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If I can deal with it, you can
msauvage purple
Okay, more housekeeping.

The new layout: For those of you just joining us, the goal was to make the layout, particularly the comment posting boxes, more accessible to anyone with visual impairment. I threw "November Day" up here just to have something clean and legible for the Oscar liveblog, but... now I actually like it. I went through every single other layout LJ offers, tested more than a dozen of them full-size, and kept coming back to this one. In fact, I don't even think I want to go back to Component now; it looks cluttered and small in comparison. Problem: This layout does not have an option to change any of the colors. So we're staying with it in teal for this week, and then foresthouse and I are going to work on the CSS code over the weekend and shift all the hex codes to purple hues. I had a few people who said they liked the teal better (if it weren't an issue of persona, I'd actually be perfectly happy with it myself), but I also had people who were touchingly distraught at my non-purple existence. So we'll at least see what it looks like changed, live, so we can tweak it. Here's what a screencap of the current layout looks like with the hue shifted in Photoshop and lightened/desaturated a bit, both a warm purple and a cool purple:

I think it's time for a poll.

Poll #1712184 OMG LAYOUT

Which layout should we go with?

The new layout with the default teal colors
The new layout in warm purple
The new layout in cool purple

On the upside, my parents are both down for the count with a third iteration of Death Blarg, but somehow, I have managed to dodge it this time. I am hoping that better health and weather will lead to an improved awesomosity forecast.

That said, we had a freak hailstorm yesterday:

Here's what fell out of the sky on Twitpic

A quick linkspam:

Jane Russell, prominent actress in the 1940s, 1950s, dies at age 89 in California.

Want a free copy of Diane Duane's fantasy novel "A Wind from the South"? Last chance!

Snackfood Deathmatch starts today.

@SuperHeroHype Hathaway Says She is Definitely Catwoman as Well.

After this whole Oscars business... I am not looking forward to this.

Re: the Oscars: @justinpie: @cleolinda My favorite part was when Billy Crystal cast his Patronus Charm in the form of Bob Hope.

Superman Reboot Targeting Viggo Mortensen For General Zod Role?

ICYMI: Hailee Steinfeld told us she's met with The Hunger Games director Gary Ross to talk Katniss.

Now on Twitter: Director Chris Weitz! Lyra should be pleased. ("@chrisweitz: They play dance music in the bathrooms of the airplanes on Virgin Atlantic, to remind you that you are awesome.")

Updated and Possible Storyline for Tarantino's Upcoming Spaghetti Western. 

Check out this year's Oscar winning short film, God Of Love. 

Christian Dior to fire designer John Galliano after he made anti-Semitic remarks, fashion giant saysNatalie Portman (the face of Dior Cherie perfume) speaks out about Dior chief John Galliano's racist rant.

And finally: After you go see the PG-13 cut of The King's Speech, come back and watch this gif.

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Um, I think that both images link to the same one.

omg why is my life SO HARD


(Deleted comment)
I need for you to be purple again. D:

I feel oddly proud of myself for making it into your linkspam with my glorious gif. (or rather not mine...just something I randomly found on tumblr)

I like the layout just as it is, but the purple is nice too. (Personally, Im more of a blue person than purple). I hate all the LJ default layouts, however, there are tons of communities out there that give out custom code for layouts. I like using those the best. I can generally find something that is close to what I want and then I tweak the colors and background/header to my liking. Its super easy.

I can give you layout communities recommendations if you want them! =D

I like the cleaned up side navigation a lot!

Yeah, I think that's what's really drawn me to it. That, and the jaunty calendar. Not thrilled with the entry icon being on the far side of the screen rather than at the beginning of the text, but you can't have everything.

(Deleted comment)
that's so funny because i am EXACTLY the opposite! i prefer cool purple overall but i think warm purple is more "cleo"


(Deleted comment)
I am a definite fan of the more blueish purple (and let me suggest making your default icon the same purple as the final layout purple). Is there anything wrong with using your old repeating purple lady background instead of the solid border? I could do that if you want?

I mean, how else will you spruce this place up for Halloween?

Edited at 2011-03-02 01:49 am (UTC)

Yeah, I can adjust the icon to whichever color we end up with. I don't know if the old background would really look good, even in a small capacity, with this layout, though. I can use it as an icon now and then if I want to. Basically, I think we're going to try to get as far as changing the colors before we look into anything more complicated. It's entirely possible that we might put a larger header in later, if I can think of something I'd like.

I just think the teal is a good contrast to your icon. The one I often see uses a purple/magenta/

Personally, I like the cooler purple, but I think the warmer purple is closer to your original layout.

Y'all have been having some crazy weather down in Alabama, haven't you?

Yeah, it was 78 degrees the day before. It got a little cooler yesterday, and then BAM! Ice cube storm.

Warmer colors are more welcoming, as well as being more "you" in my head, since I seem to remember your old layout being a warm purple. So I vote warm!

Also, I am sad about Galliano. He was one of my favorite designers and then... this. It sucks that somebody who makes such beautiful things can be so horrifying inside.

I like this layout. It seems easier, somehow. But, yeah, it is throwing me off that you are not purple.

Hailee Steinfeld = Katniss
Anne Hathaway ≠ Catwoman

I really like the new layout! And I voted for warm purple, but the cool purple is nice too.

The PG-13 King's Speech thing just makes me so ANGRY. It's such an obvious money-grab, and it's not even necessary. Anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet either never will, or will want to now that it's won Best Picture. It's just...ARGH.

Also, yeah, I like the new layout! I'm cool with all three color choices, so that's neat.


BUT it means that my dad will actually go see it without my having to convince him that it's not a "bad" R-rated movie.

