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Let me tell you, internets
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I am disappoint. Huntsville and Hothlanta are buried, and all Birmingham got was a thick, granular crust of ice--basically, an accumulation of sleet. It was enough to make everything dangerous, but nothing fun to make up for it. We had some actual snowflakes today, but nothing that stuck--just the same old crusty ice that had softened yesterday and then refrozen over night. We didn't even get enough snow to do this:

Meanwhile, Boston and New York seem to be preparing for the Snowpocalypse to hit them. Foresthouse also tells me that D.C. is expecting a few inches, so I have been designated her Emergency Representative. More seriously: I hope all my Australian readers are safe right now. We will be sending good thoughts in your direction.

ETA: You can donate to flood relief efforts here.

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Did you see this? Peachtree Street in Hothlanta is so frozen solid that someone ice-skated on it. I live about a mile east of there and have been doing nothing but watching movies and occasionally walking to bars to eat because there is no way to get out of the neighborhood.

OMG that Jeep! Why would anyone drive on that??

So asks the girl who thinks a few snow flurries that aren't even sticking may derail plans to drive home tonight.

Actually cleo, ice storms are really *great* for an old-fashioned runnered sled (as opposed to toboggan). Try it, but beware you will go faster than you would over snow on the same grade of slope.

oh, but it renders a toboggan into a snow-saucer--zero control.

...I thought that was half the point of a toboggan anyway?

We got 6 inches in middle Tennessee - and it's still there!

Where are you in Tennessee?

I'm on the Plateau!

Okay, I have been watching that gif for at least 10 minutes now and laughing like a total fucking git. OH PUPPY. ILU.

It's the expert little kick-off that gets me. This dog is no stranger to sleds or the theft thereof.

If it helps I'm on the Northeast and it's getting crazy here.

And this is after we already got a foot of snow last week.

I'm at the other end of the country from the floods, but the people in Queensland and northern NSW need all the good thoughts they can get. The Queensland Government is appealing for donations because of the huge scale of these floods (overseas donations welcome with credit cards). Right now, there's 90 people missing.

Thanks! I was trying to figure out what a good link for donations would be.

North of Atlanta - we have received word that our classes at our local community college (which run Mon. - Thurs.) are cancelled for tomorrow.....and they are not even going to bother to try for Thurs. ("Why should you come in for just one day this week").....and then Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day....So my first day back to class this semester will be Tuesday......

Funnest thing to watch - suburban moms ("We three will go together!") wrapping up and strapping on backpacks to walk 2 miles to the nearest grocery store to buy more bread/milk/eggs.....the local newscasters have suggested walking places instead of driving because the roads (well, those that are not interstates) are pretty much sheets of ice.

And then they bravely walked....through the three inches of snow.....on the lookout for ravenous wolves....

Awesome .gif is awesome.

I've got snow up here to send you.

I'll have to wait until my whole file uploads to link the photo because that came out in teeney format. Sorry!

(I've taken over 100 photos, so it could be a little while...LOL)

But I've measured a max of eight inches of snow here in my neck of the woods up on the Cumberland Plateau. OY. And it's still coming down.

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I hope everyone in Australia who has the water headed their way can get out in time. It's so scary. :(

We got almost 8 inches here in the TN valley. I can give you some of ours. I had to shovel a path on the back deck yesterday so one of my dogs would go out. He is so picky. lol

Ok, I am still baffled by the sheet amount of attention the southern "snowstorm" is getting. I understand that it's out of the ordinary, but I have to refrain from cracking up that businesses and schools are closing for a measly 1-2"...for reals?? Yeah yeah, not enough plows, no salt, I've heard. But still... I am from Michigan, and even when we get 8+" overnight, business goes on as usual. My car does not have 4-wheel drive and many of the roads I take daily don't get salted or plowed right away (if ever). We just drive carefully. It's really not that hard. And the university in the town I live in (i.e. Michigan State) has not once, in the nearly 10 years I've lived here, shut down for winter weather.

I mean, sure if you want an excuse to stay in, hunker down and make hot cocoa, by all means... But...*heeeee*

Well, I already explained this at length.


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Up here in Massachusetts, everything is already closed for tomorrow! We're staying in and having hot chocolate!

I live in Boston but my dentist is in Connecticut still (JUST my dentist, too, why do I keep making six month appointments instead of just finding one near where I live?), and today I had to drive all the way there for an appointment, only to be told that there was no chance in hell I could drive home the next day.

