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Happy Crimbo!
yahoo christmas
omg so tired. Everyone's gone now, though, so I can have a timeout or a nap or something. My meds getting screwed up has made me slightly hysterical--well, let me rewind that. The night I mentioned the medication problems, I managed to get my doctor on the phone, and while she never addressed why she refused authorization, she sounded like nothing was behind that and she was eager to get things straightened out for me and cognizant of me not having any Lamictal being a Bad Scene. So... I don't know what kind of misunderstanding happened, and I kind of don't care. But a couple of days' disruption has thrown me off enough that I've felt like crying all day, not even for any reason. Like, intellectually, I feel fine, but I have this physical sensation of distress. It's weird. I'm just saying, I'm glad to have some alone time now.

(By the way, I ended up posting the Secret Life of Dolls entry last night.)

MORE IMPORTANTLY. I've got about as many character doubles as I could ever possibly handle, and I love my little Toy Biz Galadriel, so this is strictly off-story, but...

Sweet baby Eru, I have never seen this much fabric on a doll. And she has a little rhinestone Nenya! Also: movie-accurate elven disco boots.

Also: SNOW.

If we've had a white Christmas before, I don't remember when it was. Five or six hours of it now, falling pretty thick and fast... and only just now starting to stick.

So, if applicable: what was your favorite Christmas present?

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My favorite Xmas present this year will have to be the bottle of wine my sister got me. rofl Also, we had snow!

I live in SE TN. My nephews and I made a snowman, but I haven't gotten a picture of it yet because we also got into a snowball fight in which I lost miserably. I gotta go now and see to the sweet potatoes.

I'm in SE Tennessee as well right now and my nephews and I also played in the snow! Secret twins?

(Deleted comment)
I got a bunch of camel stuff for my collection!

Happy Christmas! Galadriel is so pretty!

It was 2 weeks ago now, but I got an iPad/iPhone charger-stand for Hanukah, and it's been seeing a lot of use on my bedside table. It's nice to be able to use the iPad as a giant clock radio.

She is absolutely phenomenal! Oh wow.

I'm Jewish, so I'm spending the day watching the Eclipse DVD extras so I can get it over with and put the DVD away in a closet (I'm compulsive about watching all extras). And get this: in the making-of featurette, they actually show the rings that the props people designed before SM demanded the cheese grater. And actually I don't think the ones they had before were particularly attractive (I liked the first one but I agree with the producers that it looked a little too much like a class ring), but next to the final result they are GORGEOUS.

I'll try to find some screencaps now.

EDIT: The first one that "looked too much like a class ring", and the second two, which were ruled out because I think Stephenie didn't like them. So she drew them this and this. Which of course led to this, as you recall.

I try my hardest not to bash SM nowadays, but her taste in jewelry is truly appalling.

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Dammit, I totally would have been okay with the first one.

(Deleted comment)
I want the shoes that doll has, tell me I'm not the only one lol.

I got a pack of Tru Blood. It tastes like sugar, mmmm. and a whole bunch of chocolates. Couldn't have asked for anything better lol

We haven't had one in Atlanta since the 1880s, if I recall reading that correctly.

I got a DSLite and Pokemon Platinum! I am periodically running out to burble at my parents about the status of my baby world-turtle.

My boyfriend kissed me.

Awww, that's totally sweet and awesome. :)

OOOOOOO SHE IS SO PRETTY!! She actually looks like Cate Blanchett, at least a little. :D

Also, fav gift this year is a toss-up between the PSP/Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep game pack that I actually asked for and the iHome iPhone dock/alarm clock that I didn't ask for but really wanted. :D Both are awesome.

I got a talking TARDIS cookie jar. I'm far too excited about it.

I got Eleven's screwdriver. I am equally far too excited.

Oooh, she is pretty.

I'm glad you have your meds back, and I hope it kicks in soon!

Favorite giftie? Well, it flip-flops, but at the moment it's a toss-up between a) calf-covering high-heeled boots that I would never be bold enough to buy for myself but which are the kind of boots that make you feel confident and strong just by wearing them, and b) SLIPPERS. Soft nice moccasin-ish things that are so fuzzy you would not believe, and gloriously warm and thick and did I mention fuzzy. They are GLORIOUS. (I live in a drafty New England house. Slippers are a cause for GREAT EXCITEMENT, okay?)

(That picture is an interesting perspective check, as well.)