He has a ~conviction about R-rated movies, I can't even.

I like the cool purple best, but I think the warm purple is more the Cleolinda colors.

This is kind of funny in a coincidental sense. I just recently felt the need for change of my journal style and also went through every style LJ has to offer (for free accounts, at least). November Day was the very same one I liked the best (though I'm partial to the sidebar on the left), but I didn't keep it on because I wasn't crazy about the teal. I know hex codes well enough to tweak it, I just hadn't thought about it I guess (or maybe style tweaks aren't an option for free accounts? I don't know). But this style has everything I wanted, component wise, so I might go back and try again!

Do we know which version of The King's Speech will make it to DVD?

I jsut thought I'd let you know that this new layout loads SO MUCH FASTER than the old Component!! Like, measurably.

Yeah, I had a feeling it might. Even though I don't think it's particularly new.

I was soo tempted to pick "OMG NOOOOOOOO" just because it was there. This is a nice layout though. It is, however, pretty weird clicking on your journal and not having purple everywhere.

Warm purple is better. I think.

Hahaha, me too. It's just such an amusing option.

Well I have just had to cancel my plans for the weekend which were going to involve seeing this....(not PG if it can at all be helped, thank you).

I do think there is a purpose aside from the $$$ to have the PG version - apparently, parents of kids with speech issues have been taking their kids to see this and....they wanted a more kid-friendly version? I don't know - a version that would not give the kids the excuse to say "forbidden" words?

I took my kids to movies with inappropriate words all the time. We often had discussions about what was right and acceptable (especially around grandparents) and what was not, and at which times. I tried to note that actual "cussing" showed a lack of imagination.....all with limited success....

The one movie, strangely enough, that ever had inappropriate affects on them was Edward ScissorHands. We found things cut up all over the house for weeks afterwards - : |

On the other hand - Beetlejuice at ages 4 & 6 did no harm whatsoever....go figure.....

When I worked at a video store, I always told parents to tell their kids that it was totally fine to say the words in that movie if the exact same thing happened to them. Like, if a spaceship IS blowing up behind them? FFFFFFFFFFFF

The really stupid thing today is that--kids who are old enough to even want to see this movie are already texting worse shit to each other as we speak.

I like both, and voted for both, but maybe the warm purple would go best with your default icon.

For the record, I really like this layout.

The only thing that feels slightly off about this new layout is that the sidebar stuff is on the left instead of the right. I keep trying to scroll over to see blue on both sides but there's nothing there, haha. But I love both the teal AND the warm purple!

I agree. I'm sure I'll get used to it in a few weeks. For now, it's so *off* to me. My American eyes want to go all the way to the left to start reading.

I think I prefer the warm purple but I like the cool purple's calendar better? *shrugs* If you're going to custom hex code it anyway, why not match it to the purple that your current icon is? I think I like that purple best to be honest. It reminds me of you.

The warm purple is actually based on the hue of the icon, yeah. The cool purple is based on the old background. (How I ended up with warm and cool on the same page, I'm not sure.)

I would just like to point out that when you click to view all the tags, the "twilight" one in the tag cloud seems reaaally large.

Huzzah! I have fixed them!

Digging the layout highly, but not so much the tag cloud. It's very hard to find things on the tags page with words just being all big and loud and 'pick me because I am popular!'. Is there a non-cloud option? Not that I expect you to conform to my will, unless it is also your will.

I'm more of a cool purple girl myself, but either option is cool with me. The blue makes me a little sad, though. It's sort of mellow in a stay inside and read a book way and I associate you more with a 'hey, look at shiny things!' type blog.

I'm not a fan of the tag cloud either. If I can't find a way to disable that, I'll have foresthouse go in and make it go away by hand. You can also click on the "..." across from the word "Tags" to get to the full list.

(Oh, fuck me--I just went to the full list and realized what you're talking about. Why is it LIKE THAT?!)

Trufax: purple was not my favorite color when I started this journal. Scarlet red was my favorite as a teenager, and then blue(s) when I was in college (that's still mostly what I wear). And I wanted a light color for this journal; I figured that pink was too sugary and blue was too sleepy or melancholy. But a light purple, that's somewhere between the two. And then I spent so much time with it that it actually did become my favorite color.

So yeah, I'd be afraid to stick with teal--even though it's less sleepy than pale blue--because it's too "calm."

(Actually, the first color I tried for an earlier blog was a light honey-peach.)

I prefer your old layout altogether, but I certainly understand about readability. I really like the warm purple (dislike the cool purple), and that would make this similar enough to your old layout that I would be happy again. (Posting here feels strange, like Where did Cleo go? Who is this new person?)

Edited at 2011-03-02 03:05 am (UTC)

Hee. Another problem pointed out to me is that Component loads really slowly, and that the sidebar sometimes got pushed off the right side of the screen. I don't even know. foresthouse may be able to customize this enough that it's a bit more like the old one while still being clean and open.

Clarification: I actually voted for each of the top three, if only because there was no "tickybox." Am colorblind, and you know, I hadn't ever really consciously thought "Gee, Cleo's LJ is hard to read," it just sorta became part of the great cleolinda experience, part of your flavor (which you haz) in a synesthetic sense, kinda pleasantly Kool-Aid. It was legible, if requiring a little bit o'squintin' in some places. And I was a little alarmed when you were making changes (because change is always weird and scary), but God, I was not prepared for how much of a relief it is to read now.

I can't really distinguish much of a difference between the three options -- I can tell they are different, and maybe if you pressed me I might be able to guess which are purple and which is teal. As long as you're happy with it, I can cope, even if it means regressing -- but thanks for thinking about your readers. It's uncommon, but uncommonly awesome.


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