The snowpocalypse made me drive to and from Hartford on the same day when I was no planning to- damn you, snow! I knew there was a reason I moved to Hawai'i that one time!

Actually, it is also snowing in Hawaii. The only state that does not have snow today is Florida.


...I spoke too soon about Maine not getting snow. Our Snowy Doom is supposed to arrive tomorrow. If it does, I will be out in it...dusting it off my car and shoveling my ridiculously spacious and slippery drive-way. Good times.

Here in New York, we already had Snowpocalyps on Christmas weekend. What were going to have now is the city is getting their shit together. Seriously the snow has already fallen a few inches and the snow plows are actually plowing. So unlike last time I feel it wont be so bad now.

NYC's going to get about a foot of accumulation, right? That's a blizzard, but it's not the snowpocalypse.

I might have a SNOW DAY from WORK tomorrow, internets! YOU ARE JEALOUS.

Also: Boston is only for the strong. No one is ~preparing~. The Target still has plenty of bottled water on the shelves and canned soup and all that jazz. We got this.

The only thing I'm even remotely concerned would be the highly unlikely occurance of the power lines or gas lines going bad in one way or another. The former would just be a pain; the latter would prevent cooking and heating of my apartment. But the trees here are used to cold and tons of snow, so I doubt it'll happen.

I'm jealous. I work at a mall with a reputation for not closing for even the worst snowstorms; I'll be lucky to get a snow day tomorrow. BECAUSE WE MUST BE READY IN CASE SOMEBODY WANTS TO SHOP.

Also: 15" in Boston, with a few days' advance notice? Pfft. That's nuthin'. We just hunker down and wait it out. The trees'll be fine unless we get a lot of ice, then they're not quite so sure what to do (answer: pls not to be snapping and landing on my car, kthnx).

Don't worry about us in the northeast. We actually have the infrastructure to deal with this, what with it being a practically weekly occurance 6 months outta the year--unlike all y'all down south, where this level of icepocalypse is a once-a-decade event, and eight plows is usually way more than enough to handle the entire city of Atlanta.

And thanks (?) to horribly negligent street-cleaning in NYC the day after Christmas, I doubt any city or town would dare not plow around the clock until well after the snow's done. Hell, the last storm we had here they were salting the roads before the snow even started. So long as we all stay inside except to shovel, we'll be fine.

I just got home from being in downtown DC, and we're at a couple of inches, and it seems like the snowfall has tapered off. So, not snowpocolpyse conditions, yet at least.

4 or 5 malls in the greater Atlanta area announced this morning that they were going to open.

We just laughed and laughed....

my college roommate up and moved to Australia and they are so rained in that he had to be picked up by a helicopter for work.
this vid is from about 2 weeks ago and it was all ready this bad.


The flooding, much like the snow that Alabama and New York are getting, creates a strange dichotomy in me. I am absolutely awestruck with what Mother Nature can do, how she can create and destroy and give rebirth. I am, however, feeling devestated for those who are caught up in a natural disaster like this, because no matter how much you prepare, you can never prepare enough.

It's almost like having a death in a family in some weird way.

(Deleted comment)
I can't watch any of it. They just have it on repeat. It's not helping anyone, doing that. :(

I am glad that I'm getting a couple days off on the west coast, where less of the crap is going to fall.

I hate snow, because it brings out even more stupid in already stupid drivers. I was stuck in northern Texas for the Christmas snow the Christmas before last, and it was incredible. The number of stupid drivers.... yeesh, I still get nightmares. Had one woman stop on an incline in her pickup to knock the snow off her windshield wipers. good idea, but when the 80,000 lb semi behind you gets stopped on the hill, bad things happen. I was very close to tipping my truck over because she decided to randomly stop.

I think that's the worst thing about these snowstorms that hit unexpected places. People don't stop and think about how they're going to get around until they're stuck out in it, or they're stuck, or they've put their vehicle in the ditch or rolled it over. When you live somewhere that has no way of dealing with the snow and ice, you need to prepare, not go 45 down the damn road and wonder why your car is suddenly upside down on it's roof.

Sorry, I think I'm getting a bit ranty. I blame my profession.

Thanks for thinking of Oz

It's cool that amongst the snowpocalypse, you noticed the serious shit going on in QLD...

I'm ok. We're in VIC, which is two states to the south of QLD, however, we're now getting the rain they got in QLD. Part of our town is flooding a bit (we're on a hill, yay!) and we've had close to 7 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. But yes, all ok!!


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