I think my favourite-favourite Christmas present was my Yuletide story. But if we're talking physical gifts:

Doctor Who, Pillars of the Earth, Anastasia, Slings and Arrows, and Hamlet. (Actually I got two Hamlets; I figure I'll exchange one at the store for a Mumford&Sons CD.) Also, panda hat and mitts!

(Face blurred out because it was taken at six in the morning and I look like . . . well, like six in the morning.)

Actually I got two Hamlets

That's true to the story, right? Just call one of them Hamlet Sr. The only thing is that if you return Sr. to the store, it'll be just your luck if Mumford turns out to be evil and marries Anastasia, sending the fuzzy mittens to kill you.

My favourite Christmas present this year is a teddy bear with a homemade dress my mother gave me. This year I had lost both the teddy bear (my dad accidentally gave it to a charity shop) and the Scottie (we had to put her to sleep) who had been with me all through my teenage illness and I was missing something to snuggle with. So my new teddy has a hand-knitted dress with Scottie buttons on it. ^_^

The Blizzard of '93 was at Christmastime, wasn't it?
I've just moved to Pennsylvania, where everyone is laughing at me for going "OMG THERE'S STILL SNOW!" every time I look outside. Thanks for reminding me that there is still a place where snow is special and a little frightening.

It was in March. I only remember because we got out of school two weeks for snow and then another week for Spring break. It was heaven to a 6 year old.

I got a Kindle and I'm lurving it. Instant gratification when I want a book and it's so easy on the eyes and hands. Not at all like reading on a computer or PDA. The browser sucks but that's not what it's made for. If you want an electronic device that is perfectly made for reading, Kindle is it.

Forgot to say that Galadriel is stunning. I'm not a doll person but she has my jaw swinging open in awe.

I honestly don't think I could say what my "favorite" gift is. My boyfriend is amazing, so that's a big one. I got a crock pot cookbook which will be AMAZINGLY helpful. also gift cards whoooo.

If I had to pick one RIGHT NOW I'd say seasons four and five of Bones.

It was the first time in over 100 years we've had any accumulation. Apparently in the 30s there was a Christmas with flurries. The Blizzard of 93 was over spring break.

I bought myself a few things I like. Boring grown-up stuff like lampshades. We do Christmas with my family tomorrow, so we'll see if I get any gifts then.

Well, last year was the Christmas I was like "OMG COASTERS? I LOVE THEM!!!" It all depends on what you actually want.

Merry Christmas, Cleo! Your Galadriel is beautiful!

Favorite present -- ooh, it's hard to pick. Can I make it a tie? New Edith Wharton novel and new box set of Dickens BBC miniseries.

i haven't really opened presents yet this year - fiance is flying (in greensboro, n.c. right now) and won't be home until the night of the 27th. so we're saving presents for then.

as for the snow ... i'm SO JEALOUS. damnit, i live in colorado. we should be having some. stupid denver. mountains have tons, but none in the city. :(

We had a light dusting down here in the Springs last week but yeah... WE NEED SNOW DAMNIT.

My inner eight year old is crying.

We had a white Christmas and my nephews went insane (almost as insane as when they got their double lightsaber and huge semi-automatic nerf gun). I got some good wii games and a DSW gift card that I cannot wait to spend.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Glad to hear the meds got sorted out. And that is a gorgeous Galadriel.

Honestly, I think the weather got me my favorite gift: it snowed (which, in Chicago, is quite common for Christmas) but it was falling so softly and beautifully. Plus, it hasn't been windy at all and the temperature has stayed around 30--which is relatively warm, and nice enough for walking around in, but cold enough for the snow not to melt. It's like the perfect white Christmas: not too much, not too little.

My mother also got me the Orange Juice CD box set which I didn't even ask for because I thought it might be too expensive. She just saw it in the store and thought I would like it. She was right. I am going to be hooked up to my headphones for hours...

I wanted the Orange Juice box set so much, and I didn't get it. Your mother is awesome.

I'm glad you're back on your medication.

I got a Kindle and a red cover case from my one of my brothers and soon to be sister-in-law. I also got a white North Face sweater from my sister that will get some great use. Except we're supposed to get rain next weekend and have above average temperatures for several days, which will melt all of the snow. ;_;

I forgot to say Galadriel is gorgeous. Merry Christmas! :D :D :D

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Favorite Christmas present this year: it's a toss-up. Either the Amazon Kindle I got from my awesome husband, or the Grateful Dead/Winnie the Pooh themed travel coffee mug that was hand-drawn by my friend's 11-year old daughter. I think the mug may be winning, although the Kindle is SWEET.


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