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I think I am way too focused on the swords in The Hobbit. I am pretty much dying to see them all. I don't care about most of the actors except Aidan Turner and Martin Freeman... and Benedict Cumberbatch, okay, but THE SWORDS. One of my favorite parts of the book and the original animated film. :D

So um, what I mean to say is, ORCRIST. SQUEE.

I KNOOOOOOW. I was obsessed with the cartoon as a child. And I own a replica of Anduril, so yes: swords.

So was I! My mum did, too, and she does clay models and stuff, so she made a MASSIVE Smaug (srsly he was as big as a cat), and all the dwarves, and several of Bilbo, and a few Gandalfs, all based on the cartoon versions. I loved that film SO HARD. I made my bff watch it with me a couple of weeks ago, and now we're practically praying that the movie-makers include at least some of the music (we're hoping hard for the one song from when the dwarves are at Bilbo's house making all kinds of mess, lol, and I'm really wishing they'd do a cover or something of the main theme).

And swords are awesome. If I think about it, I can still hear the cartoon version "GLAMDRING - THE FOE HAMMER!" Also it is awesome that you own a replica of Anduril, I am jealous! :D

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I loved it so much that I was actualfact afraid Ian McKellen might not be as good a Gandalf as John Huston. THAT MUCH. Also, I swear that Hugo Weaving looks a lot like their Elrond. They can keep their Thranduil, though, I'm not terribly attached to him.

Yeah, I own the United Cutlery replica--I have seen the Hadhafang in person, but I got it as a gift for someone else. Glamdring's a bit long for me (seriously, Anduril is almost as long as I am tall), but I would totally go for an Orcrist replica. Or maybe whatever New Character Tauriel's sword ends up looking like.

I think I was so excited for the movies that I almost didn't care who they cast, lol. I was pissed when Arwen kept stealing scenes from other characters, though. In Fellowship I was all rage-y and "SHE DIDN'T DO THAT. SHE DIDN'T HELP FRODO WITH THE POISON. THAT WAS THAT BLONDE ELF I DON'T REMEMBER THE NAME OF. I LIKED HIM." (Even if iirc it isn't him in the books either, but whatever, ANIMATED VERSION OKAY. */also loved the LotR animated movie*) My family basically disowned me, you know, again, just like they did after I saw the Prisoner of Azkaban movie because I wouldn't shut up about everything that was wrong with it. (I do love the LotR movies, I do, but I loathe Arwen and her scene-stealing ways. Loathe.)

That is so cool *_* I would kill to have Glamdring. Or almost any of them. Unfortunately, I think massive swords in a tiny NYC apartment are generally considered a Very Bad Idea and may worry the neighbors. XD I have to stick to gawking at them online for the time being, lol.

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Oh my god, that is amazing. Thank you for the link! I totally want a wee Anduril now. Or Sting, I can't decide. Awesome!

..and all I can think is that I collect Asian ball-jointed dolls and they would be a great size to give to the dolls. (And then I wonder if I really want to arm my Remus [yes, that Remus, lol, I am a geek] bjd. I think that might be a bad plan. XD)

Far o'er the Misty Mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold

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