in the past 25 years.

I hope the actor is alright.

I was browsing through some of the NY Times Arts Beat articles looking for more about it, and apparently the actor who broke his wrists was asked about the injuries a while back and he was like "lol" (he actually used the word "lol") "this happens on lots of shows." I am pretty sure the lead actor plunging two stories into the pit while the leading lady screams for help does not happen on "a lot of shows."

Hoo boy...yeah, this production's cursed. I hope the kid's going to be all right, but they should cut their losses.

(Deleted comment)
Okay, this has officially gone past ridiculous and all the way into batshit insane. I don't know if it's a curse or if the stunts just cannot be pulled off, but seriously, now--COME ON.

lol ngl, My first thought was that someone said the title of The Scottish Play at dress rehearsal or something.

It's like Macbeth Part II...

I hope he's all right.

Y'all, someone has got to pull the plug on this show. I don't care if they've spent a billion dollars on it--someone is going to get killed.

Seriously, this is awful.

Seriously, why the hell does the universe hate that musical so much?! It seems to be absolutely cursed!

Hmm maybe because Spidey doesn't have a MOUTH therefore a musical was a bad idea.

Seriously, I hope the actors heal quickly and are released from any contractual obligations to continue work on this most unfortunate debacle.

Maybe the producers can sell the concept to Cirque du Soleil (who can handle aerial acrobats), and they can rework it as a performer-safe show in Vegas.

Spider-Man is the new Mackers. But, if we can no longer say its name in the theatre, what do we call it? "Smackers", perhaps?

The obvious answer would be "Spackers," I think.

To be fair, falls into the pit have happened many times. One user already mentioned the Wicked mishap, but I know there have been plenty of other incidents in the last few years, one involving a crew member on The Little Mermaid, and another at one of the Jersey Boys companies.

I'm certainly no fan of the Spiderman musical, but it is the show that everyone loves to hate right now. We're all waiting to see what terrible catastrophe is going to happen next.

I'd rather not find out, honestly. Or have them delay the show (again) until they work all of this out.

Sadly, this isn't not the first show to be that hazardous to performers, and they won't be the last. A performer fell on a pit musician during Anyone Can Whistle and the musician died a week later. Judi Dench had to leave Cats right before opening because she snapped her Achilles tendon. IIRC, the staging of the original production of Follies was so brutal on dancers that it ended in modified Equity rules on how sharply you can rake a stage. More recently, an actor fell something like forty feet through a trapdoor during The Little Mermaid and broke both wrists, several ribs, a foot, his back, and his pelvis. And that show went on anyway, as did all those others.

I don't know why the flying in Spider-Man is quite so injury-prone, but I'd be at least somewhat surprised if this incident ended up spelling the show's doom.

A performer fell on a pit musician during Anyone Can Whistle and the musician died a week later. WHAT THE HELL
I was about to say something smarmy about "that's why I worked in costume shop" but I also did pit orchestra and anyway, everyone in the cast should ALWAYS BE SAFE, ANYWHERE. This is terrifying.

What the hell. I heard the show itself was awful, but that is no reason for karma to strike so hard.


Really, Jetpack!Hitler? This happened?

Spider-Show, Spider-Show
Curse is worse than the spider-foes
Harness woes and rigging snapped
Broken bones, should it be scrapped?

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Show!

This comment has been certified by the USDA as 100% Grade A Win.

Good Lord, this is just getting crazier by the day.

Is there someone backstage doing the Spidey equivalent of yelling "MACBETH! MACBETH!" over and over again? Because seriously.

Don't even write it, seriously. I once read the M-word on the SATs, then went to help build the stage that we were using for Peter Pan (high school production). A girl got her hair stuck in a drill, and I blame the Accursed Word.

I'm still way back in a place where I can't believe they made a Spider-Man musical. Seriously, how many pairs of Bad Idea Jeans got passed around throughout the production of this thing?

"Kids love Spider-Man!"

Okay, unrelated, but I really want to know - have you seen Black Swan yet, or do you plan to? I saw it yesterday finally, and thought it was really spectacular, and was interested to hear what you thought of it, or if a discussion post may even be in the future. It's one of those movies that I keep thinking about, and coming up with new observations and theories over, so am wondering what sorts of things other people may have caught that I missed.

Actually, I think I'm getting to see it tomorrow.

Love your journal by the way.

This is my thought process on this entire Spiderman musical.

"They can't make a musical out of that. What the hell are they going to sing about? Getting bit by a spider? and WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY SPENDING 63 MILLION ON IT???"

yes, it deserved the all caps of anger.

How about actually seeing a musical before judging it? While the book needs work, both the stunts and the music are fabulous. I saw it on a night where there were thankfully no accidents or delays, and it was wonderful.

Have there been any reports of a guy in a half mask and an opera cape flitting dramatically about the theatre?

Well, if I recall right, Michael Crawford himself sustained more than one injury during his Phantom stint thanks to not quite hitting his trap doors perfectly square, not to mention the simple physical stress of the demands of that role. When dealing with things like flying rigs and trap-door illusions, you're definitely taking risks. I don't recall him ever saying Phantom was, in general, an unsafe show. Not sure what's going on with Spider-man, though.

I'm a comics dork and musical theatre nerd, so I am right in their target demographic. But I have no desire to see this thing. Aside from the fact that someone will most likely die doing this thing, it sounds like a pile of shit. Singing shit.

Of course, then there's the conspiracy theorist in me that says they KNOW it's shit and are hoping to draw crowds based on the pure train wreck factor. That or they're going "The Producers" route and intentionally producing a very expensive flop.

And think of the publicity when they go to stage a revival. "The Most Dangerous Show on Broadway!" Is it too cynical of me to think that a death would bring in the crowds?

Jesus Christ. A sort-of friend from high school is an understudy for Mary Jane and I am fearing for her life right now. At first she was so excited to be part of the show, but now most of her facebook updates are frustration at rehearsing all day and then playing the preview show every night because it's so nonstop. MAYBE THAT'S WHY THEY KEEP HAVING ACCIDENTS, BROADWAY JERKS.

Between the accidents and the money they've poured into it and the sheer craziness of the whole endeavor, this thing is going down in history. They'll have to rewrite "Not Since Carrie" and retitle it "Not Since Spider-Man."

Between the accidents and the money they've poured into this and the sheer craziness of the whole endeavor, this thing is going to be legendary. They'll have to rewrite "Not Since Carrie" and retitle it "Not Since Spider-Man."

Musicals are a bit more precarious than other production in terms of something going wrong because you have an audience watching and not just the crew on a set. Read: people who are prepared for something to go wrong vs. people who are not expecting it. I think that all productions with mechanics have their glitches, big or small.

That being said, this is ridiculous.

What worries me is, from what I've seen on the 60 Minutes report, there is little contingency for something going wrong. If they were shooting it for a movie, there would be padding and extra padding and people on stand-by in case something went not according to plan. But, aside from the balcony ledges being padded, I don't see anything protecting the actors from hurting themselves if they smash into walls or land on the audience. Or to protect the audience.

From what I could tell on bit of video at the update link, the actor had barely put weight on the rope when it snapped. This is not a rope that should be in use. And shouldn't there be enough mats underneath to let him fall safely, even if they aren't expecting him to fall? Wouldn't that be common sense?

You'd think they'd have nets over the audience in order to catch the actors, doubly so when they were only in rehearsals. I'm surprised none of the Broadway unions have publicly pitched a fit.

I really dislike Bono, so I'm blaming the whole debacle on him.


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